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  • Atheism

    TheGhostOfMandrag - - Internet: Serious Business


    No. Atheism is only one belief, not a system. Religions tell you that there is a higher power but, more than that, they tell you how to live as a result of this.

  • Magus for Crono wouldn't work as a reskin, he'd look ridiculous with a sword.

  • Quote from Kostya: “This seems like the best place to ask this so I'll ask here instead of making another thread. I go away to college next year and my dorm room will not have a TV in it. Is it possible to play games on a computer monitor or something so I don't have to buy a brand new TV? It would be a waste to bring these things there only to realize I can't use them.” Microsoft sells VGA cables for the Xbox 360 and I'm pretty sure you can get third party ones for the PS3 and Wii.

  • We like the Prime soundtracks (except most of 3) because they are strong and melodic in an era where most video games opt for more ambient and forgettable music, because the background music went a long way to color that atmosphere of given locations, and because they used classic cheesy sci-fi noises completely straight-faced. In short, it was simply a perfect fit to a modernized Metroid game. I don't know that they're so good that the average person would listen to them on an iPod but they do …

  • Quote from Toby: “But now I think it's a load of old tosh - what did these Mayan Mexican fellows have that we don't have now?” Common sense. For one thing, they understood that a calendar ending has exactly zero meaning except for the implication that you will need to get a new one later. The question isn't why there's no more time on the calendar after 2012 but why they felt it necessary to project hundreds of years in the first place.

  • You don't have to play with them, they get plenty of LP from regular use. And bouncing off the walls works fine for me, took a while to get used to it but mostly you can stick to regular combat and just throw in the odd opportunistic Flow attack. And I also just beat the Tron level. Freaky. The regular combat system is a big step down, though. Attack homing isn't as fluid as it was in the PS2 games, I hate the scrolling blind through the ability menu (is quick-fire so impossible to integrate wit…

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D would be a lot more fun if switches were made according to progress benchmarks instead of a timer. Seriously, who thought that would be a good idea? And Sora needs to grow up so poor Haley Joel Osment can stop straining his voice like that.

  • And if you don't trust them and they give advice, this attitude makes you discredit their criticism without thinking on the content of it.

  • Ideas should not be judged on basis of the speaker.

  • ^ You do know that he's from SOUTH Korea, right? Quote from Captain Cornflake: “I'm more astonished by the fact that people take necromancy seriously enough to have feelings about the morality of it. ---------- Post added at 09:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:53 PM ---------- Like if you're thinking about raising the dead, and your mind somehow skips past "it's not a real thing" straight into a debate on right or wrong, you're clear down in the machinery of reality.” Mythology and fanta…

  • Speaking as the sporadically employed, time off vs time on has nothing to do with my choice.

  • I love criticism. The more criticizing I hear the more I can improve. You just have to have the ability to judge which criticisms you will respond to; you have to know where to draw the line of "I believe differently about this than you believe".

  • White Lies

    TheGhostOfMandrag - - General Chit-Chat


    I try to be as honest as possible. If I feel like the truth is going to hurt somebody's feelings, I apologize for that but press onwards. I always want to know the truth and so I put the truth out there. It's not a matter of feeling unrespected when lied to, it's just that if I ask something it's because I want to know the answer. This does not mean that I tell everybody everything, mind you. But if I don't want to share something I just admit that I don't want to share it. As for the question o…

  • Night is the greatest. It's prettier, it's quieter, it's more intimate. Also colder, which is a big plus to me as I despise heat.

  • I like The Escapist for reviews. Not Zero Punctuation but, like, their actual review reviews. They feel consistently honest. It probably helps that nobody else pays attention to them and they're able to get away with that.

  • I don't think there's anything subconscious or corrupt about it; you give a less than stellar review to a hyped-up game and you get drowned in fanboy bile. So they give high scores to games that are popular even though they don't deserve them because it's just easier that way.

  • Quote from keyaki: “(NINJAS ARE NOT ASSASSINS!!!!)” What, pray tell, do you think a ninja does?

  • When David Wise stopped doing most of the music, that's the instant Rare went to shit.

  • I want Fate of Atlantis ported to everything.

  • Dude, get the Special Editions. They're awesome. Curse will always be my favorite but the first two aren't exactly mediocre.

  • Quote from Buu: “- I LOVE THE DYNASTY WARRIORS SERIES AND WHENEVER I FIND SOMEONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY PLAYED ANY OF THE GAMES I THROW MY ARMS AROUND BECAUSE LOL THESE GAMES THESE GAMES” Hugs! I have not played one of these things in forever, though. How've they held up since 4?

  • Quote from Alex: “Arkham Asylum > Arkham City” Asylum is better but City is more replayable.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island are going to have crossover or I'm going to stab somebody.

  • I thought Mass Effect 3 was a great conclusion to the series. It's the most genuinely emotional game I have ever played. I acted out of sorrow, out of fear, out of regrets, out of revenge, out of nostalgia. The highs were joyous, the lows were heart-wrenching, the impending doom was palpable. Not one scene passed where I wasn't right there with them. Except for when it interpreted my choice to save Kaiden's life as romantically driven and postured Shepard accordingly.

  • Costume Quest is literally a game about Halloween, though. Even if scary was the theme, it'd be included on its own.

  • Dwarves were all American except for one cockney. Elves in a given region tended to sound alike and it was linked to social status; servants tended to sound English while Dalish and alienage residents were more likely American (except in 2 where Dalish sounded more, shit, I wanna say Welsh?). Humans were most inconsistant but they're more likely to travel so it may be justified.

  • That was a general example. There are things that you would do and forbid them from doing at the same time, and you'd believe it to be for their own good. Say you've a kid of four or five years: you don't let them drive a car, cook a meal, drink alcohol, or engage in sexual activities. Hell, there are laws against most of those.

  • The theme isn't scary games but Halloween-appropriate games. Granted, there is a lot of overlap. Rapture is a totally Halloween-y setting even if the game that takes place in it is straight action.

  • I remember it already being a thing, though. I just can't name the earlier examples. But I don't expect anyone to investigate further. It is abundantly clear that nobody cares about what I care about.

  • Quote from Lysis: “why can only gods bring back the dead? Why is attempting to do something only gods can do evil?” What I've gleaned of Christianity tells me that God actually exemplifies many of the behaviors that are disallowed. So the same behavior can be good for gods and evil for humans. It's less that it's an inherently evil act and more that it's a privilege that humans do not have. Think of it like parenting: your kid is scolded if they swear but you still have a mouth like a sailor aro…

  • Quote from Sailboat: “I can't think of any benign uses for a mindless zombie.” Examples provided. Followed up with: Quote from Sailboat: “Just because re-animated corpses could be used in the place of humans for are being used for benevolent purposes doesn't mean it's a good thing to do.” I was listing benign uses. Whether it's moral or not is not something that I can prove. Quote from Sailboat: “Come to think of it, it usually isn't the case that zombies are intelligent or coordinated enough to…

  • The fantasy race, not the hormone deficiency. A couple months ago, I was discussing Dragon Age. I brought up the point that the Dwarves in this setting have American accents, and how unique that is in contrast to Dwarves in the rest of fiction, which have Scottish accents. Then this belief was challenged. And I was told to name Dwarves with Scottish accents. And I came up with Gimli in the Lord of the Rings movies. And that was pretty much it. So I wondered where this belief came from. And I con…

  • Fantasy stories hold death as something sacred. Necromancers are evil, undead creatures are abominations of nature, people seeking immortality are cowards who don't deserve it or monsters who would misuse it. This is not a stance I can empathize with. If I were to wager why this belief is in place, it is because stories have always been told as a form of control. Nothing so ominous as I just made that sound, mind you, but a way of guiding thought. Of spreading societal values. Society wants you …

  • My stance is that the race of a character doesn't matter unless it matters. To phrase that less tautologically, if a character's race matters in the stories they have been in, then it's important that the race not be changed or, alternatively, if it is changed there needs to be a damn good reason. If the character's race is not important to the story, then it doesn't matter what race of person plays them. We may see James Bond as a white guy and having a black guy play him would be a disconnect …

  • So I got Burnout Paradise for free thanks to EA's Origin voucher code that backfired on them horribly and I'm loving it but I can't find any way to exit the game without Alt+F4ing it. Is that just me being stupid or is it really the only way?

  • Go back to bed, Blizz, you need your rest.

  • Quote from Traeh: “So I finally got myself a Nintendo 3DS today! Ever since the Game Boy Color I haven't been following what's happening in the world of handheld gaming, so you can imagine how overwhelmed I am by the sudden access to so much library. What are the most essential games this thing can play? I already know I'm eventually getting all the Zeldas, Marios, Metroids if there are any and Okamiden. Maybe a Pokémon game too if I can still remember how to play one. Other than that I really h…

  • Get Fallout. Oblivion was cool when it was new but it's aged horribly in regards to visuals and Fallout 3 and Skyrim have improved on every aspect of its gameplay.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles has got the most obnoxious combat chatter that I have ever witnessed. I used to think BioWare was bad about that shit but Jesus Christ. And I'm pretty sure that all of its glowy-white-ball loot was named by random adjective and noun generators.

  • Another thing: why is the dialog wheel point and click? Mass Effect just read the direction of your mouse movement and it felt so much more natural. And those weren't meant to read good/evil. Each picture represents the emotion or intent of the line, not the morality. Halo is for selfless, feather is for nice, hammer is for judgmental, fist is for angry, comedy is for jokes, crystal is for unemotional. If it were just good, bad, and neutral like Mass Effect, then a lot of responses throughout th…