The beautiful women of Breath of the Wild
by on December 2, 2018

Link and Zelda in Breath of the Wild are not only great heroes and warriors, but they are also exceptionally beautiful as well. They both have an exotic appearance, with long blond hair and big blue eyes. Their other facial characteristics are not as vivid except for their extended, pointed ears, which remind me of the elves from The Lord of the Rings.

Aside from the protagonists, who are Hylian, there are also other characters in Breath of the Wild that have a unique beauty, different from Link and Zelda: the Great Fairies, the Gerudo Town girls, other Hylian ladies, and Zora girls.

Those first two groups are, in my opinion, the most stylish and fashionable tribes in the game. Apart from Link, I don’t think there are many men in Breath of the Wild that have exceptional charm, only exceptions such as those of Sidon, Regan, and Zyle.

I find the Great Fairies to be the most impressive of the game’s women because they are a significantly different size, and therefore they are more visible and easily observable. They offer a kiss when they wave goodbye to Link, and I think this makes them even more sensual.

They wear precious jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings as well as makeup, with their eyeshadow and lipstick being particularly striking. Their nails are long, polished and beautifully colored. They have extraordinary haircuts with very thick, rich locks. Their bold choice of wardrobe reveals their attractive figures which is only enhanced by their fountain surroundings.

All of the Great Fairies are like identical sisters, but they only differ in colors. Apart from their size, they also have strong facial characteristics. They have a thicker body type, but this doesn’t render them less beautiful. Everyone has different body types and this is well explored with these characters, which I’m sure is appreciated by many people.

The Gerudo Town girls have their own tradition and strict rules. It was a special moment when Link had to wear their colorful clothes to appear as a girl to enter their town, as they don’t let any man inside their borders. Their clothes remind me of Aladdin’s story and as figures, they remind me of Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, perhaps even Pocahontas.

Apart from their beauty, the Gerudo women are smart too. They have discipline and their secrets render them powerful. They live in a hot climate in the desert, so they inevitably have a darker skin tone. They have lovely red hair and some of them wear shoes with heels. They use precious stones as jewelry and this makes them shine even more.

Beauty, though, is not just about wearing precious jewelry and exotic clothes: It is not just about outer appearances. In Breath of the Wild, there are groups of women who were conservative, yet they retained beauty through their kind personality. These are the Hylian and Shiekah ladies, the women who work in the stables and villages, and the female travelers. These women wear mainly dark clothes (mostly brown, black, blue and grey) that cover their whole body.

Last but not least, the Zora women have their unique beauty from another place, almost like they’re from another planet. They have multi-colored bodies and have a fishtail on their head that act as hair. Their forehead is totally covered, but they have intense eyes and lips. Just like most of the other ladies in Breath of the Wild, they are noticeably fit.

Breath of the Wild has greatly highlighted women’s beauty with the figures mentioned above. Although I haven’t played any other Zelda game yet, I think that Breath of the Wild has the most beautiful characters, and more specifically women, of all.

Maria Karvouni
international millennial writer, poet, translator, written pr, published in 4 Continents in @Forbes US @HuffPostUK @PhilosophyNow @TEDTalks @UN etc.