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  • A dense, confusing forest would be interesting. In a lot of ways, Breath of the Wild is a game about getting to a high point, surveying the environment with your eyeballs, and then picking a goal to go to. That's the core loop of it's world exploration experience. A dense forest like you describe would throw some wrenches into that loop. That could be super interesting, but they'd have to design it carefully to make sure it was still fun and not just confusing. The reason Faron doesn't really fe…

  • Quote from Malia: “felt cute the other day and decided to take a selfie 'ello ” Oh hey there You weren't wrong.

  • I kind of really want them in, like... my house. I want Nintendo to release a modular toy set of them.

  • I don't think Nintendo ever even referred to it as "breath of the Wild 2". They just called it "a sequel to Breath of the Wild". a7WJjD.png

  • Definitely. Not just for the characters, but for the environments, too. Look at this sweet diorama display that was at E3: CSUbe8.png Source: More (but worse) pics:…ning-gorgeous-e3-diorama/

  • Zelda games DO have progression, but instead of giving them to you through a skill tree, leveling up, etc, they've always been tied to specific things in the game. Usually finding an item, or going through a story moment. IE: - Getting a new item - Getting a more powerful version of your sword - Getting a Zora scale that passively increases your dive distance - Getting a champion power like Revali's Gale or Urbosa's Fury - Getting a new horse - Learning a new song - Getting a bigger magic meter …

  • Quote from Miles: “Hyrule Castle rising out of the ground reminds me of Ganon's Castle in OoT. Something I don't get about Ganondorf - if he covets Hyrule's beauty so much, why does he always seem keen on turning it into a fire-and-brimstone hellscape overrun with monsters the moment he gets any kind of foothold in it? That just seems worse than the hot-and-cold hell he described the desert being in TWW. I should think Ganondorf would want to preserve Hyrule's beauty and just put his banners all…

  • Putting Link into a Gerudo outfit = a joke, albeit not a particularly great one, and the game would probably have been better off without it. Putting Zelda into it = sexualizing a character that has never been sexualized in in-game content, and never should be. Very different effect.

  • Quote from Miles: “And please, please, Nintendo...let us equip Zelda with the Gerudo outfit in BotW2. ” gross Luckily, Nintendo hasn't historically catered to your awful tastes, and isn't likely to now.

  • I feel your pain. I’ve made my peace with getting rid of most of books over the years, but... it wasn’t easy.

  • That's always my experience with Elder Scrolls games, too. I play each one for like 10-30 hours, kinda grumble the whole time, and then drop off feeling unsatisfied with the experience. THey're big worlds with lots of areas to explore, but... nothing I find interesting to find, and none of the quests feel like they impact the world, despite being framed as if they should.

  • I dunno, I don't need Zelda to become an RPG with a billion different gear sets.

  • Got a new shirt. I love it. 8NiEeg.jpg It of course uses this old piece of art, from the Nintendo Power LA strategy guide:…/album-72157629221332745/

  • Ah, gotcha. Luckily I doubt the shrines take up much hard disc space. Usually assets like textures, sound, music, 3D models, and animation take up the most space. So as long as there was one shrine int he game using the textures, models, and music for them, adding more wasn't gonna make a big difference beyond that.

  • The contents of the shrines aren't loaded into memory until you actually enter the shrines though*, so that shouldn't make much difference, RAM-wise. *Presumably, though it's possible that some of those textures or other assets are loaded all the time to reduce load times.

  • Quote from Smallville Boy: “I think we should get a new trailer at The Game Awards that includes the official name of the game and the realease window (holydays 2020). ” I would be absolutely shocked if we got a major reveal either A: that soon, or B: at TGA. Nintendo hasn't really traditionally done huge reveals there. Quote from BackSet: “They can't just keep us in the dark for over hakf a year. ” They often have in the past! I expect we won't hear much or anything more about BOTW for at least…

  • They almost certainly started before the champion's ballad release. The number of people required for that DLC would have been way below the full production team for BOTW. It's possible that they even started before BOTW finished, with early concept/prototype stuff. EDIT: A few years back I wrote an article about how how mpeople are needed on a development team at different points and how people shift from one project to another gradually. If you just want to skim down to the pics, they illustra…

  • Oh , yeah, most stuff will be trash. But that's ok as long as a: 1. People have fun USING the tool. 2. There is a strong system for making the good stuff rise to the top.

  • My money is on 2020 holiday or late winter/early spring 2021.

  • Quote from John: “A bit, but Fates, across all versions combined, had lower total sales numbers than Awakening, from what I can tell (though it might've been about on-par). Given that three releases, even with largely re-used assets, is substantially more work than one, the much lower sales numbers probably mean that it wasn't seen as a wise move to try that again. ” Really? That's nice context to have for their decisions sine then.

  • But you don’t need 255 hours to catch em all. What do you do with all those extra hours?

  • Quote from Vulpes: “Quote from Max N.: “Kinda makes me want to try playing For the Frog the Bell Tolls again, too. ” Is there an English translation? ” Fan translation, yeah.

  • I bought the Collection of Mana. FInally getting around to playing "Final Fantasy ADvanture", also known as FF "Mythic Quest" in EUrope, or "Seiken Densetsu", or "the first game int he Secret of Mana series". It's showing it's age, but MAN I wish I had had this game as a kid, when I was playing, say, Link's Awakening on the original GB. I would have FUCKING LOVED IT. It's got that sweet, sweet early 90s gameboy aesthetic that I love so much. Kinda makes me want to…

  • Interesting question. I'm curious what made you ask it! Link's sprite is 16 pixels wide and 23 pixels high when facing up or down. The light world map is about 4096 pixels square, or the width of of 256 Links. So if we assume that Linkn is 186 centimeters tall, that means he is 129 centimeters wide, and Hyrule is 330 meters across - or about as wide as three american football fields placed end-to-end, plus a little extra. Equivalent measurements in imperial units: Link Height: 6'1" Link width: 4…

  • Some juicy info in here:…cause-the-team-1835624233 Most interesting piece is it sounds like the dungeon maker was their starting point, and they decided to remake LA because it would work well with a dungeon maker like that. Quote: “Aonuma: There was also a discussion separately of an idea of incorporating something where users can arrange something on their own in the game. In Zelda, I was thinking what that could be. We landed on the idea of dungeons. When we wer…

  • Quote from Max N.: “ Is this all just coming from a youtuber's speculation? I'm super, super skeptical of the quality of that info then. What is the actual source of this info? ” To answer that question:…cause-the-team-1835624233 Quote: “Aonuma: When we released the DLC for Breath of the Wild, we realized that this is a great way to add more elements to the same world. But when it comes down to technical things, DLC is pretty much data—you’re adding data to a preex…

  • I doubt that the story of BOTW was ever planned to be in the Champion's Ballad DLC. BOTW as a whole isn't really structured to have story, and I doubt that they ever planned on bucking that philosophy with mere DLC - the DLC they did make was basically the kind of content that they could cheaply add to BOTW, kinda low-hanging fruit stuff, which was almost certainly the plan all along, except perhaps at the very early pre-production stages. Even if it did come from DLC ideas, there's an enormous …

  • I love BOTW. I actually think it's the best game ever made. Normally when a game is this good - genre-defining, 10/10 reviews, game of the decade sorta shit - it's hard to find big problems with it. It can be hard to imagine what big things would make it better. But not BOTW! IT is phenomenal in spite of a big ol' pile of flaws and missed opportunities. THAT is particularly exciting because it's easy to imagine a plethora of cool directions to take a BOTW sequel.

  • E3 was like a month ago, @GoldenChaos

  • I'd argue that these are the only sequels in the franchise: LoZ -> AoL LttP -> LA OoT -> MM And now BOTW -> BOTW2 the sense that most of their core teams were the same, they were the direct result of unrealized ideas from the previous project, their development was back-to-back, they kinda asumed players for them had played the previous game, AND they follow chronologically right after the previous one. Granted, that's an overly strict definition of sequel in the grand scheme of things. Bu…

  • As much as I support the idea that they can't keep maintaining every Pokemon forever, let's not give them a free pass. Sword and Shield look pretty unimpressive to me. It doesn't feel like they're taking advantage of the opportunity to make bigger strides. Perhaps there's still cool stuff coming that they haven't revealed, but that seems somewhat unlikely at this point.

  • 3D mario falls into two distinct design paradigms: THeme park (Mario 64, Sunshine, Odyssey) and a more traditional get-to-the-end platformer (Galaxy 1 and 2). I would expect most people to have a preference in one direction or another. I personally thought that Odyssey was the best theme park Mario, and Galaxy was a nearly perfect traditional get-to-the-end 3D platformer. But I do love them both.

  • Ugh, I leave for a week and we're still arguing about this shit? If you haven't worked in games, your opinion on how hard it is to update the Pokemon for each game is... probably way off the mark. Every youtuber and reddit analyst taking old quotes out of context and jumping to conclusions is just actively spreading misinformation. They have a limited understanding of how these assets work and might be integrated into the proprietary engine. Even professional game devs only have a slight edge at…

  • Possible that those are just the ones they showed in the trailer. But yeah, seems likely that those will at least make up the majority. I do wonder if it's just a prototype for an eventual Zelda Maker of some sort.

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “There is very little workload involved in leaving the old Pokemon in the code. ” lol I guarantee you it's a hundred times harder than you think it is.

  • Quote from HollowmanOfEoL: “Cadence of Hyrule is a new game. ” But not a Zelda game.

  • Quote from Keyaki: “I don't see how that's a good enough reason. Back in Gen V they made animated sprites for ALL of the Pokemon as well as animated 3D animations for them all in Gen VI. For them to choose not to do it now because of the workload, especially since it seems like the ratio of new Pokemon to old Pokemon seems likely to favor the old Pokemon, just seems lazy. ” Sometime workload limitations are actual, real limitations. They can't just say "oh, I guess we should be less lazy." Somet…

  • Why though? Why would that be desirable?

  • Monolith Soft helped with BotW 1, too. But yeah, I expect holiday 2020 right now.