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  • The result is same, but the entire journey is different. People took issue with Alison Rapp and then spent weeks harassing her until they found damaging things *years* in her past. Rapp was not a public figure. Jon shat his own bed.

  • It's not recent. Boycotts have been happening since Irish popularised it in the late 19th century. People don't want to work with bigots. The same thing happened to Mel Gibson when he went on a drunken rant about the Jews while pulled over for a DUI. The reason this seems like it is recent or more common is because the people our generation are more familiar with youtubers, streamers, etc, OUR celebrities, are actually starting to breach the public consciousness of the world at large. And when t…

  • Difference being that the woman from nintendo was the subject of a hate campaign which eventually found something which could be construed negatively while JonTron is a proud bigot that publicly shat on his own public image. It's pretty different.