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  • The next lesson will introduce honorifics like -san and -sensei, as well as start your journey into verbs. We'll introduce the particle を (o) and the formal, affirmative present tense (-masu form). I'll also introduce literally all of the irregular verbs to you. The good news? There are really only two! It's going to be a fun one. I've been looking forward to it since I started this thing. I'll record either tomorrow or next week. As always, let me know if you have any questions about the conten…

  • ^I know that feeling. I legitimately cried with relief after I shaved mine completely for the first time a year or two ago. Congrats!

  • ~96 hours remain to cast your votes in the December Writing Contest! Nobody has voted so far. Our five entrants worked hard on their entries, so please give back to them by voting!

  • I'm partial to Crystal Shards and Amazing Mirror, too, but I think Robobot is tied for first with Crystal Shards in my world.

  • We're almost halfway out of the dark, fam! As you probably know, there's no Christmas special this year, the first time there hasn't been one since the program(me) returned in 2005. Chibs—this is apparently an actual nickname he has on set lol—explained that it's because every possible idea for a Christmas episode has already been done. What are your feelings about the lack of a Christmas special this year? As a Jew who doesn't "do" Christmas—and in fact holds bitter resentment towards the holid…

  • Planet Robobot is 50% off on the NoA 3DS eShop until Thursday! You deserve it!

  • Settle down with five good stories and a glass of apple cider and then vote in this month's writing contest!

  • The Zelda Universe Writing Contest, December 2018: Voting! It's finally that time again! You've waited another two whole months to cast some votes in a ZU Writing Contest because no one entered the November contest! Luckily, we got a walloping five entries for December, which is a record for this incarnation of the ZU Writing Contest! I think we can safely attribute it to the new theme format, which is now less of a theme and more of a prompt. Speaking of, the prompt this month, which probably m…

  • Well, time's up, everyone! Voting will begin either later today or tomorrow; my brother's birthday is today, so I may be too busy to post the thread.

  • Technically, about three hours remain, but I'm going to extend the deadline by twelve hours because my body hates me and I likely won't be able to do anything about the contest until the afternoon, anyway. Seize the opportunity, folks; benefit from my physical pain! (That sounds worse than it is.)

  • [Insert Majora's Mask reference here] Three days remain, folks! I just got a fourth entry, but the more the merrier!

  • EzloSpirit Sings!

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    Well, for Hanukkah, I got a shock mount and a boom for my Yeti microphone, which has made recording with that about 90% easier. So I think that I'm going to start recording with that more often now, as opposed to using my phone. XD My inaugural a capella recording using my new mic setup is a new recording of what is arguably my signature piece: Aqua's "Aquarius." Despite having lyrics about drug addiction, this song is very special to me. I first heard it at the sleepaway camp I attended for sev…

  • Quote from Guinea: “Curse these foul double posts. Curse them to the most ickiest pit of hell! May I please start a poetry contest using a prompt like the new Writing Contest? ” It's okay; we're much looser about double posting than we were 5 years ago! Shoot me all the details you have in mind, and I will gladly give you the go-ahead if everything looks good!

  • One week remains! There are three entries so far, but it'd be more fun if there were more!

  • ^///////////^

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  • This is an interesting article on why having an ever-growing string of initials is not conducive to the movement. I have to agree with most if not all of the points he makes. Thoughts?

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    ^If you are interested in submitting a segment to the podcast, feel free to PM me, and we'll discuss logistics!

  • Just banged out another 250 words or so of my in-progress story, "Now and Then." I really want to get this done before the end of the year, considering I've been working on it sporadically since early April. Luckily, I'm almost up to the final vignette; perhaps unluckily, it's going to be the longest vignette, probably by about twice as long as the others. But after that, there's a short scene of little consequence, so that should be easy to write. Getting there! It's at about 3500 words so far.

  • And with that, I already have two entries! That's record time! Keep 'em coming folks! Entries are due a week from this coming Saturday.

  • Can't wait to see what you come up with! It's about time we got you involved!

  • @Guinea, we now have a (slightly) more specific prompt, so I welcome you to give this a go!

  • Less than two weeks remain!

  • Excellent! I've adopted @Zaynock.

  • @Zaynock, I'd be happy to adopt you if you'd like!

  • ^lol I hate those things. Kill-command them all! I'm back to playing Ōkami HD on Switch. I swear, this game never friggin' ends. It seems like it's coming to its climax, only to be like, "Haha, you got duped! Have another story arc!" To be fair, I kinda don't want it to end because it's got such a vibrant world with beautiful lore, and the sequel is still stuck on the original DS family. I also got Little Nightmares: Complete Edition on Switch a couple weeks ago. It's basically LIMBO, with less …

  • Ohai. So you know how I recorded the last video about 7 months ago? Well, I totally forgot I did that, so when I made this new one, I got the numbering all wrong and also did a few greetings all over again. Consider it a little review! It's finally time to start constructing some very basic sentences! In this lesson, you'll learn how to write/say, "[subject] is [descriptor]." It's a little more complicated than you probably think it is, but I think I break it down pretty well. At least eventuall…

  • But something has to be in the snow lol. Is it a corpse? Is it a cat? Is it a water bottle? Is it a monkey wrench? And what is it doing there...? Or is that just one, inconsequential scene of your entry? I'm still trying to give you a lot of freedom while being less abstract.

  • Hi, all! The December Writing Contest is now active in the Creative Corner! We're doing it a little differently this time around: by popular demand, I've changed the premise from a broad, one-word theme to a slightly more specific prompt. I hope this makes it easier for you all to get involved, so check out the info thread linked earlier in this paragraph! And if you missed my announcement in the ZUCast 2018 Hub thread, I can confirm that the latest episode of our homegrown podcast will be relea…

  • The more you know...!

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    Assuming nothing explodes, our "November" episode will be out this weekend! Listen to it while smashing it up!

  • ^Ah, nice catch! And welcome! EDIT: Actually, I just looked it up, and it is typically "Here be dragons." I remember looking it up before I changed the title, too. But I suppose the "there" has appeared in many cases, too.

  • BotW's explores plot far differently than any Zelda title before it, and I think this was a major turn-off for some people. Since OoT, or even ALttP, Zelda plots were these epic adventures that unfolded as you advanced in the game, and your actions directly influenced the world around you; backstory generally consisted of a "legend" that's laid out in its entirety in the prologue. BotW has one of the richest backstories in the series...but there is no prologue; you wake up, and although a lot ha…

  • Farnsworth.jpg Good NEWS, everyone! @UndyingNephalim is our Creator of the Month for December! Their game development work is a fan favorite here in the Creative Corner, and it's about time they got the recognition they deserve! Say hello, shower them with praise, and/or ask them artsy questions in the Creator of the Month thread! (Thanks to @Lady Sunshine for doing the write-up!) Also, the December Writing Contest is now (finally) live! Check out the info thread for the deets! Entries are due …

  • Zelda Universe's December 2018 Writing Contest: "Something in the Snow" So you know how we had a contest last month? Yeah, well, none of you entered, so we didn't even have a voting phase...scalawags! How very dare you! Nah, I get it: the old system of basing entries off of a broad, one-word theme was overwhelming and didn't provide quite enough inspiration for most people. What? "Old" system? That's right: we're going to try something different this month. Instead of a theme, per se, we're goin…

  • Just watched "It Takes You Away". I'm really not quite sure what the hell just happened, but it looked great, had some primo dialogue, and made my head hurt. And also made me feel strangely happy. I think this is one I'll have to watch a second time to make heads or tails of, as so much happens in those 49 minutes that I don't think I kept up the whole time.

  • ^Hey, maybe we could make that happen! What's not going to happen is the new writing contest thread going up tonight. Today's been extremely busy for me, so I haven't had time to write up the thread. Shooting for tomorrow!

  • @Lady Sunshine had tried to start up the old art contests a few months back, but there was little or no participation, and then she unfortunately became busy. I, too, would love to hold some visual and/or digital arts contests here! Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be the right person to run those; I can barely draw a decent stick figure, and I've only been to one art museum one time in my life lol. If someone wants to propose a competition for the visual folks, by all means, shoot me a PM, and …

  • I remember ZU when...

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    I've been trying to remember your old username for, like, 7 years. I kept thinking it was Fox McCloud, but that's someone else lol.

  • Writers: I'll have the new contest thread up tomorrow! Instead of a broad, one-word theme, we're going to be trying this thing with a writing prompt. Sparks will fly.