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  • The bonus to your damage roll should only be the modifier for the skill you use when wielding it. So assuming you use your STR modifier when using your Longsword, it should be 1d8 + 3 The +5 is likely in reference to your bonus to the ATTACK roll, which is 1d20 + Proficiency + Modifier (STR or DEX depending mostly on the weapon but sometimes other things).

  • Haven't updated in awhile. Read Anthony Doerr's All The Light We Cannot See which has been on my radar for awhile. Netflix greenlighting a film adaptation bumped it up my reading list, even though I'm usually averse to WW2 stories. But the book had an interesting premise and structure, though I think it sort of falters both because of an in spite of them toward the end. Switched back to non-fiction for Susan Orlean's latest, The Library Book, and really enjoyed it. It's both a true crime investi…

  • Don’t think so. Probably Amazon Prime.

  • The first season of The Terror was amazing, this one looks just as good. But it does remind me that I really need to watch Chernobyl.

  • Nothing like focusing on the semantic argument of whether using the term "concentration camps" is appropriate to distract from the fact that there are concentration camps up and running in the United States.

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “eating is a skill??? ” The-Janitor-the-janitor-31507745-400-266.gif

  • It depends. What do you like about the game so far, and what are you hoping to get out of it/what drew you to it in the first place? There's a lot to do in Stardew, a lot of ways to approach most of it. Early game the biggest challenge is stamina and inventory management. I always prioritize the backpack upgrades when I play to get around the latter. The former takes care of itself with time.

  • Quote from Amber The Gay Fox: “If someone has a link to what I'm talking about, go ahead and link it. I'm out! ” It's a powerful speech. Worth watching.

  • There's two separate things getting discussed in this thread that may be getting confused. Crowder is being called out for the targeted harassment of a single individual, which is explicitly against YouTube's own terms of service for channel owners/operators. The offending content, under YouTube's own terms, should be removed and his channel should very well be banned - but he's got millions of subscribers and draws a lot of engagement, so they've chosen just to demonetize him so YouTube can kee…

  • Yeah I have no doubt that youtube managed to fuck up trying to remove offending channels because their algorithm and processes are trash. But those instances can be rectified and the overall benefit of having that shit deplatformed is still a net positive.

  • Quote from Please Understand: “There's other YouTubers that didn't do anything wrong and got caught up in this shitstorm. ” My understanding (which isn't comprehensive) is that the thing with Crowder is pretty specific in its scope (though obviously demonstrative of a wider, systemic issue with youtube). I haven't seen any other creators or channels that have faced any sort of repercussions as a result... It did happen around the same time that YouTube finally has taken steps to remove "hateful …

  • Crowder wasn't being called out (and subsequently demonetized) for having opinions people disagree with. Unless repeatedly using homophobic and racist language against Carlos Maza can be construed as an opinion and not harassing hate speech that incited his followers to further go after Maza on social media and even doxxing him. By their own stated policies on harassment, Crowder's offending videos should be removed by Youtube, not just demonetized.

  • The red button and perspective threw me off, that probably is Maul's. Didn't look tapered enough but the second red button gives it away. I haven't watched the Phantom Menace in over a decade, I was thinking back to the toys I had - I had a Qui-Gon and a Maul saber toy. The Maul one also dispensed gum.

  • Qui-Gon's is on the far right of that picture. Don't ask how I know that.

  • Yup I’d say we’re either at the point where people are being facetious or are starting to engage in bad faith discussion. Either way, think this has run its course for this thread. Any further discussions on this particular subject can be continued via PM. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

  • There's very little point in rehashing the actual details of any given critique, positive or negative. That's not really been the point of this discussion. I mean, I guess if people want to talk about how they feel about the movie again sure why not...but it doesn't seem likely anyone's opinions on the movie is actually going to change because they read a few published reviews or watched a...geez like a three part, five hour video series? Good grief. Yes, there's a level of objective truths abou…

  • Quote from Please Understand: “Don't take the "best movie ever" line literally, it is still Star Wars, not Citizen Kane. ” This conversation would be a lot easier/faster if you said what you actually meant the first time out rather than having to clarify hyperbole multiple times. Quote from Please Understand: “The discrepancy between the user and critic reviews is massive and personally I don't think the reviewers did their job well here based on the difference. I have read a lot of positive rev…

  • Quote from Please Understand: “Well, it is expected that CRITICs take a CRITICal look at the movie and dissect it. Usually critic reviews are lower than audience reviews for most movies. Especially for action movies that are not too artsy and are just supposed to be fun. How is it that only a tiny minority of critics mention the major flaws in the movie, when even the biggest defenders of TLJ admit to them being flaws? ” But nobody (well, I have) has brought up what critics have actually said ab…

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “Doesn't explain the disparity between critics and general audiences. ” Why does there need to be an explanation? Do critic scores and audience scores all need to be within a certain range? Critics were generally positive about the movie, audiences were less so. Why does there need to be a deeper reason other than that?

  • I'm more interested in the discussion about the legitimacy of reviews by professional critics. I just find the whole idea that there's some sort of conspiracy to inflate review scores (for any reason) bizarre. No doubt studios attempt to curry favour for critics with advance screenings and swag, but if it that is how easily critics can be won over why don't all movies get good reviews? Why would something like The Last Jedi or Avengers Endgame get a higher proportion of positive reviews than A W…

  • Or they just liked the movie.

  • "Thanks for attending our advance, exclusive screening of our film that is likely going to open to at least $200 million even if you write that it is absolute dog shit, but because we invited you to this advance screening a few days before its wide release (valued at approximately $15, ie the price of a movie ticket). We expect you to write good things about it, but if you don't, we still will invite you to future advance screenings because otherwise it will become very obvious that we're attemp…

  • What does "corruption among reviewers" mean?

  • You seem very hung up on this 85 on metacritic number. Why does that matter? The number reflects the critical reception to the movie at the time of its release based on some kind of algorithm. It doesn't even reflect WHAT critics liked about the movie. It doesn't make the movie important or a guaranteed touchstone in the history of cinema. It's a number, and it's not even high enough to put it in the top 20 highest scoring movies for the year it came out. Film critics judge movies based on indiv…

  • I dunno I went ahead and read about ten of the positive "Top Critic" reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to check, and wouldn't you know it not a single one highlighted "inclusivity, strong females, blah blah" as one of the things they liked about the film. What they all generally seemed to like was: - Mark Hamill's performance and how Luke's arc has progressed from mentee to mentor - Unconventional or unexpected turns - The dynamic between Rey and Kylo Ren

  • Now there's a wrong depiction of the critical consensus for a movie.

  • I don't know if the sentence "The Rolling Stones finally turned the rights to 'Bittersweet Symphony' over to The Verve/Richard Ashcroft" means anything to anyone, but it's an almost shockingly pleasant turn of events in 2019.

  • Odd. Seems backwards to what it feels like it should be in a way. Like, there's still earning power in those products for rights holders or anyone owed residuals ( devs and others get residuals? I'm just realizing that's not a given), why lessen that by having fewer points of sale?

  •…e-games-gog-com-delisting Would someone who knows more about the game industry explain why this is happening? Why would Telltale shuttering necessitate pulling their titles from stores?

  • As is tradition, there's a new Vanity Fair feature for The Rise of Skywalker that comes with a bunch of new images GEaKHfU.jpg

  • I finished God of War a month or so ago. I don't see many comparisons to Zelda outside the third person adventure aspects, but it is a very good video game that I was not particularly good at.

  • Quote from Jehanne: “Since I don’t pay a lot of attention to rumors and announcements, do you all know what has already been said about future series? ” Back in 2017 there were 4 or 5 potential spin-offs floating around HBO. I think at least two of them are dead in the water (the one being developed by Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman is for sure). The one furthest along is from Jane Goldman (who comes from movies, specifically ones directed by Matthew Vaughn like Kingsman, Kick-Ass and X-Men…

  • I've been posting in this thread since I watched season 1, episode 1 all the way back in April 2011. I've made a post for not all but certainly most episodes. This thread is an interesting little time capsule that way. But here I am, almost a full day after the final episode aired, and...I don't really have anything I want to say. In almost every conversation I've had about this final season, I've said some variation of the phrase "it is what it is." That the story may not have gone in a directi…

  • DC Cinematic Universe

    Galedeep - - Entertainment


    Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros.


  • Quote from ich Will: “Variety's link sounds like it could be referring to Rian Johnson's trilogy ” Bob Iger confirmed today that it will be the Benioff & Weiss (Game of Thrones guys) trilogy, not Rian Johnson's.

  • Well that was...a lot. (Hidden Content)

  • More Star Wars films coming following the conclusion of the latest trilogy, starting 2022: Quote from Variety: “Disney announced that three new untitled Star Wars films will start hitting theaters in 2022. There will be two other follow-ups in 2024 and 2026. Disney is poised to dominate Christmas for the foreseeable future. The studio is alternating between “Avatar” and “Star Wars” films every year through 2027. ”

  • Pretty good movie, eh? (Hidden Content)

  • (Hidden Content) If you haven't seen Endgame yet, only watch the first 10 second of this trailer so you can see Tom Holland tell you not to watch the trailer if you haven't seen Endgame yet.