A group of Zelda fans who once translated and dubbed the BS Zelda episodes have completed their next project: bringing BS Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets to English-speaking fans.

Another Japan-exclusive game for Satellaview owners, Ancient Stone Tablets allowed the player to guide a boy or girl avatar through the Hyrule of A Link to the Past, collecting eight Ancient Stone Tablets. Along with new dungeons, the game featured real-time voice-over to guide the player through the timed quest; weather conditions that affected item use; and random in-game bonuses. Because of these features the game never saw a physical release — or even a localized equivalent.

That’s changed now thanks to these fans’ hard work, so if you’re eager to experience this unique Zelda game you can download the necessary emulation files and play it from the comfort of your home. Still on the fence? Check out the gameplay footage below, and let us know if you decide to play it!