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  • Welcome back! Something something old-timers something something get off my lawn.

  • Apparently I came to this thread to say the same thing a lot of others have said just recently. I really dislike being angry. I don't get angry easily, and I end up feeling awful when I do get angry.

  • Unpopular Zelda Opinions

    Joshua - - General Zelda


    This unpopular opinion seems to be on topic right now, so here we go: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is a masterpiece. It's one of the best games in the series. If you haven't finished it, I highly recommend finding a way to do so - even if you use save states every time you reach a new enemy. I did that, and by the end of the game I was actually good at it, and then I immediately wanted to play through it again without save states - and now I love it even more.

  • We are currently evaluating the content we provide to you on a daily basis, and considering new types of content that could be added to the website. We have put together a brief survey to find out how you interact with Zelda Universe. Of course, no improvements would be complete without considering how they will affect the forums. These forums are one of the longest running aspects of Zelda Universe, and the website could never be the same without them. There is always room for improvement, and …

  • Zelda Maps! A site with a map!

    Joshua - - Breath of the Wild


    Hi everyone! We really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for this project! We are definitely working on labels, borders, and far too many other features for me to list here now. If you DM me on the forums or Discord, I will respond just as soon as I can! Unfortunately, I've been very busy the last couple of weeks and I'm very behind on responding, but I will get to everyone! You're also welcome to email me or DM me on Twitter!

  • How did you first find ZU?

    Joshua - - General Chit-Chat


    How detailed should I make my history lesson? I honestly don't remember when I first found Zelda Universe. I didn't join the forum until 2004, but I had to have known about the website for at least two years prior to that. I suspect I first discovered it while browsing around all the other Zelda websites. I had a habit of visiting a Zelda website, finding the "affiliates" section, and then opening every single link in a new window. Wait a minute... I still do this. At some point, I would have en…

  • I don't think there is any design I completely dislike, but the Skyward Sword style is probably my least favorite. My favorite design is the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask style. ...who am I kidding? I love all of them.

  • ZU Discord

    Joshua - - Help and Feedback


    Dang. I saw this thread the other day and thought "Ya know, I should just tell them about the Discord plans." Then I had a moment of doubt and figured @Jason and @Alex Rosenberg would be upset, so I didn't say anything. I should have posted about it before. >_<

  • I certainly don't have the same extensive set of knowledge that some of the others here seem to have, but I think I have a clear idea of the major events. So, here's my take. It seems clear that when Nintendo set out to make the biggest Hyrule (or perhaps simply the biggest world; I'm not sure we have any proof that the entire thing is Hyrule) they took special care to incorporate many areas that fans of previous games would recognize. We've already seen the Temple of Time and Market Town from O…

  • One element that I miss is Link having the ability to use magic spells. I don't really miss the magic meter, but every time Link had magic abilities they were really cool. The medallions are still some of my favorite items in A Link to the Past, and everyone loves Din's Fire and Nayru's Love in Ocarina of Time. Even The Adventure of Link is home to some neat magic spells. After Ocarina of Time, magic spells seems to have mostly vanished from the series. The closest things we have are the fire, i…

  • I didn't get very much color down before I ran out of time.…ade123b131b60cf6b7ac06083

  • I find the tentacle cutting portion to be tedious. Constantly charging Skyward Strikes is not fun. I don't think there is anything particularly special about the fight, but it's not a bad boss fight. The Monsters, Inc. design is the primary thing that bothers me about Tentalus. Skyward Sword has a bright, colorful, cartoon-like visual style, but Tentalus still manages to look out of place.

  • This would be really cool if it can be figured out, but it there are a lot of different variables between games that make this a difficult project. Weapon strengths don't always affect enemies the same way. You can one hit kill a dodongo with an arrow in Twilight Princess, but arrows don't hurt them at all in other games. Pols Voice are sometimes killed by sound and other times immune to it (TLOZ). It seems like it would be very hard to choose a single weapon to use as a starting point when ther…

  • I don't like it

    Joshua - - Breath of the Wild


    I disagree with the idea that a game with a bright art style cannot have a dark story. The Wind Waker is proof of that. That story is full of darkness, destruction, and death. It's a far more powerful experience than the same game would have been with Twilight Princess style visuals. As for character design, the monsters of Hyrule, with few exceptions (e.g. Dead Hand), have never been overly realistic or dark. I mean...Ganon is a giant pig with a trident. Bokoblins and Moblins have seen various …

  • The fields in Twilight Princess are uninviting. The entire game is built to be extremely linear. When you just follow the story, you have little reason to spend any time at all in the fields. From the very beginning, you are teleported around the world. You start in Ordon, then teleport to the Castle, and then teleport back to Ordon. When you finally reach the first field after multiple hours of gameplay, there is almost nothing for you to do in it. There's plenty of content in those fields, but…

  • I have an interesting relationship with cursive. I was forced to learn it and use it up until around 8th grade. When it was no longer required, I stopped using it (and so did nearly every other student) for everything other than signing my name. Today, I don't need to write down notes as often, but recently I've noticed myself sort of mixing my printed handwriting and cursive together. It's the kind of cursive my teacher would have given me an F for using, but I've actually found it to be a lot …

  • Something that annoys me? When someone says "heart piece" instead of "piece of heart."

  • Doing a nude/naked run

    Joshua - - Breath of the Wild


    I was expecting this to be a thread about actual nude runs/marathons. I'm a bit disappointed. As for Breath of the Wild, I might give this a shot, but certainly not on my first run through (though Link may stay naked a good part of the time just for fun). The weather than hurts Link could quickly make a naked run not much fun depending on how quickly you take damage. You may end up having to grind for ingredients for hours to cook the best meals (cooked items heal more than the stuff you pick up…

  • Should BotW have DLC?

    Joshua - - Breath of the Wild


    Nintendo has done a very good job with DLC in their games, both free and paid. Plus, there is precedent for downloadable content in a Zelda game with Tri Force Heroes. I think the most compelling DLC for Breath of the Wild would be a full expansion that adds a new zone to the map along with new dungeons, items, etc.. I'd love to see that kind of life added to a Zelda game. Honestly, I think that was the plan for Tri Force Heroes, and they did add one batch of additional dungeons, but the popular…

  • Breath of the wilds dungeons

    Joshua - - Breath of the Wild


    I agree that 4 main dungeons seems like too few, but we also don't know the size of each shrine. The Shrines we were shown are relatively small, but they still feel like dungeons. Plus, the exploration required to find them is very rewarding as well. While I love the traditional Zelda dungeons and would love to see more than 4, I don't think the game will suffer if there are only 4.