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  • 2 Minutes 2 Do the Dew

    AlyssaParmenter - - General Zelda


    So I used Photoshop, but you wouldn't be able to tell if I didn't tell you tumblr_ojaa9bo7J31ri0bwao1_1280.jpg For some reason future link turns full Tingle and wears a jumper

  • <- the most festive/Christmas-themed character of them all, Tingle.

  • I uploaded this to Twitter a while back (@AlyssaParmenter) and now have the pleasure of sharing it here: This is my collection spanning 18 years – Most of it is Nintendo Official (not my DIY heart cork boards). Favorite item? On the far-right, a jacket I bought at Hot Topic a decade ago with the Hyrule crest on the back in shiny gold metallic – it rarely leaves my closet because it's just so cool, but I may need to sport it more often so others can see its beauty!