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  • I think most of us are familiar with the Zelda Cycle by now. Opinions about Zelda games seem to shift as time and new releases change things. In order to try and avoid treading the same ground, my question here is a bit simpler. Has a new Zelda game ever changed your views on an older game, or the series as a whole? We know that the community has changed its overall opinion on games, but have you personally reconsidered your own view? The obvious candidate is Breath of the Wild. Whether it's for…

  • A few weeks ago I was looking through my old games with the intention of selling some of them to make more space. I got rid of a reasonable amount of stuff, mostly games for older consoles that I probably wouldn't have played again, even though I enjoyed them. In the course of doing this I cam across my copies of The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and Skyward Sword. In the end I only sold Phantom Hourglass. Even though I have less time to play new games or repla…

  • Amazon have finally confirmed that my pre-order of the Switch, BotW and the Pro-Controller has been dispatched, which means I'm playing it tomorrow! Those review scores though; currently the 3rd highest rated game on Metacritic! I fully expect there to be some vocal critics of this game, but that level of praise is not going to go away soon. tbh, I suspected this was coming. It was clear during the E3 demo that BotW was beyond anything we dared to hope for. The scale of the world, combined with …

  • I pre-ordered the Switch from Amazon a few weeks ago, when they started listing stock again. I'm trusting that Amazon aren't lying and they actually have enough stock to fulfill my order. If they do, they can deliver it on release day. If all goes to plan, I'll have all weekend, plus Friday and Monday to play BotW. Haven't yet received an e-mail confirming that it is ready to ship though, which is making me a little nervous. Quote from Canyarion: “Darn it, somebody spoiled something cool. In my …

  • Quote from Kaylin: “So how is everyone spending release day? I actually have a class that runs from 10-12 in the morning, so I'll probably pick up everything beforehand and drop it all home on the way there. That way, I can start playing as soon as I get home. :3 ” I'm taking the Friday off from work to get a long weekend, but I'm getting my Switch console delivered so I'll probably have to wait until 11-12 am for it, knowing that it's out in the wild . Quote from Bruce: “I'm so ready for this g…

  • Just because reviewers love a game doesn't mean that the wider audience will feel the same. I enjoyed SS, but I still felt disappointed overall. From reading reviews I expected to be blown away, but upon playing SS it felt like "just another Zelda game" rather than a revelation. On the whole I just want to play the game and make my own mind up, instead of being swayed by journalists' opinions.

  • Saw the first advert for BotW and the Switch on UK TV yesterday. Fortunately it isn't very spoilery: less so than the Superbowl commercial, if you've seen that. I think it's the same footage from the original Switch trailer. It shows how close we're getting though.

  • I haven't been on the homepage of Youtube for at least a week now. If I need to watch it for something I'll search Google Videos and get in through the back door, to avoid potential spoilers. Generally I'm just staying off the internet in case I get bored and decide to look for BotW info. I may be taking this a little too far, but at this point we're so close to release that it makes sense to avoid all new information. After all, we're going to see it in a few weeks. I'd just prefer to experienc…

  • Hello, All

    Tremjam - - Newbie Central


    Welcome Garrett! Don't worry, there's plenty of people here in the same boat as you.

  • Oh Game Informer, just when we though that the home straight was clear! Ok, I'm officially joining the spoiler-free gang. The level of information I know now is the maximum amount that I want to have going into the game, so no more news, trailers or discussion. I may have to limit my internet use altogether. Still, only 24 days to go. It's manageable!

  • I'm still watching some of the official media that's coming out, but I want to avoid any details about story, characters or locations.

  • How did you first find ZU?

    Tremjam - - General Chit-Chat


    I first started visiting Zelda fansites regularly for news and speculation in the runup to Skyward Sword. I kind of stopped once the hype around SS had died down and started again when BotW hype began. A couple of other major fansites were my usual stopping points rather than ZU, but I felt that the comments sections were starting to get a bit aggressive and it just wasn't fun to read those articles anymore. ZU felt like it was run and used by people who still actually loved the franchise, so I …

  • Change jobs Expand my social circle Get good at playing guitar Do something about my bad knee (i.e. regular swimming) Good luck to everybody making these resolutions. You can do it!

  • There's so many, so in particular order... - Rescuing Epona - Becoming Adult Link for the first time - Ganondorf turning into Ganon - Stepping inside the Forest Temple

  • Very psyched for ME:A. But has anyone else noticed that every major game lately is a n open world action-rpg (including BOTW)?

  • I'm sure that Nintendo are desparate to ship BOTW at launch, but I bet it will get delayed. Nintendo never rush anything. Make Tingle my banner if I'm wrong.

  • Quote from Silver: “Nah you're right, it is Nayru. I'm just getting senile in my old age. emot-corsair.gif ” Thanks Silver, I didn't notice that board was there. Still a relative newbie to the forum.

  • Can you help me out? I replied to the clan test a while ago but I never heard anything back.

  • Hi, can I take the clan test?

  • Really good advice. I wish I'd known this during my time at college.

  • Thank you Kay! Sorry for not replying sooner, I've been busy.

  • <p>N​ew to forums in general, so I guess I need an adopter.</p>

  • I'm new to the forums, can anyone explain to me how things work around here?