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  • Honestly, (Hidden Content)

  • Wealth Inequality

    Sabbo - - Internet: Serious Business


    Kerest, if you're going like that, then Russia and the USSR can't really be used as a measuring stick either, as Russia didn't switch to the nominally socialist model (or any other left wing model) until around 1917 with the Russian Revolution... two decades after Bismarck died. So either we measure from the 20th century and both Germany and Russia could be local influences, or you measure from the 18th and neither were.

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “Yeah, I made living dexes for gens 1 and 2 immediately before this, but gen 3 was an entirely different beast, I loved playing through the five GBA games and both Gamecube games, then being able to display everything in Box. If you need a Zeraora, I can throw mine over to you. I don't play Ultra Moon anymore, so I won't miss it. Hell, I could even inject one through PKHeX if you want it to be special. ” That would be great, actually. Although not the hacked one; it took…

  • Quote from KiraBBYamato: “I'm not sure I ever mentioned I made a living dex in gen 3. [image] So that was a thing. ” I've had a living dex in every generation since gen 4, if I recall. Although there may have been a couple missing, leading to the first full dex being gen 5. I forget. Although come to think of it... ...Dang. I don't have a living dex at the moment since I'm lacking Zeraora, and there's not an active event for it at the moment.

  • I can certainly say I've never seen that word used like that before. In almost all cases of the word "cipher" (or cypher), it is regards to cryptography and codes for encryption and/or decryption. For this context I think I'd more often see "blank slate character" (or similar); it's longer, but more people know what it means.

  • Quote from Vulpes: “Aren't all the trainers ciphers? Is this just based on design? ” I don't know what you mean by "cipher", but I at least was basing my judgement on design, yes. I did largely the same for the starters as well.

  • The first two are sorted left to right by generation. I would have done the same for the third if I could remember which generation a couple of them came from, so instead that one is sorted in quality in that axis as well (with left being better) (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from CielBell: “Quote from Sabbo: “I've been meaning to catch up on One Piece. Does anybody know which chapter they crash the wedding with the cakes and stuff? (or even better, the chapter where they try and escape it) ” They crash the wedding in chapter 862. ” Thanks. Now to see how long it takes to catch up...

  • I've been meaning to catch up on One Piece. Does anybody know which chapter they crash the wedding with the cakes and stuff? (or even better, the chapter where they try and escape it)

  • I imagine a doctor would feel comparatively little, assuming they use anaesthetics. ...Although this would mean anybody who causes instant painless death would also feel little if any physical pain.

  • Public polls anyway. Apparently the poll Labor themselves used predicted a Labor minority government at best.

  • This is basically the worst realistic result, since it's looking like the Coalition have a majority government this time (barely). I know I had no interest in the status quo, and this is worse since prior to the election they had a minority government.

  • Your image is broken.

  • A blind faith in the necessity of change cannot by itself cause change. It's all well and good to want something other than this two-party system, but just wanting something else doesn't put you on a path to changing it - it makes you look at the path, but not step on it. The first true step is to know what exactly you want, and if possible, have ideas on how to get it. Whether that be anarchy or direct democracy makes little difference, but actually making the choice is extraordinarily importan…

  • Quote from Silver: “…es-rejecting-high-profile gop are basically cartoon villains. Fuck your recess, kids! ” Don't forget the bit where they made it illegal to sue the government for unconstitutional laws. ...Also "gubernatorial" is such a comical word. Why not say "governatorial"?

  • Quote from urnotlikeme: “I brought up "alternatives" because there are over 50 political parties in the US. Staying within and voting for the two-party system enforces the idea that no third party could possibly win. People who believe that the chances of a third party winning only enforce that, and that's what the two-party system wants. Both the DNC and the RNC want you to be afraid of the other party, and thenthey want to become your savior, at your expense, regardless of what you believe. Vo…

  • Quote from MVS: “May just be me, but I don't think it is necessary to create new Pokemon, at least not for a good damn while. Like 1000 Pokemans feels too much, especially considering how much "copy-and-paste"-patterns there already are, like legendary-trios for example. I think it would be better if Game Freak just took what they already have, and just a tiny bit of it, like 100-200 Pokemans and just giving us a significant update and evolution of the series. Like starting it all over from scra…

  • Some of the ideas he set aside at the end seem like they'd be good, even considering stuff like avoiding the whole dogfighting comparisons - In particular, I'd love to see pokemon roam the space they're in a bit more. I wouldn't ask for full-on custom animations, but idles where they do more than bob or sway would be nice? (where relevant)

  • How about "you need at least as many stones to undo something a stone has done".

  • Quote from MORPHRELINK: “8. Captain Marvel's excuses where unacceptable. The possibility of bringing half the universe back to life far out weighs her excuse to go hero planet hopping. ” I don't think she was ever informed of that? Antman showed up after Captain Marvel said she wouldn't be back for a while. Quote from TruEdge67: “For number 2 they only had a very limited amount of Pym Particles for one roundtrip each. They wouldn't be able to recruit more people for the time heist. ” Plot conven…

  • Quote from Canyarion: “There are a few things I don't understand yet. I know they're making a TV series about Loki. Who died in Infinity War. Now that he escapes with the Tesseract in Endgame, does that mean he might still be alive? But that happened in the altered timeline. The movie made a point about not being able to change the present by traveling to the past. So... unless Loki can travel between timelines, he should still be dead in this one. ” The best I can think of is that the power of …

  • I'm also wondering about how he took the stones all in the crystal form, but the space, mind & power stones should be returned as the tesseract, scepter & orb, respectively, in order to maintain continuity.

  • Quote from darkbeastganon: “I actually didn't watch the first Iron Man when it first came out, despite the fact my peers would talk praises of it. In fact, I actually didn't watch it until 2011. ” For what it's worth, I didn't watch it until the weekend before Infinity War got to the cinemas. Although the same goes for every other MCU movie except Iron Man 3 (a friend dragged me to that one) & Doctor Strange (I just really like that character)

  • Quote from Serenity: “Many of have lives and jobs, but we still play Mafia. I kind of feel a little uncomfortable, though, having a job and playing Mafia, because I want to give my all, but I'm sure I'll still participate in the next game. ” There's no problem if Colu is too busy (or even only feels too busy) to play. I don't think any GM would like a player who could (for example; I don't know Colu's specific situation) only be around for one hour per day. Other players typically don't like tha…

  • What about the garden rooms? The one with the pillars on the island is probably nicer.

  • General Card Games Thread

    Sabbo - - General Gaming


    Quote from Foo: “Otherwise there's really not much interesting in the set. Feels like the definition of serviceable art. The Japanese release has alternate art for all walkers and while I don't *love* any of it at least there's some variation and risk taking. For better or worse, english Magic is losing all of the artists who have leave to do something besides follow the art guide exactly. It's not ideal :/ ” Oh hey, I recognize a couple of those artists. Foo Midori and lack both draw stuff for …

  • I have no nostalgia for that type of ad (it wasn't really a thing here), and don't really see the appeal. Not that I like the "watch people play" type either; I just want to see the gameplay itself.

  • What is Disney+?

  • I don't expect him to be able to distinguish between the various peoples of east Asian origin or heritage. ...Of course, the problem lay here in that he seemed to think he could. Or maybe he just assumes all people who look vaguely east (or even south east) Asian are Chinese.

  • Quote from Aquamentus: “I imagine both Sabbo and Ruki have a lot to say for they have said a lot. I encourage the critical analysis. I shall let this game serve as a demonstration of what a game should not be. ” You give this game too little credit. While yes there should not have been a possibility of two kills in a night (in this case you should have already decided before the game started whether it would be doable, rather than negotiate with the mafia), it ultimately amounted to a night the …

  • It would have been nice if Labor had chosen someone a bit more likable as their leader. Still better than the Liberals though.

  • General Card Games Thread

    Sabbo - - General Gaming


    ...Interesting things have been happening in Force of Will this year. At the start of February the community found out that the primary point of contact between the company and the community was fired, and a few days later we found out that this was because the CEO was also removed. After having heard essentially nothing from the company since then (they didn't replace the role of the point of contact guy), we found out a couple of days ago that Force of Will Company itself had been dissolved, a…

  • I'm up for spectating. Quote from Aquamentus: “As much as I enjoy the further discussion about my game and this whole process, i can't really afford to provide any punishments besides stripping people's votes at maximum since I need all the players that I can get because no one could or wanted to sign up more. ” That's basically what I was thinking of. Also preventing players from getting items, or roleblocking them.

  • As should now be apparent, it is indeed still a thing. ...Even if it wasn't however, or if the admins don't trust a GM with that power, you'd still be able to set rules about when players are allowed to post, and enforce related punishments within the game.

  • Quote from John: “(Side note, I get really salty about speed runners who say that games are poorly coded after they spend five years breaking them. Because, no, resources aren't gonna be spent on proofing a single-player game against dedicated attacks, what would the point be? So long as you can't trigger the bug by accident it's fine.) ” Isn't that one of the big things QA teams are for in the first place? I get that they'd probably more focused on ensuring that no developer textures remain and…

  • I only remember one thing from the new trailer anyway, so you're probably not missing much.

  • The earliest isekai to come to mind for me is Familiar of Zero/Zero no Tsukaima, which had a male main character, and banked more on the harem genre than the meagre isekai genre. It's a bit more recent than the ones John named though I think.

  • Quote from gamtos: “It's not illegal to call it a SNES, buddy. ” Quote from gamtos: “Ahhhh. Such as? I never bothered, the only SNES game I enjoyed was SMRPG. ” ...As mentioned, the Famicom was analogous to the NES, not the SNES. Comparable to the SNES was the Super Famicom. (although in both cases, the software was mostly the same, and the hardware was noticeably different but still similar.)

  • Quote from John: “and I think generally legendaries don't get moved that way? ” Many do. Namely, they can be found in the Ultra Space Wilds in USUM and Mirage Spots of ORAS. Prior games weren't so obtuse about it, but also had several places to obtain old legendaries. (although usually not all of them)

  • Quote from MVS: “Quote from GregariousTree: “To be fair, the change in Ghost/Psychic matchup was not so much a tweak as a bug fix. It was always intended to be that way. Gen 1 games even tell you that Ghost is strong against Psychic. ” But the only ghost-attack (Lick) in gen 1 that wasn't a fixed one (like Night Shade), wasn't it "super effective" against psychic-types? I think "Lick" was the only attack of this kind in gen 1. It should have been super effective against psychic, or wasn't it? Fu…