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  • How did you first find ZU?

    Reece - - General Chit-Chat


    Same as you Cody. Wind Waker blew me away in 2003 and is what got me really into Zelda at age 11, and I think we'd only just recently got our family computer. Naturally, Zelda was one of the first things I searched on Google, and I've been visiting ZU ever since. I never did join the forums until I became staff in 2012 though, I just used to read the news and lurk in the forums. That was probably for the best, though. No one would have wanted me unleashing my Nintendo fanboy-fuelled rants.

  • Quote from The Goron Moron: “Lol that's not Xerneas' tail, that's its head. =P Regardless, cool to see Palkia again.” Whoops! You're right, I'll fix that. Thanks!

  • Winter 2013 Zelda Awards Voting

    Reece - - Awards Archive


    Even though I know the news team better than anyone, I won't play favourites by picking one. You all do a fantastic job, and best of luck to all of you. I realise I may be a bit late requesting this, but for the "Best Article" awards, I wondered if we could have a more comprehensive list to vote on. That "Reggie: Reasons to get a Wii U this holiday season..." post, while well written and greatly presented, isn't really an article--it falls under news really. Unless news posts are included in thi…

  • Quote from Topaz Mutiny: “It's entirely possible for it to devalue the experience of finding such an easter-egg/happenstance. Now, I was too blunt with my request and I apologize if I offended anyone or seemed like I was telling the reporters what to do. But the game only released less than a month ago, and many people have yet to get the game since the Holidays have yet to come and go, even if it's not considered a spoiler. I simply thought it would be a good idea to specify that this was about…

  • Quote from Topaz Mutiny: “Yes, now kindly add (ALBW) to the article title so that the many more who haven't played the game know to steer away from this article, thanks.” It's common knowledge by this point that ALBW has the same overworld map as A Link to the Past. That was widely established near the very announcement of the game. Regardless, a map isn't a spoiler. A spoiler is something that spoils your first experience with a game. Even if this is your first time seeing this map, there's no …

  • That certainly is a bizarre man.

  • Quote from Bilbo Baggins: “^ Dude, source.” It's all good, check the post. I just happened to finish an update before venturing into here.

  • ZUer of the Week: Nicolette!

    Reece - - Community Archive


    Thanks so much everyone! This really did make my day coming home to this. Honestly, any work I put in is more than worth it for things like this and just being involved with all of you; staff and community. I'm flattered beyond belief and just happy you think I'm doing my job adequately enough--I've loved ZU for a long time and it still feels amazing to help out, and give back. I can say all those same nice things back to the staff. It's a pleasure to work with and learn from you all.

  • Quote from The Baton of the Wind: “You can just tell when its a slow news day at ZU....” We don't have "slow news days", as that would suggest we feel we have to post some news regardless of it's quality or relevance. We don't. This is a fun little easter egg for people currently playing the game, so it will be of interest to many readers. If you have an issue with this story, feel free to explain it.

  • Quote from Justin: “"New" is a funny word.” Glad I could amuse you.

  • Quote from Bastian: “*Its :D” Haha, fixed. Thanks--can't believe I didn't spot that!

  • Quote from Lennholm: “People who dress up their pets needs to have them taken away by social services.” Why? The dog isn't in any pain or discomfort. Quote from KingOfHeart: “slow news day? :P” We don't really have "slow news days", as that would suggest we feel forced in getting a set amount of news stories published each day regardless of their quality/relevance. We just like to report on anything we (and hopefully our readers) might find interesting, and we occasionally like to mix up the usu…

  • Quote from Momo: “"Project X", by Monolith, could be included in this. Xenoblade got pretty tough by the end and was a really hardcore game. Really loved it. I think they need to release Zelda in 2014 for the sake of the Wii U, but, the fact that we haven't seen it at all says a lot. so really, who knows.” Very true. Man, I can't wait for that game. I can't even wait to see more of that game... it's been a while. Who knows for sure indeed, but ALBW was only revealed earlier this year so it's pos…

  • News on the main page

    Reece - - Help and Feedback


    Hey Canyarion, I'm the News Editor of ZU. It seems as though everyone's pretty much explained the majority of what needs to be said, but I have a little more to add that'll hopefully be helpful to you. As has been said, we do have an internalised and constantly updated list of news that we manage, and I assign each news story with a priority level. We focus on the ones that we feel must go out immediately first, meaning that lower priorities are attended to afterwards. Sometimes these "high prio…

  • Everything We Know About The Wind Waker HD Hey there! The launch of The Wind Waker HD is fast approaching, and there may be some of you who'd like to see a simple and digestible overview of everything we currently know about the game. Maybe you missed some information and want to catch up, want to find an old news story quickly, or simply wish to look at all of the details to help you decide whether or not you wish to purchase the game. So, I have painstakingly scoured every news post we have re…

  • banana_1645168c.jpg Introducing: the Banana Guard.

  • Are you buying a wii u?

    Reece - - General Gaming


    I sure am! Sadly, though, not at launch. As much as I'd like to, I don't it would be feasible considering my lack of time and money. As soon as Pikmin 3 releases though, I'm there. Quote from coolguy721: “A big reason im buying it is for pikmin 3 and the new super smash bros. Im not really that interested in this new mario game. It looks to much like the other one for the wii. It looks ok but im a bit tired of the same style of game play, i want something more like super mario Galaxy kind of gam…

  • Introduction: THE_DUDE_xD

    Reece - - Newbie Central


    No Zelda CD-i or Resident Evil: Gaiden? Pffft, POSER! Just kidding, and welcome! I'm new here too. That's a very impressive completion list. Even I haven't beaten every Zelda game - I've beaten every mainline RE game, just not all of the spin-offs. Oh, and I adore Dead Space and Bioshock.

  • Thank you very much, AwesomeShan! I think that's the case with a lot of people. I go through a long period of lurking across websites and communities, but I always end up joining the best ones in the end. @Uzuki Cheverie Yeah, I don't think I ever ventured into the forums myself though, only checked on the home page occasionally. Not because I didn't want to, but honestly I've been so busy with school/college/work for as long as I can remember that committing to multiple forums can be difficult …

  • Very impressive! I'd like to get more into art and graphics myself one day and learn how to use programs effectively for digital graphics. I like to draw but like you I'm so busy and with such little spare time. At college this year I designed a game for my Game Design unit, and had great fun designing characters, levels, weapons and ideas - I'd love to revisit that at some point to continue and improve it all. Again, excellent stuff. Please, keep up the good work! That's really generous of you,…

  • @Uzuki Cheverie Thank you! And wow, you must be incredibly dedicated to write walkthroughs - Skyward Sword is no small game, either! I'm very much looking forward to seeing it published and any of your other work. @zeldafan12z Amazing! If you have any other work (like a Deviantart page or something) I'd be very interested in seeing it, you seem very talented. @Joshua Thank you sir! Yeah, I'm quite tempted myself ;). Glad you liked it!

  • Favorite Zelda Game

    Reece - - General Zelda


    The Wind Waker for me, by far. The cel-shaded visuals still makes for the most beautiful art style I've ever seen in a game. Despite how old the game becomes, the graphics will never age! I feel that Link has more personality in this game than any other Zelda game ever. I can see why some people might prefer Ocarina Link, simply because he's a blank slate and the player can reflect their own persona onto him. I respect that, but I think that Wind Waker Link has that aspect too while at the same …

  • @zeldafan12z: Aww, thanks for the hearty welcome! And I can't wait to bring you more news, and only hope its worthy in terms of the quality you'd expect on ZU. By the way, that is one awesome welcoming GIF and sig - are you an artist by any chance? @greaterlink: Sure thing, dawg! You can be my first friend - don't you feel privileged? Seriously, thank you! Nice to meet you both!

  • Hi, everyone!

    Reece - - Newbie Central


    Hi Teru and zeldafan12z! I was pretty young when I first played Ocarina too, and back then I thought Link was called "Zelda".

  • Hello Zelda fans! My name is Reece and recently I was lucky enough to get a position of News Writer here at Zelda Universe. I've actually been coming to the site for years, but I never thought to register - yep, I was one of those guys! But I'm willing to change that, and as well as try to update you on the hottest news, I'm very much looking forward to being an active member of this community. I can't wait to get involved with discussions, debates or silly banter with you all. Today I posted th…