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  • (Out of Time Season 2 plot outlines are now available!)

  • New Vegas was too complicated for me after having played FO3. Too many stats and way too many factions lol. I never actually finished it. I'll probably try again sometime, though. All that being said, Obsidian did a great job with bringing the setting to life! I just spent about 30 minutes playing the Japanese HTML5 game Stick Ranger 2, which is under active, weekly development. A far more addicting diversion than it honestly deserves to be lol. (Nah, I've been a huge fan of Dan-Ball for almost …

  • In 2017, I wrote up profiles of my various Elder Scrolls characters (minus my first one from Oblivion). And now that I recently started a new character in Morrowind, I decided to add his profile to the bunch. Check it out! (Knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore, particularly from Morrowind, will help your understanding, but it's written in such a way that you should be able to understand the gist of it without that knowledge.) (Hidden Content)

  • One week left! I still only have the two entries, so let's make this a big one! がんばりましょう!(Ganbarimashou! "Let's do our best!")

  • I picked the pre-defined Scout class.

  • Skyrim is from 2011 lol. Bethesda dropped the ball with their best franchise. Speaking of Bethesda's best franchise, I recently started a new character in Morrowind, which I last played several years ago. It's not on the same level as its successors, but it was far ahead of any other genre games in its day. I heavily modded my copy to make it less hideous and also play more smoothly, and I'm enjoying just exploring around; in fact, I haven't even touched the main quest yet lol. I'm playing as an…

  • E3 2019: Best of Show Poll

    EzloSpirit - - General Gaming


    Having only watched the Nintendo Direct because that's all E3 is for me lol, I voted for Animal Crossing and the BotW sequel. Those and Luigi's Mansion were the only games of interest to me. (Note that I skipped through the Pokémon stuff because I'm on a media blackout for that; otherwise I'd definitely have been interested!) So pumped for New Horizons! Having to build the whole town from scratch is probably going to feel kinda grindy, but it should prove hugely rewarding! Shame about the delay,…

  • (The remaining plot outlines for Betaforce are now available! Next up will be Out of Time S2 and Edgewalkers, the first Betaforce spinoff.)

  • I've been especially hypersensitive emotionally lately. Like, I'm always hypersensitive, but the past couple weeks, I've experienced emotions far more deeply and been far more vulnerable than I remember being for this long a time in a very long time. I got called out (totally reasonably) for something tonight, and now I feel miserable. On the other hand, my mother got a call from a friend tonight who was checking in on her, given the recent anniversary of her husband's death, and I got extremely…

  • Not gonna lie: I was kinda hoping for a prequel that takes place in the same Hyrule but before the Calamity. It would be a nice juxtaposition to play through the same or a similar world that is full of civilization. But I'm excited nevertheless!

  • I lowered the price because no one was biting lol

  • Less than two weeks remain! I already have two entries, but there's always room for more!

  • EzloSpirit Sings!

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    Following up from my last post in here, I recorded an a capella cover of Pearl and the Beard's final album's final track, "Such a Fool." This actually wasn't included on the pre-release CD I got for backing the album, so I was surprised to find it among their song list online. (I then bought it separately on Google Play. >.>) It's a really, really somber place to end their recording career: a song about an overly jealous man and his female lover who feels trapped. Once I fully grasped the gravit…

  • I don't think there's any doubt that Asperger's syndrome is part of the autism spectrum; what they're conflicted about is whether or not Asperger's is a distinct diagnosis from the more general autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. This is the problem with psychiatric diagnoses: everyone is unique, and it's ultimately futile to put everyone into one box or another. But...since they already defined the box in question, why do they need to debate its existence? That's the absurdity of it all! In any c…

  • *gasp* Peggy's Cove! The only cruise I've ever been on went to, I think, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and Peggy's Cove is literally the only thing besides the cruise ship itself that I remember lol. I was 5½.

  • Musings by EzloSpirit

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    [Untitled] (originally posted 8 December 2016) Pokémon Sun/Moon is the first Pokémon game to introduce a main character I can really relate to. It’s Hau, of course! Hau is a fully-fledged Pokémon Trainer, but he isn’t in it for the competition or glory; he’s in it for the FUN! When I mention to peers that I’m a huge Pokémon fan, they tend to not understand how I can hate competition and conflict but still love playing through the games, when the whole game is battle after battle. I don’t want to…

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    Hey, does anyone want to share a malasada with me and my Raichu? (๑´ڡ`๑) (Hau is best child. And basically me.)

  • General Dreaming

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    Last night, I dreamed about lucid dreaming. It was super meta. Like, I was having one of my persecution-complex dreams in which an old teacher of mine was being really mean, except I was like, "You're not even real; I'm dreaming. So I don't have to take this from you. The real you was also mean sometimes, but she could also be sweet." And then eventually I woke up. Except I really didn't because I was actually still dreaming, and then that dream went elsewhere lol. The encompassing dream wasn't …

  • The American Psychiatric Association keeps changing its collective mind lol.

  • According to my mother and other professionals with whom I've spoken who have copies of the DSM V, Asperger's was officially lumped in with ASD.

  • I just call it Asperger's still. It's part of my identity, and the APA can't change that.

  • Dongle!

  • Hello, nerds! I'm selling a lightly used Steam Controller for $30, U.S. only. More info in this thread!

  • Hey, all! So I've had this Steam Controller for almost a year and a half, now, and the only game (of almost 300) that I have with which it actually works well is Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-MARS-tered (and Assassin's Creed II, to a lesser extent) and I can play that with mouse and keyboard. I originally got this controller to use with Dynasty Warriors 9, whose PC port was keyboard+mouse-unfriendly on launch day. Then I discovered that the game barely runs on my low-end gaming laptop, so I returned…

  • I'm very mixed about game streaming. Despite being a Google power user, I have no intention of getting Stadia; I despise subscription services as opposed to one-time purchases.

  • Quote from Jehanne: “ The fact that they didn’t give Eliot and Q the second chance they deserved really really REALLY chapped my hide. Have you read the books? :3 ” ;_; No, I haven't read the books, though I've heard very good things. I also understand that the show has taken a different path from the books, even starring a couple different characters. So I'll probably check them out sometime! I actually just got a new library card a couple weeks ago, so that works out perfectly!

  • Writers: June's contest info thread is live! The prompt is "The day the world ended," and entries are due on the 23rd (a Sunday)!

  • I got Subnautica today after giving up hope that it would go on sale by more than 30% in the near future. Steam's having an environmentally-conscious game sale in which a portion of the proceeds go to environmental causes, and Subnautica had been on my wishlist since it first released, so I figured I'd help the planet a little while forking over money for this game I've been waiting over a year to play. This game is great, though I could have used a little more guidance or at least forewarning t…

  • Zelda Universe's June 2019 Writing Contest: "The Day the World Ended" Welcome to June, folks! With a new month comes a new ZU Writing Contest, and this contest's prompt is a hard-hitter: "The day the world ended"! This mega-eerie phrase comes to you courtesy of May's winners, @American Cheesecake 667 and @linkoftime200, who agreed upon this one from Cheesecake's list of otherwise-uplifting proposals lol. It's a fact now: ZU Writing Contest winners are all edgelords. XD Entering the contest is やさ…

  • (Added rest of Season 6 for Betaforce. Only two seasons left! I'll be writing up the plot outlines for Season 2 of Out of Time in the near future, as well. "near future")

  • Congratulations to @RealmWings, June's Creator of the Month! Go shower him with praise and/or ask him questions about his creative process! Congratulations, also, to the joint winners of the May Writing Contest, first-time entrants @linkoftime200 and @American Cheesecake 667! Check out their winning entries below. Be warned: feels! American Cheesecake 667's (Hidden Content) linkoftime200's (Hidden Content)

  • The Zelda Universe Writing Contest, May 2019: RESULTS! (Almost forgot to post the results a second month in a row! >.<) May's Writing Contest has wrapped up quietly. Three out of the four entrants were new to these shindigs, and all four submitted some really incredible (and moving) work! Which makes sense, considering the prompt was, "Until we meet again"! You all cast a total of only five votes this time, and the result is a joint win: @American Cheesecake 667 for his beautiful, heart-wrenchin…

  • Thanks for voting! Results should be up tonight!

  • People, get your frakking votes in within the next 4 hours or be shunned! (See post #613 above for the link lol.)

  • Votes are due by midnight EDT!

  • This almost feels like a flying-pigs scenario, but I have no problem with this. I always felt rather uncomfortable with the enmity that existed between the two sites, and they do complement each other with their respective strengths and weaknesses. ZW's editor base has been struggling to recruit numbers for many years, and ZP has a strong userbase from Wikia (or whatever that company is calling itself these days). The opportunities are endless here, and this would be a wonderful alliance. And si…

  • Voting for the May Writing Contest ends in 3.5 days, and there's only been one person who's voted so far. Please get your votes in ASAP!

  • They are all S-rank. Because cuteness.

  • New thingy! Cross-posted in my CreCo thread: Quote from EzloSpirit: “I went back to using my phone to record for a minute since I haven't set up my recording station at home yet. Anyway, as some of you know (especially if you are in Nayru), I am a huge fan of the pop-folk trio Pearl and the Beard, whose beautiful lyrics and three-part harmonies always send shivers down my spine in the best way. I backed their final album, Beast, in 2014 or so, and while I got the CD for my pledge a few months in…

  • EzloSpirit Sings!

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    I went back to using my phone to record for a minute since I haven't set up my recording station at home yet. Anyway, as some of you know (especially if you are in Nayru), I am a huge fan of the pop-folk trio Pearl and the Beard, whose beautiful lyrics and three-part harmonies always send shivers down my spine in the best way. I backed their final album, Beast, in 2014 or so, and while I got the CD for my pledge a few months in advance of its summer 2015 release, I didn't dare listen to it until…