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  • Watching gameplay isn't the same as playing a game, and playing a game isn't the same as experiencing it in the time frame during which it was originally released. Take Metroid II for the Game Boy. I thought it was pretty good for its time. It produced a quality Metroid experience that, for its time, was good, and it told a rather remarkable story if you ask me. However nowadays it's something of a black sheep of the family due to its incredibly limiting screen, the lack of colours, and some sif…

  • In fairness, I will not defend Zelda's Adventure. That game generally was not fun to play, even back in 1994. Watching gameplay of it now isn't fun either. I will defend Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon as way better than people give them credit for however. Most people simply look at the cutscenes and run for the hills. By your description, you're talking about ZA.

  • Quote from Majoras Moon: “The voice acting is like they just found a bunch of people in the office and told them to do it for five bucks and a trip to Pizza Hut. ” And your point is? Shall I relate these to the Zelda cartoon, which many people have said is "so bad it's good"? What differentiates this from that? Please name for me any other game out there with bad voice acting that, upon witnessing it, ruined every other part of the game for you. Go ahead: Several gamez with atrocious acting are …

  • Quote from Majoras Moon: “I mainly don't like the graphics. Usually I don't mind so that takes a lot coming from me. I mean I think even you can look at Adventures of Zelda or whatever the second one was called and say that the graphics make you want to go blind. I mean look at this: ” Blah blah this was 1994. Let's look at the much-beloved Final Fantasy VII. PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT1_103543.jpg Like... OUCH. You could kill someone with that hair. And those arms look like Pepsi bottles or something. Y…

  • Cometh ye filthy Scoundrel. Alloweth me to introduce your Personage to my Esteemed Collection of naked Sketches of George Washington. I mean, seriously. Are you just complaining about the cutscenes? Or maybe because the game is "Nintendo Hard"? Because neither of these things are novel critiques of the games.

  • Zelda Headcanons

    The Missing Link - - Theorizing


    I didn't create this headcanon, but it's one of mine all the same. In the backstory of Twilight Princess, Midna is ruling quite happily. Zant, somehow on the council of elders or whatever it is they have back then, is a huge bloody nerd. Like you have no idea. At council meetings, Zant pulls out his Trapper Keeper (seriously look it up if you're young and don't know these things are; these were all the rage when I was in primary school!), props it up on its edge so that it creates this "mini-for…

  • Zelda Universe was a bad website in 200x that I used to make fun of a lot because it wasn't very good. I knew of it because I was building a website of my own and kept tabs on all the others. I joined ZU because eventually enough people I knew were at ZU.

  • So upon further review, the issue is still a Chrome 54 issue (and every browser related that uses the Chromium engine). However, the previous fix I mentioned might not work. (It actually fixed one issue for me but not the main issue). Investigation is still ongoing, but it certainly seems like Chrome has changed the way they render certain responsive elements in HTML. Workarounds for now: 1. Use Firefox/Internet Explorer/Safari and/or don't upgrade past Chrome 53. 2. Use the throwback skin.

  • We have pinpointed the issue that's causing this. The issue has to do with version 54 of Chrome for high-DPI (dots per inch) displays. If your OS suggests/recommends/defaults your zoom level to something other than 100%, Chrome 54 does amazing things to certain sites. Such as the Zelda Universe forums. There is a workaround that might fix this issue. Possibility one: Set the zoom level on your OS to 100%. That should make Chrome respond happy hunky dory. (Hopefully.) Possibility two:…

  • Hey @English, I have a question for you: Let's say the Drunk was the Seer. And let's say, hypothetically, that the Drunk dies within the first three days (like this game). Technically, that means the Apprentice Seer would activate his/her powers right away, thereby letting the Apprentice Seer know that the Drunk was the Seer. How would you go about narrating that in a real game? You made a very methodical point of saying "Seer, open your eyes!" and all that. (Actually, more to the point, you did…

  • Can I find out what my role was English? Finally? Even though I have a good idea what it was. :p

  • dammit linkle I just needed two days

  • Quote from Rambo: “Quote from Kevin R.: “I regret nothing! I thought of something. Pietro was killed by an hourglass, correct? You could say that his time was up. *gets shot again* ” it's only a matter of time before a Mafia game is made where puns result in a modkill. ” What are you talking about? I'm sensing a game where someone gets a post restriction where someone has to make a pun in every post.

  • [drink booze]The Missing Link[/drink booze] So I've determined that my real role in the game is a Cop. But instead of a normal Cop that slowly determines who the Mafia (okay, Werewolves) are, my ability is to slowly determine who I am. It's a journey of self-discovery. All aided with the power of C2H5OH.

  • Quote from Axius15: “Day 4 has begun... the drunk should have sobered up by now. Hey @The Missing Link, how ya feeling? ” c7a5a7b4fd4b5f67ebe763feadbf93d6.jpg

  • @Shona: animated1.gif

  • Go team? Or go other team? This headache makes it too hard to figure out.

  • From the other room, you can hear that fish still singing its heart out. WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU

  • Quote from DoLeo: “I'm gonna get notifications pouring in about people quoting me all day, aren't I. ” Yes. Yes you are.