From Hyrule Warriors to Skyward Sword, and most recently The Wind Waker, we have been turning Zelda games into voice-dubbed movies for the past couple of years. Now, we proudly present our biggest project yet: Twilight Princess: The Movie. From today until August 29, auditions are open to any and all who are interested in one of the forty different voice acting roles up for grabs.

There are a few important things to note before you start your audition. You must have an account on Behind The Voice Actors, so you’ll need to create one if you don’t, which is free. Also, while you can audition as long as you have a mic to record with, it is highly recommended that your mic is of good quality. It is further recommended that you use recording and editing software such as the free program Audacity to clean up your recording before you submit.

The characters up for grabs are as follows

  • The Main Characters
    • Link
    • Wolf Link
    • Midna (Imp)
    • Midna (True Form)
    • Princess Zelda
    • Ganondorf
    • Zant (Masked)
    • Zant (Unmasked)
  • The Children of Ordon
    • Ilia
    • Beth
    • Talo
    • Malo
    • Colin
  • The Resistance
    • Rusl
    • Shad
    • Ashei
    • Auru
    • Telma
  • The Spirits
    • Ordona
    • Faron
    • Eldin
    • Lanayru
  • Other Characters
    • Renado
    • Luda
    • Barnes
    • Darbus
    • Gor Coron
    • Prince Ralis
    • Queen Rutela
    • Yeto
    • Yeta
    • The Sages
    • King Bulblin
    • The Postman: The True Hero of the American People
    • Impaz
    • Louise (Telma’s Cat)
    • Mayor Bo
    • The Hero’s Spirit
    • Oocoo
  • Other
    • Singers for the Main Theme

Auditions will be open from August 1 to August 29, 2016. Submit yours here.

  • RAD1999

    Where is the audition for Singers for the Main Theme listed at? I did not see it on BehindTheVoiceActors.

  • Daniel Alfaro

    Who do you have writing it? I’d like to apply for that.