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  • Quote from Chloroform: “Nice! @Please Understand im surprised you didnt get Xenoblade Chronicles LE for the switch! awesome collection man ” I do have the LE. I have those at a different shelf that I didn't post. I will do so tomorrow.

  • Here's what I have in UK. I got a lot more back home, from NES up to Wii. IMG_20190619_220234.jpg IMG_20190619_220258.jpg IMG_20190619_220249.jpg

  • Quote from Max N.: “But you don’t need 255 hours to catch em all. What do you do with all those extra hours? ” Destroying my neighbours.

  • I caught them all in Gen 1 & 2, 3 is where I stopped caring about that aspect. I still try to catch as many as possible of course. Also: If your Gen 1 clock isn't stuck at 255 hours (it doesn't go higher), you are smalltime.

  • I'm just being sarcastic, I thought chopping up Fates was a bad idea, it would probably be seen as one of the best entries in the series if it wasn't.

  • Am I the only one that is surprised they didn't chop this up into 3 games?

  • Quote from Jackos: “The biggest one is the whole power plant area where a lot of people thought it would be used for some postgame event until they realized there was nothing there, also the pacing of the game in general suggests something did not get enough time, just compare the areas among the first 3 badges which are quite massive all things considered to the later part where the game suddenly decides to shower you with the missing 5, the Team Flare plotline being mostly solved in about 2 ho…

  • How was X&Y unfinished? I thought they were quite good. Sure, a bit safe, but that could be said about all of them except for Gen 1 and 2.

  • Quote from Max N.: “As much as I support the idea that they can't keep maintaining every Pokemon forever, let's not give them a free pass. Sword and Shield look pretty unimpressive to me. It doesn't feel like they're taking advantage of the opportunity to make bigger strides. Perhaps there's still cool stuff coming that they haven't revealed, but that seems somewhat unlikely at this point. ” No, I agree that they don't look great, but again, I think expecting them to make the Breath of the Wild …

  • It might not look too impressive compared to other games but you gotta keep in mind that these guys 2 years ago were making 240p 3DS games. It's not going to go from 0 to 100 in one generation.

  • The Metal Thread

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    Got into metal when I randomly bought Brave New World by Iron Maiden during the summer of 2000 (new millenium, new music!). It all escalated from there. I listen to all kinds of metal nowadays. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) And everything in between. My favourite album might be Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater, but I rotate a lot. From Hell With Love has way too many catchy songs lol.

  • @Max N. Thank you. We really need a YouTube video that talks about this shit from a dev perspective so maybe people can get educated.


  • Quote from ibLeo: “Quote from Please Understand: “Working a lot doesn't necessarily get rewarded because the work might be so simple that a simple automaton can do it, so you are basically fully disposable. If you are not doing something that actually requires a degree of skill and knowledge that cannot be done by anyone else in the world, the amount of work itself doesn't matter. Bezos might not have to work again in his life, but he took risks in order to get there, and has given work to thous…

  • I didn't call you a liar, I am just being honest. I agree that the games are formulaic. That's a real issue, not the count of Pokémon.

  • Quote from Lorulean: “Afaik, they future-proofed the 3DS models by making them far higher quality than needed so they could keep using them in upcoming gens. Go and Let's Go, for example, use the 3DS models. There's really no excuse for the exclusion of the National Dex. The changes people want to see in Pokemon are formulaic. The story, the whole "become the chmapion after challenging eight dudes," etc etc. none of the changes fans ask for require to make changes to the 950 or so models. The "g…

  • Quote from John: “…t-including-all-pokemon-i So, Game Freak gave an interview to Famitsu that largely confirms what I suspected: The idea going forwards is that your Pokemon collection will live in Home, and you'll bring a subset of them into future games. They cut back the number of Pokemon in Sword & Shield because updating the models takes resources they don't have, makes balancing difficulty extremely difficult, and makes it almost impossible to add new features…

  • Why not both?

  • Quote from john_marston: “That said I'm enjoying it more than Fallout 3, which I guess makes it the best modern Fallout game. ” It's definitely the best modern Fallout game.

  • Quote from john_marston: “Talking just about the file sizes or also day-one 50GB 'patches'? I'm dreading physical releases containing half the game, and the other half needing to be downloaded.. All the SSD and super fast loading sounds very promising though, that'll be good! ” The average next gen AAA game will most likely be >100GB. SSDs are fast, but they are either small or expensive, and it's 1.5 year before next gen, so there won't be a significant change there. I would be surprised if the…

  • Divinity Original Sin. It's so good!

  • I bet they already have plans for the rest of the Pokes. I mean, it's not like they wouldn't eventually port everything, it just couldn't be done in a single game's development timeframe. Either with a sequel or with free updates. But even if not, to be honest there are too many trash, useless Pokemon out there that are probably not worth the effort porting anymore. Personally, I wish they just never made them, but for some reason they felt like they had to add like 100+ Pokemon every time, inev…

  • Quote from Vulpes: “Sure, but I'd still be more appreciative of the work if I liked the result. ” Okay?

  • They do look really good.

  • Quote from ich Will: “So I'm not on the side of people that are upset by the change, but if I were to play their advocate for a second; couldn't the answer be to hire more people? Since their games are so profitable. Or am I trippin'? ” Personally, I don't think that throwing more people at the problem is the best solution. One of the reasons why Nintendo games have so much "soul" for lack of better term, is because they are made by a small team where everyone knows the ins and outs of the game.…

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “Don't recall saying it had anything to do with space, just that there was discussion on it. Of course it has nothing to do with the space the models take up. Probably has much more to do with them creating new, rescaled models for Dynamaxing, just like they did with totem Pokemon in the past. ” Nope, those are the same models with a different scale.

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “Because there's been a lot of discussion on a lot of sites (/vp/, Reddit) about how the graphics for the Pokemon take up too much space, therefore there can't be any national dex. ” Nothing to do with space.

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “Not terribly irrelevant. Here's another fun fact - what Satoru Iwata brought to the table that made fitting Kanto into Gold and Silver possible was none other than a way of compressing graphics. Ironic. ” How is it ironic...? Quote from Cornelius Fudge: “I'm not saying GameFreak is in the clear. They should've been transparent about this from the get go. Kinda weird that we're hearing about this now. ” I disagree. They are under no obligation to say what the game featur…

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    Quote from john_marston: “Bit of a random question but how often do you need to download stuff online before you can play a new switch game? I know some games have their files only partly on the cart and the rest needs downloading. Do some have day-1 patches too? ” Only a few games require a download before playing. None of Nintendo's do afaik. I don't own any games that require a download. I know FF X/X-2 does in order to play FF X-2 but I'm gonna get the Asian version which has both on the car…

  • I wasn't too surprised by BotW 2, I mean, I think it was a safe bet that they were working on a sequel and reusing a lot of what they had in BotW, it would pretty much be insane to do otherwise, after the reception it had. Very hyped for it of course but not very surprised - I WOULD be surprised if we got a release date or at least a title though. I think FF7 excited me the most. Despite being nervous about it and worrying that they might fuck it up, they ARE going all out on it and at the very …

  • I am assuming they are still using their in-house engine. I bet it's a nightmare given that it was built for portable games with rather rigid and limited native APIs. I hope they use Unreal or something for the next game.

  • Fairly sure the decision not to have every Pokemon in the game must have been made early on. It's not a case where they had to cut it because they didn't have time, rather they it wasn't in their planning to begin with. That's what I gather anyway.

  • Next gen is gonna be "fun" when it comes to storage.

  • Looks like the Switch revisions might have got delayed because of the ongoing "Tariff Man" shit between USA and China. As such Nintendo had to move their production to SEA and there are some concerns about the supply being enough from SEA factories. So if you lost, don't feel so bad, you night have won if it wasn't for El Presidente.

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    My Wonder Boy and Steins;Gate Elite just arrived. I have to say my Switch physical collection is on set to be the biggest of any console. We need a thread to post our collections.

  •…y-gibson-bakery-33-milli/ Dang, $33 million. What a crazy story.

  • Quote from Canyarion: “I don't know why, but it's been a while since I've been so unimpressed by a brand new Fire Emblem game. Maybe it's the artstyle that seems bland, maybe it's the lack of a hero that I like, or maybe I'm just not into FE anymore. ” That's interesting because I feel the exact opposite. This seems to be much more ambitious than any previous FE, and I'm sure it will feel very fun and rewarding building up your army.

  • Quote from Takanuva: “People aren't just getting upset in a vacuum for the sole purpose of irritating others. They're upset because odds are their favorite Pokémon likely won't make it into the game. Add in other things like some not very satisfying Nintendo Treehouse footage, Game Freak talking about this being the future direction of the series, and the fact that there's preexisting usable assets that would let this happen without a ton of labor, and it's galvanized the fanbase to finally spea…

  • Quote from GregariousTree: “I didn't watch the Treehouse live and I'm just now getting caught up on it. And holy shit, I'm so hyped for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It looks amazing. I'm so glad it comes out in July, I'll have nearly a month to play it before I have to go back to school, haha. ” That feel when it comes out 26th of July and I go on holiday for 3 full weeks on the 25th.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Zelda BotW 2 FF7 remake