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  • I'm back to HW:DE. It's my favorite game, so it was only a matter of time! Made substantial progress in Ganon's Fury this evening, and I beat the Demon King on the Master Quest Map after getting the last Sealed Weapon on the map. I'm miffed that I can't unlock Evil's Bane without unlocking all of the Lv.3 weapons, including the ones that were originally for DLC characters. Considering I am otherwise going in map order in Adventure Mode after unlocking all of the characters and all basic weapons,…

  • So it turns out that this is the first time that the magazine is using this platform for submissions, which appears to have been designed for publishers of academic journals, and they haven't gotten around to changing the default text in the policies section yet, which is disconcerting because now I know that the default is to be restrictive (and as a proponent of less restrictive licensing solutions, I have many frowns for this). So they don't actually claim the copyright of contributions. Whic…

  • Zelda Universe's January/February 2019 Writing Contest: "Hidden beneath the Ocean" Sorry again for the delay in getting this started! Life happened, basically. Before we get into the new contest, I just want to extend another thanks to all five folks who entered the December contest, which is the most entrants we've had in a single writing contest in many years! Thanks also to all who voted, as without you, the contest would not have been as exciting as it was! Alrighty, let's get into the new c…

  • I was going to submit my short story to my school's literary magazine until I saw their copyright policy, which basically says that they would hold the copyright for my work, and I'd have to get permission from them even to post it to a place like ZU. I let them have it over email. As politely as I could. Imagine if I'd already submitted. Actually, I don't want to imagine that because I am afraid to think of what I would have done lololol. Writing contest opens tomorrow! Look out for the informa…

  • ^I immediately thought of Kate McKinnon. (Hidden Content) (contains adult humor)

  • You know about "spirit," but apparently, I have to break down "Ezlo" because people mispronounce it surprisingly often. Ez-lo. Not El-zo. "Z" before "L", just like in the alphabet, probably.

  • The Origins of ZU

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    That's absolutely delightful. Perfect level of derp. 9.8/10 too much water.

  • Games I played besides OoT.

    EzloSpirit - - Classic Zelda


    MM is a super controversial game for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I appreciate that! Personally, I think MM is one of the most finely crafted games on the N64. Yes, they reused most of OoT's assets and shoehorned in a "parallel world" scenario because they were short on time because their parent company was poop-ish back then lol. But considering they had a year to put something new together, what they ultimately produced is, I believe, a masterwork of experimental game design. The whole t…

  • Except it says that's from an unofficial source. I like to think Kirby's completely hollow on the inside. Makes him super-squishy!

  • Star Allies is probably the easiest Kirby game Story Mode. If you play the post-game Heroes in Another Dimension, you'll quickly find yourself in a Kirby nightmare lol. Highly recommended! But yeah, no one should ever play a Kirby game because of the difficulty because none of them is particularly difficult to play through. (Getting 100% is a different story, especially in certain titles. Like, Epic Yarn is a joke to play through since you can't even die, but if you're trying to get 10…

  • Annym

    EzloSpirit - - Characters & Resources


    It only took 4,024 years, but I revised the profile, @Ruki. Notice me, Senpai! Advise me, please!

  • Sorry for the delay with the new contest info thread. I'm dealing with my grad school application, as well as the usual end-of-vacation lethargy that comes over me. When I post it, you'll still have the usual 2-3 weeks to get your entries in. Might just do a joint January/February contest. Or maybe a February/March one next month. Either way, don't worry about it!

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    Quote from Link: “Hi everyone This looks cool, can’t wait to see more. ” A wild LUNK appeared! Ezlo threw some BAIT. LUNK is eating! Progress update: Our Ocarina of Time special is coming along nicely, now that everyone is back from the holidays! Should have no problem releasing by the end of the month. Sorry for the wait!

  • It took longer than expected, but I finally posted the results for the December Writing Contest just a short while ago! Go pay homage to the five brave souls who dared to pit their literary works of art against one another! A special shout-out must go to @Luffy, whose mythological masterpiece ,"Soft Teardrops," got over half of the total votes cast! If you haven't read it yet, you can do so right here…and you really should because it's magnificent! (Hidden Content) In more self-serving news, I p…

  • The Zelda Universe Writing Contest, December 2018: RESULTS! It's a new year, according to my Gregorian calendar, so it's about time we put 2018's line of ZU Writing Contests behind us! The last one of the year saw a slight but significant change in premise: instead of a super-broad, one-word theme, we had a complete phrase as a writing prompt, which our writers seemed to eat up like a bunch of termites on a Victorian-style porch! The prompt was a little masochistic on my part—"Something in the s…

  • Tallying up the votes now. In the future, please include the entry number(s) in your votes; titles are optional. That's how I tally them up, and it makes it much easier for me. Thanks!

  • [Sf] Now and Then (T)

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    Written 8 April 2018 - 8 January 2019. Sci-fi/Drama. 5,215 words. 23rd story written consecutively. Rated T (Teen) for thematic elements. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ultimalia Fiction presents “Now and Then” A short story by EzloSpirit Adapted from their 2010 TV pilot concept, After the Destruction: The Safe (Parts 1 and 2) Luke shielded his face with his bare arm, as a fresh gust of sand blew his way. When the sand had passed, he fell to his knees; his knapsack slid off his…

  • Holy expletive, I did it. I finished my story. It's a little over 5200 words, making it my second-longest short story to date, and it's the first story I've finished in just under three years. And I'm super proud of the result. Look out for it in my short stories thread tomorrow. Also, I'll have the contest results up tomorrow. I go sleepykins now.

  • The extended voting period is now over! I'll do my best to post the results later today (EST).

  • Well, my story is now more than 4500 words, after I wrote another 330+ words just now. And geez, it took a very, very dark turn lol. I mean, I knew it was going there, but I guess...I didn't realize how much dread and misery I was going to pump into it. I haven't written anything quite this dark since 2012. Oh, yeah, and the extended voting period for the December writing contest ends in less than 15 minutes, so please cast your vote(s) if you haven't done so already! (But really, you have sever…

  • Please get your last-minute votes in for the writing contest. Voting closes in just over 8 hours. No one has taken advantage of the extension yet... :/

  • When I was 10, I accidentally swallowed a Mexican coin. It got stuck in my esophagus, the most painful event of my life. Luckily, the ER gave me a muscle relaxant intravenously, and all was well. We never recovered the coin lol.

  • I started Rakuen tonight, and like I do with almost all interactive fiction games that use the RPG Maker engine, I got sucked in and played for way longer than I should have lol. This game is definitely ripping at some heartstrings. I'm about 1/4 through, I think—this game is looooong. It hasn't crushed me emotionally like To the Moon...yet, but I am consistently comparing it favorably with that game. (Which reminds me: I got the sequel to To the Moon almost a year ago; I'm not sure I'll ever be…

  • ^Thanks lol. I have it on 3DS, too, and I'm still trying to get 100% in Amazing Mirror on that, after ~6.5 years. Meanwhile, I've gotten 200% in Nightmare in Dream Land on GBA about 10 times. There's no comparison lol.

  • Getting the Cloudy Park Rainbow Drop in Kirby's Dream Land 2 was immensely satisfying. Like, it's sadistic even if you have a guide to tell you how to get it. Also, getting 100% in Amazing Mirror. It's not easy. At all. You have to find and open every single treasure chest, go through every single door in each direction (for two-way doors), and beat the final boss. That last one is by far the easiest of the three conditions.

  • I know I sound like a spectacularly corrupted MP3 file, but I just wanted to remind straggling writing-contest voters that they have about two days left to do the thing. Also, I'd really like to get more visual artists involved in the Creative Corner, so I'm gonna start looking for someone to helm an art contest, ideally a recurring on. So if you're an active visual artist on here, keep an eye on your conversations inbox over the next few days for an on-my-knees plea to you.

  • You can see the last 1000 posts you've made, in descending order, here. Note that you can also get there from the About tab of your profile by clicking the word, "POSTS," under your post count.

  • Realm, you just made me feel really old because I just realized that I was around your age in 2009. Where's my walker?

  • Huh? It's 2009? I thought I did 2009 already. Welp, lemme try this again. Hi, peoples! My username is EzloSpirit, even though I'm not a hat! I used to be named Morpheel Man. I joined last year because I accidentally downloaded ZU's first podcast episode, not realizing it wasn't a Zelda podcast, but I enjoyed listening to Asci and Lunk so much (they are so funny, and I can't wait for the podcast to come back!!!!) and they made ZU sound like an amazing place, especially with the Clans! Also, Cody'…

  • ^That's okay. It really wouldn't have added much of anything to my story lol. It was just an idea I had. In December Writing Contest news: Quote from EzloSpirit: “By popular demand, and due to my lack of energy because fever, I'm reopening voting until Sunday, January 6 at 11:59 PM EST. Get your votes in, please! ”

  • By popular demand, and due to my lack of energy because fever, I'm reopening voting until Sunday, January 6 at 11:59 PM EST. Get your votes in, please!

  • I heard that this is a cat café now, so I wandered in to see some kets. Where is kets?

  • An age old promiss

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    We don't have a specific guideline for it, but I'd say put images in spoiler tags if you're posting more than three in a post, if only to assist with loading times. Thanks for asking! And let me say: your artwork is gorgeous!

  • Quote from Violetlight: “Might be a good idea to extend the voting peroid on this month's writing contest. With the holidays, maybe people just haven't had the chance to read yet. ” have a valid point there. Is there anyone here who didn't get the chance to vote in the contest who is interested in doing so and would be able to do so before next week?

  • ^In that case, I will forego quoting it. It's not worth it.

  • The most common way of saying "happy new year" in Japanese is: あけましておめでとうございます。(Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!) It's not a literal translation, but it's what Japanese people tend to say! (The "gozaimasu" is what makes it formal.)

  • Fair use question: I'm considering quoting part of the first sentence of A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle in my latest short story, the context being that a protagonist is reading that book. Would I be required to get permission from the publisher for this, or can I cite fair use, according to U.S. copyright law?

  • Thanks for voting, everyone! Results will be up within the next couple of days!

  • Three people have voted in the December Writing Contest so far, which is fewer than the number of people who actually entered! D: 23 hours remain!

  • I'm back to playing The Sims 3 (w/ all non-Stuff expansions). The daughter finally grew into a young adult, so she's now a fully fledged vampire. She's currently by herself at University for a Fine Arts degree, feeding on random people and convincing old ladies to make out with younger ladies. You know, just like real life! I also beat World of Light in SSBU today. I got the true ending before either of the other two because 10+ years of playing Zelda has made me anal about discovering every lit…