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  • I remember ZU when...

    ZeldaGuardian - - General Chit-Chat


    <p>I remember when ZU was just starting out, barely starting out with just a simple website. The forums was barely going, many bugs on the forums and site... Then gradually, it became into what it is today. And I'm proud of being apart of it, almost 2 decades later. And I hope to continue being around until either 1 of 3 things happen...</p><p><br></p><p>1. Legend of Zelda Series finally ends</p><p>2. Sudden Erase of the Human Race</p><p>3. The Internet finally shuts own for good</p>

  • Once again, if I may be so bold... Here's what I know about the rules, courtesy of @Dark Link Reigns... Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “1) Winner will be decided based on: a) Finishing the game with getting everything (all heart pieces, poe souls, etc.) b) If multiple people finish with 100%, the winner will be decided based on completion time - the person who completed the challenge with the fastest time AND got 100% of everything will be the winner. c) A guide may be used to find the Poe Souls o…

  • I definitely second this motion to be agreed upon. And I, too, will be using the Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess HD for the Nintendo Wii U. However, if I may be so bold... I would like to add a stipulation to the Twilight Princess HD players. The stipulation is this... Though the Poe Guide was granted to be used, I say that for those who play on the Twilight Princess HD (Wii U Remake) ARE NOT[u][/u] allowed to use the Poe Guide. Reason being is that you have the Ghost Lantern, which lights u…

  • They were made.

  • Yes, I would definitely like to know this month's challenge, since I couldn't participate in last month's OoT challenge. Been busy with the admins of ZU, work, and my own YouTube videos. Let me know what everyone decides. I'll be a little bit more prepared for it this time.

  • 1. All across his back, he has a full back tattoo that resembles the Legend of Zelda Hyrulian Crest (that of the Royal Family Crest)... On his right upper arm, he has a saying that's written in his old Sage language that states "I'm bad and that's good... I'll never be good and that's not bad... There's no one I rather be than me."... He also has a tribal style cross tattoo on the back on his right calf, colors being black and red... He has a dragon that wraps around his entire left leg. The dra…

  • Race: I tried to overthink it. It's just human, with the Power of The Great Sage. Skin Color/Complexion: Again, overthinking it. He has skin like a human-being.

  • Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage. Welcome to Episode 2 of the BattleTanx - Global Assault Let's Play. During this one, we encounter a Goliath-style Tank that's equipped with more weaponry than any other tank. And we must kill it with fire!! Watch the video, leave a like, post a comment, and subscribe to the channel today!! I promise more content is on its way soon.

  • Name: The Great Sage, Manuel Nickname/Alias: Manny Age: 30 Apparent Age: Looks around 25 Sex: Male Race: Human Height: 6' 2" Weight: 245 lbs. Eye Color: Oceanic Blue Hair Color/Style: Dirty Blonde; Long and braided, past his back. Skin Color/Complexion: Tan, not dark or light, human. Appearance: Manny has a medium muscular body build. He has a well-groomed Goatee, smooth face complextion with his Square-Style Glasses. He keeps his hair well combed and in braids, since it's long enough to go beyo…

  • At least you all can meet up. I don't think we have any one in Arizona here to have a ZU Meet-up.

  • You won't see the death counter until you complete the game. I've noticed that and that's my honest conclusion as to why it hasn't appeared. I haven't started my challenge yet, work has priority first. But as for the Gold Skulltulas, I would assume that if you don't know where to find most of them, then it would be prudent to use at least that section. But in all honesty, this challenge is just strictly for fun. I just wanted to make it more interesting between competitors, if we could up the st…

  • I believe we were mentioning all the items, weapons, upgrades, etc. that you get throughout the game. If you're looking to 100% complete the game, then you would need the Heart Pieces. However, for this challenge, the Heart Pieces no longer exist. Soo, if you can complete the game, collect every item in the game, obtain every upgrade, AND not die once, then you've 100% completed the Master Quest.

  • Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage, Webmaster and Founder of Guardian Sages. Welcome to my Let's Play of a Nintendo 64 game called BattleTanx - Global Assault. This game was created by 3DO. This is the beginning of my Let's Play games, as this game was one of my favorites on the Nintendo 64. Head to the video and watch it. If you want, leave a like and a comment down below on the videos. Subscribe to the channel today, as more content is coming very soon.

  • I'm going to assume by 100%, you're wanting to do ALL Golden Skulltulas, Items, Tunics, Weapons, Shields, Upgrades (Quiver, Slingshot Ammo, Golden Scale), Bottles, Wallet Sizes, etc....

  • Okay sounds good. I'm gonna do the impossible and declare (now) that I'm going to complete this challenge with ZERO (0, none, without) deaths.

  • Ah, I got this. Does it have to be on the 3DS or can I play it on my Nintendo GameCube??

  • Seems interesting... I want in.

  • What exactly is going on for this challenge??

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    ZeldaGuardian - - General Gaming


    "Come be the new face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!! What can go wrong?!"... "Come be apart of the new Fazbear's Fright Attraction!!"... "Tomorrow is another day"..... Some of the things you read in this game series... You think you've known fear?? This game series will revolutionize the word "fear" and bring a whole new definition. Based on a diner built many years ago, a pizzeria takes the new name of "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria"... You apply for a job with them and you're hired as a security guar…

  • Wii U for sale

    ZeldaGuardian - - Advertising


    I'm nowhere near Wisconsin, as I currently reside in Arizona. However, I am interested in buying your Nintendo Wii U, good sir. I can pay through PayPal (easiest and most safest), in case you're wondering. However, if it's been sold already, then I guess I'm just late to the party.