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  • Did I miss the list conversation? Lists are amazing. You don’t stress over not remembering something and they give structure. Idk I love em.

  • Quote from Kerest: “Quote from Red Dingo: “Quote from john_marston: “Bezos is the richest man because Amazon has benefitted millions of people. Heart surgeons are rich because it’s a very difficult career that also benefits lots of people. Taxi drivers are also beneficial, but don’t get rewarded as much because otherwise no one would bust their balls studying for a decade to become a surgeon. ” Other than the challenge, the contribution of saving lives, or just, you know, a thousand other non-mo…

  • I LIVE Haha, Sorry guys. It was a week. I was sick. Alex was sick, work was insane, it was just.. not happening. ANYWAY So, we had a lot of people drop out, but I want to give a huge shout out to @Moriquendi , @boxes @Giragon and @TingleMakesMeTingle for being extra awesome, posting their updates, and being active. @Embalistico @Rambo @Winnie @Pennington - Thanks for participating! Dropping to me doesn't matter, I do this to hopefully help you guys with different workouts and routines. Boxes- I …

  • Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Cruise

  • SO today is technically the last day!! But since we are sick tonight I will close it in the morning and post some thoughts and results then. xo

  • Happy June everyone!! Congratulations to..... ✧༺♥༻∞ G U A R D I A N F I N ∞༺♥༻✧ for being June's ZU'er of the Month!! Guardian is a relatively new Mod, and he's already shown he knows what he's doing. A big contributor to many threads throughout the forums, he is a lot of fun to talk with and always has something interesting to say. He has an open friendly personality, and he's always a joy to interact with. You can find him in all kinds of threads, including General Chit-chat (obviously!), New…

  • ♦ R E A L M \ W I N G S ♦ Congratulations to our June Creator of the Month! You may recognize the user Realmwings, since it just so happens that he was our ZU'er of the month for May! We believe his hard work and dedication to bettering his craft should be honored. For those who may not know, Realm specializes in making logos of all different types and subjects. His work is quite original, creating flags, symbols, avatars, sigs, and all other types of digital work. His style is quite clean and …

  • IM LATE - SO WE ARE EXTENDING TO NEXT TUESDAY…af17bcc8588e60fdd425c54fd @Rambo @Colu @Winnie @TingleMakesMeTingle @boxes @Aurelia If you have stuff to update please do, I'll add in everyones when I can. Bit sick this week so I'll do my best to get as much done when I'm up for it x-x

  • Woooo! When I get home later I’ll post the last week, sorry for the delay it’s been a crazyyyy weekend! Xoxoxo

  • I mean pretty much..... >_> I will Post tomorrow once everyone’s had their say! I vote.. grilling!

  • OK SO how about options are: 1. Grilling 2. Something fruit based 3. Popsicles MAKE YOUR CHOICES OR I WILL CHOICE FOR you

  • What's That FRIENDS Episode?

    Lady Sunshine - - Forum Games


    Oh did I not say he was right I thought me liking it was enough XD

  • well then @boxes and @HollowmanOfEoL what foods would you rather do? We can absolutely switch!

  • HI ~ Just checking in this this group. Are people still interested in trying to continue this? I'd love to if others are willing. Since no one posted asian fusion stuff we can continue with that for next week? Let me know!!

  • Post your Zelda tiers

    Lady Sunshine - - General Zelda


    did I drag the wrong cover art fck

  • Post your Zelda tiers

    Lady Sunshine - - General Zelda

    Post…af17bcc8588e60fdd425c54fd Cool so, Genre defining for me are the games that reaaalllly pushed the series to a completely new place. For me that's going to be the first game, the first 3D game, and now breath of the Wild which completely changed the formula we've been used to since forever (or, since the first games some would argue) They aren't all my favorites even! But they do define the series for me. Super mega awesome are my favorites and games that I believe …

  • LS Photography 2.0

    Lady Sunshine - - Creative Corner


    Hi - thanks Ty & Hazel! Mirren - I wasn't sure of intention at first. Originally I was going for almost a galaxy-like effect (this comes across better in the eyes) and then when I added the white spots it reminded me of water droplet reflections... so I guess its up for any interpretation you want XP I don't think you can read too much into it as they're open-ended works and i like to hear what others take away from them. So thank you! That means a lot and I'll take into account conveying more e…

  • LS Photography 2.0

    Lady Sunshine - - Creative Corner


    Did I write Dragonair? I think I originally was going to do Dragonair and then ended up with a Dratini. My B. Here she is:…af17bcc8588e60fdd425c54fd I'm fairly happy with it I think. Matches the style of the Flareon and it was fun to try out new techniques. Opinions?

  • WEEK THREE IS HERE PPLS…af17bcc8588e60fdd425c54fd * I understand people have routines for meals, but skipping meals and eating say, once a day, is usually considered unhealthy. If you are intermittent fasting or have a very specific diet/routine to follow, please let me know so I can adjust points accordingly. You can absolutely eat more than 3! I eat 5 smaller portions of food a day, which works for me. I'm always hungry XD ---- WEEEK 2 results pour moi: 9 outta 1…

  • The next week will be going oop in the afternoon! I''m heading to the gym soon! Going to get in my biking, hopefully some other odds and ends. I've done the jumping jacks and I went for a 2 mike hike yesterday, but I was definitely behind this week as Alex came! So I gave myself some time off. This week I'm hoping to get back on track and make up anything I missed! Also failed on dessert - Last night we had celebration night and split a chocolate mousse cake XDD But I haven't eaten an hour befor…

  • you guys Update: She is at the same wildlife center as her sister. The guy seemed... unenthused. (I will attempt to hold up my responsibility as both kitten and bird lady). Happy Friday ZU!

  • Nah I wouldn’t never touch a healthy looking fledgling. We did also put it back outside for a while hoping it’s parents would come around but we didn’t see anything. It also does have some dried blood/small scab on its head so it might be slightly injured. Not sure. I don’t want to risk it, along with the feral cat that’s been in our backyard recently.

  • I might Again, it wasn’t just walking around fine. I was laying on its back barely breathing. Took 5 hours for it to recover. Rehab center tomorrow so long as it’s alright in the AM

  • Round II: a New Bird No seriously what the hell is happening…af17bcc8588e60fdd425c54fd

  • Greece! It looks gorgeous and there would be places to relax and explore! Maldives are a very close second!

  • always allowed to catch up miz boxes! chest press honestly I think push-ups are fine to sub in. Y You can sub in a different arm/upper body exercise for the shoulder press, whatever you like. Happy HUMP DAY

  • Well I mean you can -look- in the mirror like I look in the mirror when I brush my teeth and put on makeup and stuff This is more of a no-negative, poking at your body, hating on yourself, type of thing. Basically trying to get people away from self-criticizing and wasting time in front of the mirror.

  • Birdie update: she’s safe in a wildlife rehab center. Happy and healthy baby sparrow. I cried when I left! Glad she’ll be ok.

  • It’s ok! XP I’m not feeling well so I am doing nothing today hah..

  • It has been an evening. And I got off work early, too. I found a bird nestling, feet up in the rain & dirt near my apartment's door, totally looked dead. I poked it and it moved. So here I am in the rain picking up this damn ass baby bird, brought it in my apartment panicking, got a box and towels and put the little one in there. After a bit it definitely was moving but its leg looked weird so I was worried. I must've called 10 numbers and NO ONE PICKED UP OK WHATEVER. Was able to talk to a lady…

  • yeah thats fine! Take yo time. For those who -can- let me know, please do!


  • Agree - skinny pop isn't even the best popcorn. Air popped from a machine is technically the "healthiest" of popcorn. But as Winnie said, honestly choosing a whole fruit or veggie is a better option than popcorn (especially if you're not eating carbs). And no I agree boxes, I take the word "skinny" with a grain of salt, I just happen to love the flavor of that popcorn which is why it was my example. XP And yes, I only eat the plain flavor, as the others add other things that I don't want to eat.…

  • (Hidden Content)

  • Boxesss- I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever to indulge every so often in a bag of Cheetos or anything (I do). But as Cheetos are legit one of the worst snacks for you out there, mainly because of the ingredients and the fact that they’re made to be addicting- I think it’s good to lay them aside for the week, especially for those who might eat this type of food regularly, it could be good to cut the habit. Here’s an article explaining the ingredients if you’re curious to know what’s in there…

  • XP not all about calorie counting bb What kindof cookies??

  • damn it WEEK TWOOO…af17bcc8588e60fdd425c54fd * healthy here meaning fruits, nuts, nothing processed. Use your head - a bag of cheetos isn't considered healthy, but a bag of skinny pop popcorn is okay. Veggies with peanut butter, tea with some crackers, half a corn muffin is okay. Try to stay away from anything with added sugars or artificial flavors. Questions? Ask!

  • Wooo end of week one! Week two will be up in a couple hours! Once I get back from the gym xP gotta finish those arms up! How is everyone feeling? I got in a great hike with my parents yesterday for mother’s day! I was super happy about that. Except when a dog came over to us and shook wet hair all over us ...

  • It’s not even about the phone entirely.. can he not respect your family’s choice on the matter and accept it’s not about him? Idk I’m agreement with you Aurrie. That would bother me too.