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  • Sign me up Scotty Waiiiiit that's bene use literally the last post haha. Yippee Kai Yay Navitucker

  • Thank you for this, I was right at the front now I want to see if I can A say myself and B freak out in nostalgia.

  • Kai Creedon would enjoy this. Bump

  • Quote from Rosendahl: “ Thankfully for me ALttP is further down the road for me, so I hope it's ready for Wii U VC when I get around to it. How did you find Four Swords AE? I hope for you that ALttP is coming soon, but can't you just play it through the Wii menu on Wii U?” I found Four Swords AE brilliant as it allowed one player mode. It had it's bugs sure but it was pretty cool. The single player experience made the whole game a bit longer as what you could usually achieve with two people you …

  • To be honest it depends on the day some days I get all day if I have a free day (very rare) or sometimes its just a couple of hours. I am attempting to do them all 100 percent I have done so far, with the exclusion of FS AE mainly because you have to go through the game like 3 times to do that 100 percent. I will get around to it At the minute I am waiting for aLttP to become available on WiiU Virtual Console before playing the next one. Something that was announced to come to European Wii U VC …

  • I know what you mean. I personally loved MQ but thats only because I like a real challenge. I have been playing Zelda for a long time so when something unusual comes along that is different from the banal of Zelda themed things like MQ and Second Quest (LoZ) or even Hero Mode (SS) I like to give it a fair whack. I played it through with a mate the other day. He was on an N64 and I was on my trusty Zelda Themed 3DS, seeing the total difference in Temples side by side was so interesting. It made m…

  • So last month I made a discovery of "Obviously" a statue leading to Skyloft in Cleethorpes in England. It made me think of the topic "What would YOU do if you discovered the Legend of Zelda was real?" Link to the thread here.…nd-of-zelda-was-real.html So this week I found myself on the island of Symi in Greece, Europe. I made another ground breaking discovery for Zelda fans. A statue, "Obviously" made of Link (no coincidence I swear) looking over the harbor onto th…

  • My Zelda marathon(ish)

    Zeldafanatik - - General Zelda


    Hey! This is awesome to see! I am doing the same thing - the only difference is I am playing through the cd-i ones as well at the end. I also completed OoT 3D just recently. You will have to tell us what your favourite is Oh and here is a link to my marathon thread - I have a useful Document that may help you if you wish to use it - it's dangerous to go out alone and all that jazz.…-zelda-venture-bound.html

  • So this week I found myself on the Greek island of Symi just off the coast of Turkey. I found this statue. I found myself reminded of this here thread I started last month and the new release of WindWaker HD for the Wii U. It probed me to resurrect this thread. I may even start a new one with an entirely different question. :O Untitled-1.png

  • So I have now completed Ocarina of Time 3D Master quest. Next stop A Link to the Past! YEAH!

  • I think the first thing I would do is look for a decent pair of boots...

  • Well I have to disagree somewhat, as much as I admire the idea of seeing recurring characters. You compared Zelda to Mario, a series full of characters... with pretty much zero personality. Not only that but we are talking about a series of games that all features the SAME characters. Zelda does not. They are reincarnations, reborn people - so it hardly figures as a decent example. Truth of the matter is, if they always used the same people you would have people complaining as it's a cop out fro…

  • So I made a discovery today, check below. Exhibit A: Untitled-2.png So it got me thinking, what would you the Zelda Universe do if you found out where you lived was actually originally the ancient land of Hyrule. That your descendants were created by the goddesses. Would anything change? Would you act differently? Discuss!

  • I am now onto Ocarina of Time - finished SS, MC 100 percent and FS (Anniversary Edition) through the one play through. Nearly finished "The Legend of the Goddesses and the Hero" timeline!

  • Thank you. That's a shame, you could always emulator them if your feeling up to it? Mind you I could understand preferring to use actual consoles to do it. I can find you the info you need to play them if you should so wish

  • Is anyone interested in following along with moi?

  • A few months ago, I was pondering to myself in the early hours of the morning on what game to play next. Where should I devote my time and attention too etc. "I already am currently working my way through the Silent Hill games with a friend, but I won't see him for a few months. What can I do on my own..." My favourite games are and have always been The Legend of Zelda series. It was in this moment that I had realised that I have never actually played through all the Zelda games consecutively or…

  • A-hoi hoi!

    Zeldafanatik - - Newbie Central


    So I guess I best introduce myself now I am more acquainted with the forums, I have been using this place for a while but I haven't really been active Well no matter, I shall start now. Hi! Originally from Newcastle in England and I am always up for an awesome discussion about my favourite series of games - Zelda! Favourite game has to be A link to the Past and I would love to talk to people who share my passion for the games. Nice to meet you all. Kai

  • I do not I would put it up there in my top 5 Zelda games.