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  • I agree; I'm quite optimistic about the future of the series. Just as a complete blitz, here's a list of the main series that I consider among my favorites, in no particular order: - Xenoblade Chronicles - The Legend of Zelda - BioShock - Uncharted - Deus Ex - Final Fantasy - Metroid Prime - Pokémon - Golden Sun - Assassin's Creed And a list of some standalone games I've played that are in a similar vein: - Half-Life 2 - Marvel's Spider-Man - Trine 2 - Sleeping Dogs - Chrono Trigger - Dragon Age…

  • Strangely enough, my favorite Zelda game is Breath of the Wild, even though I started playing the series long before that. The others in my top three are Twilight Princess and The Minish Cap. Breath of the Wild really recaptured the spirit of the series for me. Very few games have given me the sheer experience that it did when playing through for the first time.

  • Hello, everyone. I'm Ceiling Master, or CM for short. I've edited over at Zeldapedia for nearly a decade, and have been serving as a bureaucrat there for a few years now. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about things like Lord of the Rings, D&D, or a plethora of video games, films, and music. There's a lot of these things that I enjoy, perhaps too many to provide a sufficient sampling of my interests in a short section like this. If anyone is curious, they need only ask.