We’re only two weeks late, so the joke’s on you! (Huh?)

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It’s finally time for another episode of the ZUCast! This one’s got mainstays like Randy’s Hyrule Away from Hyrule and Realm’s Realm’s Realm(‘s Realm’s), plus some extra special content in the way of exclusive interviews with pianist Laurence Manning and ZU’s own forum admins, Pietro and Ty! It’s chock full of greatness! So great, in fact, that the extra two-week wait was totally worth it!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Hyrule Away from Hyrule: Hyrule Warriors
    Presented by Randy
  • Tingle’s Jingles: Interview with Laurence Manning
    Presented by Gibran, featuring special guest Laurence Manning
  • Community News
    Presented by TheZeldaAnn and RealmWings
  • An Interview with the ZU Forums’ Administrators
    Presented by Eden, featuring special guests Ty. and Pietro(?)
  • Realm’s Realm: Overworlds and Hubs, Pt. 2
    Presented by RealmWings
  • Your Feedback
    Presented by your hosts, Amanda and Eden
  • Staff credits
    Presented by Eden, again—I get around
  • Extreme derp-herping (bloopers)

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Catch you in June!

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