Ganondorf was first given the last name of Dragmire in A Link to the Past. Since then, it has not been mentioned. Recently, however, an update to the official Zelda website revived the full name Ganondorf Dragmire, although without tying it to any specific incarnation.

While this won’t affect the timeline or any major lore, it’s nice to see an old trivia fact return as canon. Perhaps a future Zelda title will see a return of the man known as Ganondorf Dragmire.

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  • Vladislak

    I’m not convinced it’s canon as far as Nintendo of Japan is concerned though.

    Remember that Dragmire was a name invented by the localization team for ALttP, it was one of many things that NoA just made up and stuck in that games manual. As a result that manual was notoriously riddled with inaccuracies and things that contradict the games simply because Nintendo’s official canon was the Japanese version, and thus future games were made with that in mind instead of the English manual.

    As an example, the English version of the manual says that the Master Sword was created as a response to Ganon obtaining the Triforce (after the Imprisoning war), which we know to be nonsense due to the Master Sword existing prior to that and being forged in SS long before Ganon himself existed. The Japanese version of the manual however simply says the Master Sword was created ages ago to fight off any evil that tries to obtain the Triforce (which fits with SS and Demise).

    Now obviously this website quote isn’t from ALttP’s English manual, and so I’m not saying we should immediately dismiss it, only that we should get clarification from the Japanese version of the website (assuming one exists).

    This isn’t the first time the English version of an “official” Zelda website has posted something of questionable canonicity, the old official website had an encyclopedia with content that was hotly debated among fans due to it contradicting the games and developer interviews. As far as I know that encyclopedia has since been removed from the official Zelda website.

    //Minor BotW spoilers//
    Heck even in the games NoA has been dropping the ball recently when it comes to sticking to the Japanese canon, in Breath of the Wild’s English translation Zelda says Ganon gives up on reincarnating, but the Japanese version of that exact same dialogue explicitly states the opposite.
    //Spoilers end//

    If the Japanese version of that website says it’s Dragmire then I’ll be more convinced of it, but until we know for sure I suggest we take it with a grain of salt

    • Nintenderp

      While I agree with you on everything else, I want to touch on your comment about BotW, because this seems to be a common misconception I keep seeing going around.

      In the beginning of the fight against Dark Beast Ganon (and also in the data on him in the Compendium), it states that the Calamity Ganon is the result of the incarnation of Demise’s hatred giving up on reincarnating into a physical form and just becoming a living manifestation of malice. It never says that the cycle was broken, just that it’s given up on reincarnating so that it can never be defeated. Even in the end of the game, he’s simply sealed away again, as Zelda says in the true ending that Ganon will eventually return.

      And we know that the “giving up on reincarnating” thing seems to only be temporary, because the Compendium says about Calamity Ganon that the form we see in that fight is Ganon’s attempt at trying to create a physical form, but is left incomplete as Link reawakened before he could finish it. He’s given up on reincarnating into a physical form, and instead wants to create a physical form he has control over making.

      Also, can I see your source on the Japanese description of Calamity Ganon being different? I’m curious, and I can’t find anything that talks about it.

      • Vladislak

        You’ll have to forgive the late reply. I actually replied yesterday with a link to the source but evidently the admins didn’t like me putting a link in my post, which is odd since it was simply a link to a thread on this site’s (Zelda Universe) forums.

        Anyway, it’s in a thread titled “Breath of the Wild’s Timeline Placement Theories (SPOILERS)”, you can use the forums search function to find it. The thread has a number of individuals diligently working to translate key parts of BotW’s Japanese version.

        There are 240 pages in the thread so it took me a while to track down the right one, the translation in question is on page 153, posted by Yamikawa.

        Oh, and as a side note I totally agree that even if Zelda had said he gave up on reincarnating in the original Japanese, it could easily have been a sort of “for now” type of deal as the true ending suggests. That doesn’t mean he can’t try to reincarnate again later.