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  • Quote from daeth: “Not as good as I am in other shooters but (for whatever this is worth) my K/D was 1.9+* in Halo 4, the only Halo I ever played online for more than a few hours. I get them for the co-op campaign. I hate the multiplayer. edit: *1.82, I was overestimating (just checked lol)” Halo 4 online is absolute shite (especially until just recently with the weapon update) compared to the glory days. Halo 2 was basically everything I could possibly want in a competitive FPS. Halo 3 was grea…

  • Quote from daeth: “No time for Halo with TF2 and Battlefield for me. Could not possibly care less about Halo in all honesty and I own all of them.” Eh, you're probably just not good at them. just kidding

  • Quote from Link the Zora: “Sorry, but not even that will get me to buy the Xboner. :[” Eh, it's your loss imo. Destiny + Halo > just Destiny on the PS4. Hopefully they'll both have large skillgaps and therefore be more fun to play.

  • I am now obligated to buy an xboner because of the Halo trailer. Microsoft can basically pull whatever stupid bullshit they want, but wave Halo in front of my face and I'll fold like a table. ---------- Post added at 07:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:33 PM ---------- Quote from insaney: “Ooh, new Halo game. Looks good. I don't get why MC has to wear a robe over his armor, though.” Literally the only point was so they could surprise people with it being the MC.

  • I'll break it down. For all of my brothers and sisters: I love them to death and would do anything for them. I'm not really around them enough to get annoyed by them the way I did growing up. I get frustrated by the way my little brother talks to our mom, but I think he's just in that phase. I get really pissed by the way my sisters treat my dad, and thank God he's a strong-willed badass or he would never be able to put up with their shit. For both my mom and my dad, my first thought was that I …

  • I'm gonna throw in my perspective. Never in my life have I smoked a cigarette, but I have shared swishers, cigarellos, blunts, and pipes with buddies. For me, smoking is a social thing. If you want to get away from beer pong you step outside and pass around whatever someone has available for smoking. For me, e-cigs are kind of a novelty. The "smoke" is actually water vapor, so it doesn't have the heaviness that, say, a swisher would. This makes it a lot more difficult/less fun to ghost inhale or…

  • Quote from Hylian Time Traveler: “So i need to stop backing up, good tip. The new map came out today and I'm so excited to play it. Your still sounding very well practiced at this :DD” No problem! I'd rather everyone on a map be experienced and good at PvP so it's more of a challenge the whole way through. I've played games where the same final four appeared over and over.

  • Quote from Hylian Time Traveler: “You sound very pro at this The problem is you need stuff before you can really get people for their gear at least a sword or a bow. Arrows are hard to get on these maps, my best weapon is a bow. We should get a bunch or ZU'ers on one map it would be pretty sweet.” I dabble! Haha If you have a partner you can get in to the middle and clear out at least two or three chests while they watch your back. If you don't find a weapon then, luck has pissed on you. There s…

  • Quote from Exziron: “That server is sick, I played on it yesterday and made it to like 10/11th place I teamed up with some guy and as soon as it started we ran into the forest and began our adventure. We met another guy and added him to our party, but then we were attacked and he died 20 seconds later lol. So me and the original guy camped out in a cave, fishing for fish, watching the number of people in the game decrease. While we were fishing together some fucker killed us from behind D: Jalap…

  • Quote from Gilgameš: “I realized that Minecraft no-longer scares me in any way.” A. Play on Hardcore B. Don't wear armour C. All the above!

  • Quote from Stryder Aedernis: “I don't even know what an enderchest is. God damn, I'm going to need to catch up on Minecraft wiki. >__>” Imagine a chest. You put your cool swag in that chest. You leave. You put down another chest. You open it. The cool swag is in that chest! You break both chests. You place down another, and your cool swag is still there! It's just an easy way to transport materials, really.

  • Quote from Sabbo: “Any idea if the shallow water chest exploit (which I assume still exists. It might not) would work on them?” If it's the glitch I'm thinking of then I assume it's been fixed. But because of the way chests work compared to enderchests, it might be interesting to see. My understanding is that chests store items in that block. That's why you can't push them with pistons. The "memory" of the chest would be in a different block and the new location would be empty. Enderchests are m…

  • Quote from Nyarlko: “I hope you can pick it up and carry it as extra inventory space, like with the piggy bank.” You can. When the chest is destroyed the game still remembers what was in it, so the next time you place it that stuff is there. And also to note, you can't make double enderchests.

  • Looks like reddit likes Astarael!

  • Draw-a-ZU'er The Gallery (Act 2!)

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    Quote from Karma: “Farore Pirates (myself, Beh, Forte and Poe Black) and introducing Quark the ninjar! pirtsfar01.gif One day I'll color this for Forte..” Damn I still remember this. Seems like just weeks ago!

  • You guys. YOU GUYS. They added a snapshot. And get this. YOU CAN SHIFT CLICK TO WEAR ARMOR AND PUT STUFF INTO BREWING STANDS. IT'S THE BEST UPDATE EVER. there's also minor stuff like dispensers dispensing minecarts and boats as entities rather than items, so long as there's a track or water in front. and performance-wise, when you throw a stack of items out of your inventory, instead of each item being seeing as a seperate entity, the stack is seen as one entity. i figured i'd try to educate sin…

  • Quote from Goron__Elder: “Extreme Grass Growing II: Extremier Edition - Imgur Must play” You could potentially wire up a double extender to throw up the middle block.

  • Quote from Goron__Elder: “My next project will be a nazi zombies type arena, with spawners.” If you're going for relatively controlled waves of enemies, mob eggs and dispensers would probably work a lot better. Only downside is having to fill them up, but it's a whole lot similar than having spawners and some kind of light control system to give the player their break.

  • Quote from Tohopekaliga: “Yup. :3 This is deliciously evil.” I do belive the redditor that posted that said it took somewhere around 2 days for all the lava to dissipate...

  • Quote from Andy: “also what's a 1.1 jar? Are we like not allowed to play on the server post-update?” A .jar is a kind of file thingie that contains the information minecraft needs to run. A .jar from version 1.2 is obviously different from 1.1. So what he's saying is that as of this moment, the server is only compatible with a .jar from 1.1. When the server is updated to 1.2 (after bukkit is updated, like scott said) then your 1.2 .jar will work. Unless you wanna go through the hastle to downgra…

  • Quote from Goron__Elder: “Won't "Fixed" doors, ruin every map out there? Fun for us to fix!” No. Only double doors will require replacing, I believe. And it's worth it for them to actually work properly, imo.

  • Quote from Astarael: “^ Yup, and redstone lamps, at long last.” Ahh damn, how did I forget those @___@

  • Quote from AzureKun: “So what exactly are we getting in minecraft 1.2?” Well, things so far included in snapshots after 1.1 are: Jungle biomes Ladder collision boxes return Climbable vines New mob AI and more breeding Ocelets and Iron Golems Fire charges and bottle o' enchanting added Abandoned mineshafts bridge over ravines (with wooden planks, iirc) Enchanting no longer required XP in creative Door mechanics were changed so that double doors now function properly Mobs have chance to drop rare …

  • Quote from Astarael: “Minecraft in Canadian English:” I'm not sure if it was changed but cactus were something along the lines of "what are these?" And "eh" was added to the end of random items. Also, someone changed stick in UK English to rod... which is completely useless.

  • Quote from Astarael: “I think that this rapid development and fulfilment of old "promises" is likely due to the fact that Notch is no longer the lead programmer and decision-maker in the Minecraft project - I get the feeling that he really lost interest in the game way back in early Beta (or even late Alpha). Jeb and Jon have been much more driven so far.” I've thought about this, and I'm not sure if you can say he lost interest, so much as he had a different development of the game in his mind …

  • Quote from Dog Dog 123: “That'll be a bit of a hike. (Yay, magic map!)” Just trekking south of the ark and setting up that newfangled warp/waypoint system or whatever will do the trick, won't it?

  • Quote from Snow Leopard: “That's exactly what we're talking about - No longer can current maps get the new biomes. So that means none of the ZU worlds will have Jungles.” I was under the impression Jeb rethough his decision and this was the solution. Biomes that exist stay the same, but for all new chunks the new terrain generation (which includes the formations of jungles and those desert well things) will be added. So you server people can keep your biomes as they are, plus get jungle biomes i…

  • Quote from Astarael: “Like Toho, I'm in two minds about the constant map updates. On the one hand, I truly love the changes Jeb and Jon are making. On the other hand...I do get attached to the old worlds, and it's such a shame that they can't include the new features. I wish that we could just have one final, massive terrain update that contains everything we'd ever want (volcanoes, jungles, savannahs...).” While this is unlikely, the solution is being added to 1.2, or the next snapshot. Biome d…

  • Scrapbook XVII: Puppy time

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    Quote from Mattocks: “Why would I not count that as a scrap book post?:P It was on topic.” Just going along with the semi-old meme of "Mattocks shuts down remotely anything not a picture" :p

  • Scrapbook XVII: Puppy time

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    The Forte I knew and loved would've said "And I guess you can count this as a Scrapbook post... so ♥♥♥♥ you Mattocks."

  • Sweet Jesus, how can you use that texture pack? O___o

  • Quote from Aniday: “I don't really get the decision to have zombies break down wooden doors. Now people will just not use them, essentially making them useless and in the end hinder the game. People will just block up entrances with actual blocks when starting out in survival until they can build a piston door or get a metal door. Wooden doors are now only useful on the interior of any structures. Sure, it brings realism, but at the same time it's rendering a widely used item useless.” As someon…

  • Quote from Hakuna Matata: “I don't see many first time players playing on hard or hardcore. :B” That's a good point, and after thinking about it, I can see the neat aspect to it. Encourages caving, at the very least.

  • Next up: Skeleton's arrows break through your windows! I don't know if I like this feature or not. For a first day player, it really sucks. Starting out, making their dirt hut, fortifying a cave, whatever, and then some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ goes and breaks it. So then they have to make the annoying dirt block thing like asta said, or go and search for enough iron to either make an iron door, and all the redstone it takes to make that function well, or the resources to make pistons. I get wanting more incenti…

  • Quote from Maladroit Thief: “Where did that come from?” If you mean his post: Someone asked about herobrine earlier. If you mean the joke: Herobrine is a griefer AI said to be programmed into the game. People would be walking through their world and see, say, a forest fire, and be thoroughly confused, not knowing surface lava (or i guess lightning) started the inferno.

  • Quote from Moosetracks: “Really? That's awesome, haha! Imagine watching cats chase down creepers and they're all like "aahh run away!" "This is for all the creeper craters you've made in front of my yard!"” The mechanic is actually more like once creepers get within a 7 or so block radius of a cat, they turn around.

  • Quote from Unit7: “Im the opposite. I like cobblestone walls and wood floors. Of course most of my walls end up with giant windows in them. :P” I knew I was gonna get someone that said this hahaha

  • The use of it in villages is really what convinced me cobblestone isn't bad. A structure of just cobblestone will look bad, but adding other blocks to kind of accent it gives a room a nice feel. My favorite is cobblestone floors and wood walls.

  • Scrapbook XVII: Puppy time

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    Like I give a ♥♥♥♥. Now go to your room.

  • Scrapbook XVII: Puppy time

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    Quote from Mattocks: “Beh, I really never can beleive how different you look depending on your haircut.” I know lol. I'm completely different with my long locks haha. Quote from Odraude: “heheheh. Nice beer pong poster in the background Beh.” My cousin's apartment :p Quote from AzraelBlack: “BEEEHHH IS A BEAUTIFUL MAN~ HI COUSIN IS SEXY TOO~ BEH LET ME HARASS YOUR COUSIN FOOOOOR NUUUUUUUUDES~ it's my new song guys” She's lesbian