I first heard of First 4 Figures when they revealed the first in their line of Wind Waker figures, Ganondorf. My wallet just barely managed to convince me that no, I couldn’t afford even the five-payment plan at the time. Now First 4 Figures has opened pre-orders for the second figure in the same line, and again my wallet must try to keep me in check.

Link and his seafaring companion the King of Red Lions makes their debut together as both a regular and exclusive figure in First 4 Figures’s lineup. Standing at twenty-five inches the figure is nothing to sneeze at, and has five inches over the tallest World of Nintendo Link figure. The details are beautiful, and the exclusive version features LED lighting.

first 4 figure korl

first 4 figure korl exclusive

The regular figure will set you back $449.99, while the exclusive figure kicks the price up another $30 to $479.99. Three, four, and five monthly payment plans are available if you don’t have all the dough now. Each figure comes with full-color packaging, a hand-numbered base, and an authenticity card that doubles as a pass to guarantee you the same product number should you purchase future Wind Waker figures.

One day I hope to be financially stable enough to afford a First 4 Figure. Until then I and people like me can savor such beauty through pictures and video, like the one below that shows off this figure’s details and LED lighting. Try not to soak your computer with your tears.