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  • Quote from Bill: “Interesting, almost the exact number of Democrats voted in the special election as voted in the 2016 election. This reflects an intensity of hatred of the President among the same group that voted D in 2016, nothing more. ” Enthusiasm of the base is practically the deciding factor for midterms - it's why the minority party usually wins back votes. What you're telling me is that this effect is more prominent than usual, and is why the special elections have trended Dem more than…

  • So far this year: dottle-liveblog-specialelections-11.png Current standings for the two races today (counting not yet concluded): aeQZ3fO.png Sniping a house seat now would have been nice so it's always going to be disappointing, but swings right now are big and consistent with Democrats winning back the house in 2018. If your triumph is that Republicans have only nearly lost a bunch of deep Republican seats which are only competitive because of big swings, Bill, you're going to be panicking whe…

  • Heyo! New staff member

    Cody - - Newbie Central


    Hey there! Was good to meet you at E3 this year.

  • While in Los Angeles for E3, I also took the chance to both spend the day before E3 at Universal and the day after E3 at Disneyland. At Disneyland we took the opportunity to be tough like Gaston. The other two are from ChrisCrossMedia, friends of the site. jquge7Z.jpg Here we are at Universal getting splashed by dinosaurs. The front row from left to right is Josh Jepson (Youtuber friend of ours)', @Elias Thompson, @Shona, @The Missing Link, and me. Eb6s0J1.jpg

  • 48G7Y9W.jpgAnother photo with a bunch of the ZU E3 group ljo0Y0l.jpgIn the front row are Patricia Summersett and Bill Rogers who voice acted Zelda and the King in BotW

  • Quote from epicstar: [email protected] Who is who in that picture? ” In the second picture from left to right it's Elias, Aly, Shona, me, Dave/The Missing Link (front), Amanda, Jason, Rachel, Zansouki

  • ZU went to pick up E3 badges today. 2ULBBHc.png 5lR81Ug.png There's 3-4 who haven't arrived yet but we have a pretty big group this year.

  • Polling has underestimated the conservative vote the last several times, but since everyone is aware of that now and have been tweaking their algorithms to account for it, it might be wrong in the other direction now. We can only wait and see now.

  • How to quote correctly?

    Cody - - Help and Feedback


    Quote from Tead: “Hello, I cannot seem to use the quote function of this board correctly. It does not matter if I make an attempt to quote just one or multiple passages. I just never seem to get it right. I mean, whatever I quote just ends up having it so whatever I say is in the same box, and not separate with the little quote sign above, like I normally see with other people. What am I doing differently? Thank you, Tead. ” You have to click outside the darker brown box or you'll be typing insi…

  • Right or wrong, eating glass is a bold dinner choice. But so what? Why does it matter if it's bold? Who cares? What matters it that it's a comprehensively bad idea which goes directly against comprehensive available evidence.

  • Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump's America: 'We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands' Macron walks towards Trump then swerves to greet Merkel. Handshakes others before finally greeting Trump Emmanuel Macron says his white-knuckled handshake with US President 'wasn't innocent' I know I sound like a broken record on this but foreign relations is a real field with real experts who do real, valuable work. When it was stressed during the General Election cam…

  • @Bill What about the current level of "socialism" that the working class have in America compared to industrial age factory workers - for example, labor laws around topics like weekends, annual leave, overtime pay and minimum working age? In your view is the ultimate efficient working environment for the USA one where people have none of those protections or privileges and thus are encouraged to work even harder than before to live a good life, or is there a point where a lack of support for the…

  • Debt to GDP is a completely useless metric without context. Luxembourg's debt is 6731% of its GDP and I can guarantee it's not because it's 600 times worse off than other countries - actually it's a very rich country. The economy isn't remotely the same as a household budget. The goal of an economy isn't to have less debt. Actually if you look at the low-debt-to-GDP countries on that list most of them are African countries doing very poorly for themselves. Edit: It's also worth noting that if yo…

  • You're theorising about what would happen in a world where America has a better healthcare system and education system than it has now, but those things aren't pie in the sky dreams like you're making them out to be - they're the reality of a lot of countries with happier, healthier, more educated citizens than the U.S. That's my problem with a lot of U.S. conservative economics. It seems to involve very carefully pretending not to notice that dozens of countries have more efficient systems in p…

  • Ore Monogatari is a fun twist on a genre, in that the main characters agree that they're in love early on, then continue their relationship further. Most romance stories spend all their time in a will-they-won't-they back and forth or with stupid misunderstandings that they could resolve by talking to each other, so it's a very refreshing take. I enjoyed both Nichijous (people call them Nichijou and Nichibros to differentiate). I do think that Nichibros has more consistency in quality of skits, …

  •…on-quist-gianforte-238746 ^ An article from yesterday, before all this happened. He might be still fine but it's definitely not the time to have even a 3% drop.

  • The Republican candidate for the Montana special election just body slammed a reporter, who caught it all on tape. Fox News reporters were there and report that he tried to choke the reporter and started screaming.…e-body-slam-reporter.html Of all the things to do the night before an election, this is the most self-sabotaging one I've ever seen.

  • Pfff, new.

    Cody - - Newbie Central


    What year did Nintendo start as a company and what were they selling?

  • Quote from linkthezora: “Damn. So even in a government that's a socialist-liberal dictatorship that focuses on social equality... ...Things would still backfire in a horrible, horrible way? ” In America for example there are a large number of people who currently benefit from the status quo, and they have all the guns and money (a.k.a. guns). Deciding who runs the country based on who can control it through military power (dictatorship) instead of a democratic system will inevitably lead to a mi…

  • "Responsible dictatorships" by someone coming in to clean things out aren't a new concept, they've been tried before were inevitably undone a generation later by people who weren't that thrilled with the changes but now had a clear roadmap for what to say or do to gain ultimate power. A man named Sulla once used military force to march in and declare himself dictator for life (in the old Roman Republic where they had a 500-year old tradition of electing a different leader every year) so that he …