One of the more curious installments in Nintendo’s colorful history of peripherals is the Satellaview, a Japan-exclusive add-on for the Super Famicom. It allowed users to download and play games via satellite, a truly revolutionary process back in 1995. Alongside the handful of games Nintendo released via the service, they occasionally held live audio “SoundLink broadcasts”. These were specially-timed broadcasts intended to be played alongside the game. This meant that Nintendo fans in Japan who booted up the appropriate game at the right time would be treated to real time audio commentary from Japanese voice actors.

The first game to utilize the SoundLink system was BS Zelda no Densetsu, a gorgeous 16-bit remake of the original Legend of Zelda. Now thanks to some stellar work from a group of fans, the game has been translated into English and what’s more, the voice acting has also been dubbed, offering the full experience as Nintendo intended it to Western audiences for the first time. It’s a truly impressive piece of work, and you can check out an example of the final result in the video below.

The translation and dub were made possible through the use of byuu’s MSU-1 multimedia enhancement chip for the SNES and took years of work. We think you will agree it was worth it though, as it allows fans to experience what was until now a rare piece of Zelda history.

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