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  • Excellent! I've adopted @Zaynock.

  • @Zaynock, I'd be happy to adopt you if you'd like!

  • ^lol I hate those things. Kill-command them all! I'm back to playing Ōkami HD on Switch. I swear, this game never friggin' ends. It seems like it's coming to its climax, only to be like, "Haha, you got duped! Have another story arc!" To be fair, I kinda don't want it to end because it's got such a vibrant world with beautiful lore, and the sequel is still stuck on the original DS family. I also got Little Nightmares: Complete Edition on Switch a couple weeks ago. It's basically LIMBO, with less …

  • Ohai. So you know how I recorded the last video about 7 months ago? Well, I totally forgot I did that, so when I made this new one, I got the numbering all wrong and also did a few greetings all over again. Consider it a little review! It's finally time to start constructing some very basic sentences! In this lesson, you'll learn how to write/say, "[subject] is [descriptor]." It's a little more complicated than you probably think it is, but I think I break it down pretty well. At least eventuall…

  • But something has to be in the snow lol. Is it a corpse? Is it a cat? Is it a water bottle? Is it a monkey wrench? And what is it doing there...? Or is that just one, inconsequential scene of your entry? I'm still trying to give you a lot of freedom while being less abstract.

  • Hi, all! The December Writing Contest is now active in the Creative Corner! We're doing it a little differently this time around: by popular demand, I've changed the premise from a broad, one-word theme to a slightly more specific prompt. I hope this makes it easier for you all to get involved, so check out the info thread linked earlier in this paragraph! And if you missed my announcement in the ZUCast 2018 Hub thread, I can confirm that the latest episode of our homegrown podcast will be relea…

  • The more you know...!

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    Assuming nothing explodes, our "November" episode will be out this weekend! Listen to it while smashing it up!

  • ^Ah, nice catch! And welcome! EDIT: Actually, I just looked it up, and it is typically "Here be dragons." I remember looking it up before I changed the title, too. But I suppose the "there" has appeared in many cases, too.

  • BotW's explores plot far differently than any Zelda title before it, and I think this was a major turn-off for some people. Since OoT, or even ALttP, Zelda plots were these epic adventures that unfolded as you advanced in the game, and your actions directly influenced the world around you; backstory generally consisted of a "legend" that's laid out in its entirety in the prologue. BotW has one of the richest backstories in the series...but there is no prologue; you wake up, and although a lot ha…

  • Farnsworth.jpg Good NEWS, everyone! @UndyingNephalim is our Creator of the Month for December! Their game development work is a fan favorite here in the Creative Corner, and it's about time they got the recognition they deserve! Say hello, shower them with praise, and/or ask them artsy questions in the Creator of the Month thread! (Thanks to @Lady Sunshine for doing the write-up!) Also, the December Writing Contest is now (finally) live! Check out the info thread for the deets! Entries are due …

  • Zelda Universe's December 2018 Writing Contest: "Something in the Snow" So you know how we had a contest last month? Yeah, well, none of you entered, so we didn't even have a voting phase...scalawags! How very dare you! Nah, I get it: the old system of basing entries off of a broad, one-word theme was overwhelming and didn't provide quite enough inspiration for most people. What? "Old" system? That's right: we're going to try something different this month. Instead of a theme, per se, we're goin…

  • Just watched "It Takes You Away". I'm really not quite sure what the hell just happened, but it looked great, had some primo dialogue, and made my head hurt. And also made me feel strangely happy. I think this is one I'll have to watch a second time to make heads or tails of, as so much happens in those 49 minutes that I don't think I kept up the whole time.

  • ^Hey, maybe we could make that happen! What's not going to happen is the new writing contest thread going up tonight. Today's been extremely busy for me, so I haven't had time to write up the thread. Shooting for tomorrow!

  • @Lady Sunshine had tried to start up the old art contests a few months back, but there was little or no participation, and then she unfortunately became busy. I, too, would love to hold some visual and/or digital arts contests here! Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be the right person to run those; I can barely draw a decent stick figure, and I've only been to one art museum one time in my life lol. If someone wants to propose a competition for the visual folks, by all means, shoot me a PM, and …

  • I remember ZU when...

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    I've been trying to remember your old username for, like, 7 years. I kept thinking it was Fox McCloud, but that's someone else lol.

  • Writers: I'll have the new contest thread up tomorrow! Instead of a broad, one-word theme, we're going to be trying this thing with a writing prompt. Sparks will fly.

  • I was Morpheel Man from 2008 until March 2009. Except I wasn't particularly active then, so pretty much only the original podcast staff knows that username; I used to bug them about when the next episode would be released.

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    In case you feared that we died, let me assure you that the second episode of the reboot is still under construction. Post-production has been running into some trouble, as we're still getting used to the rhythm of production, but it's almost done!

  • Heroes in Another Dimension is absolutely brutal. Like, Story Mode was kind of a joke. But this is ruthless. Why. I love it.

  • Hello there.

    EzloSpirit - - Newbie Central


    Welcome to ZU, Rose! I'm EzloSpirit (most people just call me Ezlo even though I'm not a hat), and I'm the lead moderator of the Creative Corner board (and I run ZU's podcast, but that's not relevant here lol). That's where you can find tons of literary, digital, and fine art (and more!) on ZU, and if you have art to share, we'd love to see it! If you have any questions about how things work around here, you can ask me, and I'm sure @TruEdge67 would also be willing to help in a flash. Or feel fr…

  • Annym

    EzloSpirit - - Characters & Resources


    Name: Annym Age: Ageless Apparent Age: about 40 years old Sex: N/A Race: Fabricwalker Height: 6'9" Weight: about 220 pounds Eye Color: silver Hair Color/Style: long, flowing, and white Skin Color/Complexion: icy pale Appearance: very tall humanoid of ambiguous gender Weapon(s): N/A Armor (Clothing): Long, black coat like an upscale trenchcoat; olive-green top; black pants Carried Possessions: N/A Powers/Magic/Skills: Annym can move anywhere in spacetime with a single step (Walking). Limits: Anny…

  • Quote from Keyaki: “Quick question: What's metadata and why is it so coveted? ” Metadata in the context of audio files is the information embedded in them that specifies things like the song title, artist, album, etc. Having appropriate metadata isn't necessary for accessing and enjoying the audio, but it allows the user to identify/find it far more easily. Imagine having a 211-track album on your computer that has no metadata. You would have a hard time knowing what track you are listening to u…

  • Aww, shucks. Thanks! Happy to help!

  • So I got a record low number of submissions for the November writing contest—zero—and unfortunately, we can't enter the voting phase when there's nothing to vote for. We're going to try something new next month: instead of a super-broad, one-word theme, we're going to have a writing prompt. Hopefully, prospective entrants will find this much more accessible.

  • Alas, this contest is over, having been left dead in the water with no entries submitted. Look out for a new contest thread next weekend!

  • I just finished my first playthrough of the game Oxenfree, a narrative supernatural thriller game. If you like Life is Strange, you might like this game. It's like LiS but shorter and creepier and generally less stressful lol. It's got multiple endings, too. It really nails the direct-to-video 90s B-movie feel better than some actual direct-to-video 90s B-movies.

  • Today is the last day to enter the contest. I don't have any entries yet, so I might have to let this contest die. Next month, we're going to try implementing a writing prompt instead of a really broad theme. That might be easier for people to work with.

  • Hope everything went well, Realm! I had a pretty lovely evening/night with my entire immediate family. Except they kept forgetting, remembering, and forgetting my new name. And saying, "he." And my mom is still super-awkward about it, using "they" as a second-person pronoun in an attempt to make light of it. My brother was the best, though, as sometimes my mom would use my deadname, and he'd interrupt her with, "Who?". It was gratifying. But all three of them kept forgetting to some degree. Earl…

  • So pumped for Wave 3. I have a countdown timer on my phone.

  • ZU's Gallery of Pets

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    Ket goes rawr. 00019-IMG-00019-BURST20181122001824.jpg

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

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    ...For example, I really need an Assistant Producer to help me out with whip-cracking oversight of...everything. That's not the only position available, but it's the one I, personally, most desperately need someone to fill. Here's the role description from the listings we had up in August: Quote: “Assistant Producer (1) You must already be either a member of the Zelda Universe staff or an active member of the ZU Forums in order to qualify for this position. The Assistant Producer is responsible,…

  • ^That is invaluable feedback, so thanks, Ruki. And I know you're not the first person to express frustration with the current theme system. So I'm thinking we'll experiment with a more specific prompt next month. Anyway, for those of you who still want to give the current theme of "whimsy" a go, note that entries are due in one week. I haven't gotten any yet.

  • Sorry that you think a 4-and-a-half minute podcast segment is a "waste of time." :/ It's just a parody of OoT that's modernized. Nothing too serious.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Electric Guitar of Time (a.k.a. The Legend of Zelda: Modern Warfare) (originally aired as part of the November 2009 episode of the ZUCast) Can I has award for Best Zelda Idea? Thanks. (I 100% have no shame about this podcast segment. I may have been 14 when I wrote it and had a terrible cold when I recorded it, but it's still magnificent.)

  • When I was 8, I caught Regirock with a Poké Ball in Ruby Version. And when I was 12, I caught Dialga in Diamond Version with a Quick Ball on the second turn (so basically a Poké Ball) after using Super Fang. The latter is probably more impressive, since that was my first attempt to catch the Doctor Dialga. I fully realize that that boiled down to sheer luck, not skill, but it was still awesome, especially after doing nothing for about 5 minutes after the battle started, just listening to what re…

  • Whatcha want *right now*

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    I want Nebby cuddles. With some Togepi cuddles mixed in.

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

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    Nebby got out of the bag.

  • The Creative Corner is here! We'd love to see more of these Minecraft pixelart creations! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Quote from GamerKitty205: “Does anyone have any tips on making book titles that don't sound super lame? ” Along the lines of @Ruki's question, perhaps you could pick a theme or symbol from the book and then look for cool-sounding synonyms in a thesaurus (or if you're feeling modern,