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  • Samusaran2.png Samusaran3.png v Mom_samus.jpg Metroid_Other_M_Samus_uniform_Art_91.jpg What the fuck happened?

  • Quote from TheGhostOfMandrag: “Neither is anything else in the world besides breastmilk but, even then, that's not an adequate diet unto itself.” You know well enough I'm making the point that consuming another species's milk is not as good or congruent to the body as the milk of the same species as the consumer. Not that you're disputing this, but it does get somewhat old and irksome when most posts you make in regards to mine are just to be a contrarian for the sake of it. Quote from Prometheu…

  • Quote from Bobby Emerald: “Soy milk is what's nasty; milk tastes just fine by itself. And where have you heard these seemingly ridiculous claims?” Oh god yes. Soya milks are pretty vile when unflavoured. Some people like the natural taste, but I can't stand it. I have to make sure there's some flavour in it. And when there is, it's bloody refreshing and *so* much better than the taste of cow milk!

  • Cow's milk is baby bovines. It's naturally not 100% designed for human consumption, though it's comfortably safe enough to be used as such. I don't understand why people don't go through the channels to harvest and consume human milk.

  • New piercing.

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    1c375824.jpg fb4a5ff0.jpg

  • Merged your two threads together! Please try and keep all your artworks generally in one thread please!

  • It's an acute e; É. So it's therefore poke-AY-mon. Despite that, my natural accent and vocal inflection makes "pokey-mon" the roll of the tongue more easily, so that I say out of laziness despite knowing better. Though that said; I don't call it either - I call it Pocket Monsters. Ever since Red and Blue. And to this day. Even if they're no longer modelled after animals and monsters in favour of ice-cream cones and chandeliers. forever_a_cone_by_wupar-d31s7kb.png

  • On an radically different topic, in regards to Pokémon Theism vs Atheism (Arceus as a creator God vs Mew and evolution) I a long while ago simply concluded to myself that Arceus is indeed the creator God in accordance to Sinnoh Myth, but that it evolved from a Mew. The Mew was the entity in the egg, and when the Egg hatched, Mew took on the form of Arceus. This was, however, in lieu of my original thought that the Sinnoh creation myth was simply a native Sinnoh myth, not a depiction of the entir…

  • Quote from OneHungryHippo: “What's a "Gary-Stu"? If you mean Mary Sue, then probably not. After all, you are in control. You control how good Link is.” It's the male equivalent to a Mary-Sue. Quote from Pinkie Pie: “Almost all video game protagonists are "Gary Stues" in terms of combat abilities. Link is no different.” Eh? I think the OP meant in terms of character/personality. To which Link is not. Not even in Twilight Princess, which is the game where he could have strayed into that territory.…

  • He's largely an avatar character. He's pretty much whatever you want him to be. I don't think any depiction of Link has been anywhere remotely near as being qualifiedly Gary-Stuish. He's no Edward Cullen or Bella Swan. If anything, Link's usually played off as being rather "normal" as EL said. In some games, even slightly dim-witted, such as in Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and notably Skyward Sword (which often went hand-in-hand with minor breaks of the fourth wall...which were fantastic!). I thi…

  • Quote from PK Rockin: “Well, I have those kickass braces that increase various stats every time you level up, from HG/SS. They're hacked though, I hope you don't mind. I really needed these things for speed drugging my walrus. It's a ridiculous idea, but it works. My Walrein's speed stat (at level 86 right now) is 289. Anyways, you want those? I have all of them. They won't brick your game either, it's a really safe hack.” You can't import thme to BW> Quote from EmptyStar: “I told you I have the…

  • So - anyone have Power Lenses, Braces and Anklet? Or some monsters to help win the Subway battles? (Still working on that Thundurus, Bravo).

  • The whole Ben thing was the most irritating, unfunniest thing the Zelda franchise has spawned in a long time. The only possible striking feature the Elegy Shell has is how it appears to be a beta Wind Waker Link. Link_Statue.png zww-link3.jpg

  • SA! It's been bloody years! Welcome back

  • Best Pokémon Generation

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    Grow up. Everyone has different opinions, and it'd be much obliged to not rant so childishly whenever someone doesn't hold the same opinion as you.

  • Best Pokémon Generation

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    I preferred DP to Gen V. I have to be honest, I think Gen V had the by far the most poor designs of any generation to date. Gen I and II are undisputedly the best in that every monster looks like a viable, creature to use. They have a constant design quality for all the monsters. Gen III is where the quality dropped and some really abstract designs came about which made some monsters looked plain weird and noticeably had "filler" monsters, and then DP improved in that the design quality was more…

  • Yeah, one of the thoughts I had was the conflation with Ground. But at the same time, there's the prevalent conflation to this day with Rock-type. Meh. Plant'd make immeasurably more sense than Grass.

  • I've often wondered why the Grass type is called grass of all things. In a collocation of elements, I don't think "grass" is something people would immediately jump to when presented with Fire and water. Surely Earth would have been a better fit?

  • Quote from Fancy Pants: “Not to sound like I'm calling you out or anything, but can you please tell me in detail how it relates to chinese culture? I'm quite the fan of chinese culture myself (Enough to learn basic language, and spend a few years studying it's culture) I'd like to see how it reminds you of Chinese..” I remember in one interview that Aonuma(?) said with regards to the "festival" theme, the aesthetic and designs in Termina and especially with the music, the game took inspiration f…

  • Hero's Shade from Termina?

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    This thread is almost a year old, and since it was confirmed that he's the lingering sentiment of the Hero of Time, according to the Historia. I believe there are more recent threads on this issue, so please continue them there!

  • The discussion here is going fine, but every-so-often, I see a lot of snark and some subtle insults flying about. Regardless of your stance on the issue, please respect the opinions of others and don't sling diminishing generalisms or passive aggressive posts around please. Keep it classy.

  • Quote from Bravo: “I only need the Thundurus to add it to my pokédex and to access Landorus. But Zekrom would do as well, I suppose. I'll let you know tonight if I have those items.” Cools. Let me know. Quote from EmptyStar: “Well, I have a Power Anklet. I don't need anything in return, but I will be needing it back. =)” Sounds great! Thanks so much! I only need them to help EV train, then I'll give it back. I'll PM you guys my Friend code later.

  • I can't wait to see how Grezzo/Nintendo will soup up and improve on the artstyle and graphics for MM3D, much like the improvements made from OoT to MM on the N64.

  • Alas no, though with the ease that roaming monsters can be found, I can hopefully catch one for you. Alternatively, I have both Reshiram and Zekrom. And a Mewtwo (though could you please not train them? :x) that you're welcome to borrow.

  • Quote: “I still am unable to Game Sync properly, and after sending a very detailed support message to the correct place on the PGL site, I got a reply stating "You must make sure you have internet access" so I then complained to the official nintendo site, which then replied "Sorry I don't know anything about Holland." But research has shown there are tons of people with these issues. Lol designing a major element of the game that gives everyone hell. Shame on you and your poor customer services…

  • I have no idea why there's such outrage over Volume II. #FirstWorldProblems. I actually like the idea of a direct sequel. I literally just said a few days ago what Pokémon needs to do is stop another slapdash game with 100+ [poorly] new designed monsters and simply extend one generation with a Part 2 sort of premise with the same monsters. So I'm pretty thrilled. Gen II's GS are by the majority held as the finest entries in the series - even a poll on ZU states as such. So it's good to see the s…

  • My songwriting

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    I've moved this to the Writing section for you - I think it is more suited here than in the Artwork section.

  • Where's Part II; the sex tape that ensued directly after?

  • Wouldn't surprise me - they said during late SS development they were already underway with the next original 3DS Zelda game, adding that the 3D will play a more key role in it. Having something to present wouldn't be all that out of field!

  • Is it possible that my getting an event Mewtwo and Reshiram so early in the game has caused some kind of issue? I could connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi on the first place to get the Mewtwo gift, and I can connect t the internet fine on the 3DS, and there's always a great connection on BW when I play it but Game Sync just doesn't work. As soon as I put my monster to sleep after selected, it gives me the communication error with no code.

  • Only guys on ZU!?

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    I'm a lady. There are loads of us here on the site and in general. Never fear!

  • A "general game" section?

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    We somewhat already have this in every forum in the site. As a Zelda site, we have a specifically designated section for topics and discussions on the franchise. The section can be found here: The Zelda Section In here, there are several forums that are used specifically to talk about a certain game that pertains to a particular console or Era. For example, Discussion on Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time would go to the NES/SNES?N64 Forum (the tentative Retro section) and then Wind Waker and Twil…

  • I hope constant disconnect/reconnect errors and whatnot don't cause saved game data loss/file deletion... Ah well. No luck yet. It's such an intrinsic part of the game wit the C gear being designed around it, it's pretty irksome not to use it. Even if for one time use as a novelty. One major criticism I've had with the game is the Cgear/item interface. It's so convoluted and all-over-the-place. It genuinely seems to harken back to Gen I where every item was listed in one pouch all together. It's…

  • I'm not so sure of that. I wouldn't be so sure of that - though the side games are largely gratuitous, they do have a secondary function as prologue to the games. People playing only the main console titles would have no clue at all how KH lead into KHII with Sora in suspended animation, the empty journal and Naminé if not for playing CoM. That said, DDD is not a side game. BBS essentially gave the backstory to the entire franchise and showed how each of the worlds fell into disarray and why, an…

  • I don't see how the game has an inconsequential storyline at all. It's the next game chronologically after KH II and deals with the events of the past games, and involves Sora awakening all the hearts trapped inside him to finally confront Master Xehanort. The game has a story that's by comparison as "inconsequential" as KH II or BBS. BBS is absolutely integral to the universe; It's the origin story essentially. KH: DDD is the conclusion of every game this point, after KHII. KHIII was confirmed …

  • Yeah, heading towards that conclusion. It says all is quiet, and there's good space in there, and yet the entire process is an enormous, convoluted and bloated mess. Much like the game.

  • I am seemingly constantly nable to connect to the PGL. If I'm lucky, I manage to get to the option to put my monster to sleep, but then directly after, it states a communication error and disconnects. I've already synced everything up. Hrnph.

  • Best Pokémon Generation

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    I believe it's the sewage pokémon.

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