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  • Sabbo is correct. I just need you to try another browser, not commit to switching. If I can confirm that it works in a different browser, that'll tell me that Google Chrome is to blame. I really can't do anything for you until you try.

  • It's not really an issue of what's "compatible." Web code is executed pretty much the same universally, regardless of browser. I suspect the issue might be with the internal settings of your Chrome, but I can't rule out the possibility of it being your device and not the app unless you try a different one.

  • Quote from >:3: “Firefox uses a lot of memory, from what I recall. Any other browsers lighter than this? Quote from Justin ZW: “Alright, so can I ask you to download Firefox and try viewing ZU with that? I have a sneaking suspicion that Chrome is being strange, since I've had issues with it myself before. ” ” Firefox is actually miles better than it used to be. They did a lot of optimizations and managed to significantly lower their resource footprint. However, if you're uncomfortable with that,…

  • Alright, so can I ask you to download Firefox and try viewing ZU with that? I have a sneaking suspicion that Chrome is being strange, since I've had issues with it myself before.

  • This doesn't look like an issue on our side. I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like your browser didn't load things properly. Is it still happening? If so, I'd be happy to work with you and try to figure out why. As was said before, though, it's almost guaranteed to be an issue with your browser, since we haven't received any other reports about it. EDIT: Yeah, I'm back on the devops team. I never did announce that, really. Don't be fooled by my banner.

  • Ah, the speculation... I think Nintendo said they wanted to get into the mobile gaming market, so the NX is probably going to be something brand new for them. I've heard a few people grumble about "what if Zelda U becomes Zelda NX," but that's just ridiculous. The U's not quite at the end of its lifetime yet, and Nintendo never said they were replacing it. In any case, I'm curious what this will be like. If I'm right, I get the distinct feeling that Nintendo's "too late" to break into this marke…

  • changing my avatar

    Justin ZW - - Help and Feedback


    This is odd. I was able to change my avvy just now with minor trouble. The system is slightly slow, but I was able to update my picture. The only problem I had was that it rejected it at first with a 500 error (which you have to open the dev tools to see). I'd say to refresh the page, wait for it to fully load, and then select your image and don't click on anything for a bit until it updates. I'm going to look into that error it threw for me, by the way. Just a suggestion for folks to try doing …

  • Quote from Lord Vain: “Righty-o, so I 'ave a question about the PM fix, and if this isn't where I'd ask about it, then I do apologize. Anywho, it does seem to go quite smoothly for the most part, but all of a sudden I've found that larger messages in a PM conversation just won't show up for whatever reason. You can still quote these messages though, and putting some of the stuff in a spoiler tag will also cancel out it all disappearing, it's just something that suddenly began to occur at some po…

  • Hello, ZU. The maintenance is over and we're working again without the bugs that were keeping us from using key site features. I had a fairly smooth time swapping out some components of our infrastructure, and I'm confident with the results. The maintenance time was approximately twelve hours from when we first went down to when I brought us back online. As a result of this fix, you should no longer receive any errors involving mysql. Anything that was telling you that the server went away shoul…

  • Okay, guys! Maintenance complete. Sorry everything took so long, everyone. However, I am happy to report that the bugs from before are gone! I'm happy that little nightmare is over

  • @greenyxi: Sounds like a typical formatting issue with browsers. A lot of times when you copy something, you unfortunately are copying the style associated with it. Usually it works out just fine, but in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, the style becomes a pain. I know Chrome has the ability to ctrl+shift+v (or command+shift+v for you Mac users) to post as plain text with no style information associated. If you use Chrome, there you go. If not, check to see if your browser of choi…

  • The issues have been a combination of things, honestly. ZU's been around for a very long time, and software does eventually start to break down when you feed tons and tons of data into it, change the environment, etc etc. But y'know, despite the hours of sleep I've lost over this, I'm happy we still have something that's at least usable. It could be so much worse. Plus, I am noticing some improvements in performance and loading speeds since I set up the caching stuff. It might not be perfect, bu…

  • Dear ZU~ <3

    Justin ZW - - Community Central


    It's been a pleasure having you as a leader, Liah. Even when we fought each other, we still came out of it without grudges in the end. Enjoy your retirement, dear friend; you earned the hell out of it!

  • What Pleases You?

    Justin ZW - - General Chit-Chat


    Finally having made ZU work again pleases me

  • A Less Data Heavy Skin?

    Justin ZW - - Help and Feedback


    YOWCH. That's pretty bad... We'll definitely have to look into alternatives. Sucking up 300MB of data in minutes for a piece of forum software is practically blasphemy. EDIT: For the record, my high speed data limit is 2GB/month. It took almost a full month of using YouTube for music back when I worked at McDonalds to fill that up. That's why this is a pretty big deal.

  • You're looking for an event handler. Event handlers deal with conditional things like running code when a button is clicked or a key is pressed. Also, you should really use jQuery. It'll make your life a thousand times simpler, trust me. An example handler with jQuery would look like this: Source Code (3 lines) $(document).ready() ensures that the event isn't scripted to start listening until page is fully loaded. If the javascript for the event runs before the targeted element is loaded, it wil…

  • What Cody said. Please please please just let me deal with that. I'm looking into it, so just give me some time

  • You're not the only one with this problem. The emails are fickle, sometimes sending and sometimes not. It's a priority bug, but it's still lower priority than the persistent, short outages that keep occurring. I can say for certain that it's going to be the next thing I work on after I solve the current issue, though! I apologize for the inconvenience, and if you need your account activated, I can gladly pull the activation code from the database for you. Just send me a PM and I'll get you squar…

  • ZUer of the Week: Zelluna!

    Justin ZW - - Community Archive


    D'awwww. Thanks, guys. It means a lot to see that everyone so deeply appreciates my work. Especially considering how overwhelmed I always feel, sometimes even big accomplishments get lost in the never ending sea of ongoing tasks. Even the forum launch for me was something I was super happy about for maybe a couple days, but then I brushed that aside to get moving on other work. For the record, though, the Facebook group wasn't my doing. I had my say in "it's a good idea," but I can't take the cr…

  • I doubt AdBlock is responsible for that, Harrie. It wouldn't make any sense. ... Come to think of it, most problems we run into don't make any sense. Try it anyway, I suppose!

  • Quote from Drammor: “Guys, I get the feeling I should be able to like posts. And yet... HowdoImineforfish_zpsmpexg340.png” Can you see it now? I made some changes and now my test account can see it, so I would assume you should be able to, as well.

  • Quote from Snake: “Hey I was just wondering when I would be able to change my name back to 齐天大圣 like I had before, the main reason I changed it to this so it wasn't a string of random numbers, but I prefered that name, I was advised to change it temporarily until Non latin-character names were less buggy, would I be able to change it back to that soon?” I'm looking into this issue with the Woltlab developers. I hope it's a simple fix, but if I do manage to get it taken care of, I'll be sure to p…

  • Quote from Topaz Mutiny: “I myself pre-ordered the Limited Edition that comes with the Skull Kid statue. I had to pay for it in full and am now currently waiting for Gamestahp to deliver it to my house. My confidence that Gamestop can do this in a timely manner, and without damaging it, is... not very high. :<” Hrm. I should've done that. I really wanted the LE bundle, but I just didn't take the time to actually find it and order it. Whatever, though. Still got the game. After all, we waited fif…

  • Yep, I'm aware of all of these. These are things we do plan to take care of in one way or another. Quote from Anna Claire: “and we're back.bug report: the recommended avatar size is 500 by 500 but images this size stretch out the user profile page (check my user profile for an example). Also, the rescaling script that fits the image to your avatar next to your post generates really low quality images. Again, look at my avatar. I'd expect this if it was stretching a lower resolution image, but it…

  • Additionally, the sigpic BBCode does not and will not work. You cannot upload your own signature images (as far as I am aware). Banners are also currently being reimplemented. Don't freak out because your banners are gone; we're gonna take care of that. Anyways, I'm just happy that we've finally managed to launch. These past few months have been nightmarish for me. Lots of long nights and WAY too little sleep. Regardless, this is what we've been so diligently building. I hope the community enjoy…

  • Actually, we still prefer to have conversations about making changes kept on the wiki. It makes it much easier to reference past discussions that way, instead of doing them all here. I don't discourage people from asking about things, here, but it's still nice to keep things organized.

  • All GorMor did was trim out excess information. You can still understand the parallel without knowing about the specific yugas. Please remember that all edits to the wiki are subject to change without warning. If you would like to have the information re-added, you're more than welcome to use the talk page on the wiki.

  • That's an interesting bit of trivia! But it probably fits best on the Yuga page, since it's actually his name. I'm all for adding that in there. Go for it! =D

  • Regarding our wiki server issues

    Justin ZW - - Zelda Wiki


    It was due to memcached. I disabled it and we haven't lost edits since. I even told you this As for the other issues (patrolling issues and whatnot), I believe that's the result of session data not sharing between servers. I can fix that, though EDIT: Sessions are good to go. We should be back at full operational capacity.

  • Regarding our wiki server issues

    Justin ZW - - Zelda Wiki


    So guys, I've got some awesome news. The problems we've been having? Gone. We just moved over to a fantastic new server setup, and I couldn't be happier with the success of the process! You'll find that everything that was broken before is now functioning, and there should be no further issues. Thanks to all of you who waited patiently for this moment, because it's for all of you that I did this. Enjoy browsing the now error-free wiki! =D

  • Quote from Spaghetticus: “Who is going to have the time to individually review each edit a person has made in order to judge their quality, and how would they decide that someone has become an editor deserving of a banner celebrating their contributions? A number of edits is the easiest and most efficient way of determining and maintaining this.” That's my team's job. We review every edit made on the wiki. So yes, it is quite feasible to take quality over quantity. Just let us take care of the q…

  • Quote from gamtos: “ A valid point, privacy is rather difficult in Wiki format. That having been said, would there be enough meta questions to warrant their own forum rather than a Q&A?” I would think it a forum would be better for organization. Besides meta questions, I don't necessarily think that people would always have to use talk pages. Sometimes people may just see something on the wiki about think "Oh no way! Is that true?!" so they could come here and ask about that to get confirmation.…

  • Quote from gamtos: “1000 edits is fine. Banners are not easily earned and we want to prevent people from editing the Wiki for the sole reason of getting a shiny new banner and then dumping the site as that would fill the Wiki with awful, awful articles written by rushed people. With a 1000 edits we at least know the user has plenty of time to start actually giving a damn about Zelda Wiki. ” With all due respect, that attitude is incredibly backwards. Having anything written is a big boon. It get…

  • Wow! It's excellent to see someone who shares the same goal I do! =D I'm in charge of managing Zelda Wiki's operations and overseeing its growth, as well as managing Zelda Wiki's IT stuff, and I'm happy to see that you want to help foster a community again. Lord knows we need it. Now, in response to your points, I can entirely agree that the wiki has seen better days in terms of community. It's an ongoing battle to try to renew the spirit that once existed (and believe me, I miss the feeling of …

  • I've got the golden V1.0 cart, baby. I remember when it first came out... In fact, I've also got the golden, holographic V1.0 cart of Majora's Mask. I actually all the original versions of all the games except the NES/SNES ones. Basically, starting at LA, I got the original release of every single one.

  • Ready to Join the Family =]

    Justin ZW - - Newbie Central


    Turn and run. Now. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! lol kidding. Not that I'm active here at all. I'm just bored. But uh... Welcome, and shit.

  • But there's already two Zelda games where you control Zelda? The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure! *trollface.gif*

  • New My Little Pony Merch Site

    Justin ZW - - Advertising


    So this site,, is brand new. And for a limited time, they're doing a promo where you can get a free t-shirt by telling people about them. You can post on a blog, website, forum, etc. You do that and send an email to linking to the shirt you want, your shirt size, your shipping address, and how you plan to spread the word. I've already ordered mine, which is dis sexiness. If you decide to participate, mention my name (Justin F) when you email the guy. (I promise we aren…

  • So continuing what I posted in the last thread, we recently revamped our notice templates which notify readers of theory sections, noncanon info, spoilers, etc to allow readers to hide said content with the click of a button. Do you feel this is an improvement? I'm curious as to how readers feel about the change.

  • No prob. I can make it in a jiffy. Also, thanks for the sticky. Edit: done. Template:User HH - Zelda Wiki Not great looking, but I made it while on my phone, so give me some credit :p