A recent interview with IGN revealed lots of interesting tidbits from Nintendo’s newest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. Aonuma sat down with IGN and talked about many different subjects from the new game, including the open world, elixirs, rupees, Link’s green tunic, arrows, Villages and towns, the game’s subtitle, and explains their purpose for this new game.

When creating the open world, Aonuma explains that they knew they had to create a huge world after Skyward Sword, but had no idea how to create it, so they trial-and-errored it. After a while, they realized it was okay to have a “pocket of emptiness”.

When speaking about elixirs, Aonuma explains what we had already seen in the gameplay videos showcased during the Treehouse Live event. Some elixirs will eliminate any sound you make, increasing your stealth abilities, and others will help you go shirtless on cold regions without freezing.

When talking about rupees, he confirms that they will be present in this game. But this time they won’t appear when you cut grass or break pots, but rather only when you sell all the items you acquired from defeated enemies and such.

When asked about Link’s iconic green tunic, which was completely absent from both the trailer and the demo, Aonuma simply responded, “I don’t know… I wonder.”

The special arrow we saw on the E3 2014 trailer, which had a magical aspect as well as a blue glow to it, is also crucial to the game’s story, but Aonuma refrained from saying more in order to not spoil the story.

The same response was given to a question concerning the game’s towns and villages. They are closely connected to the story, but any more information would ruin the story.

Finally, Aonuma explains how they came up with the game’s subtitle, Breath of the Wild. We can all agree that this title is different from past Zelda titles, and Aonuma agrees as well. They talked about naming the game after key characters and items, but kept coming back to the open world being the soul of the game. The melancholic ambiance the world gives as you traverse through the ruins of what once was a prosperous kingdom was the key point for the game’s developers; they felt as if the open world was the main character. Thus, Breath of the Wild was decided upon.

Lots of interesting information, don’t you think? Breath of the Wild looks like it will be dethroning Ocarina of Time as the greatest Zelda game, for it looks to be an amazing game, from all that we have seen from it so far.

  • DimensionalRanger

    I am still scraping my mind off the carpet… I hope it’s salvageable…

    • Andrew Defty

      And the walls, the ceiling, the windows, the PC screen, the furniture, the dog…

      • DimensionalRanger

        Not all that, my cats were able to escape the blast. 🙂

  • Dan0709

    ““I don’t know… I wonder.”” basically that means yes, we will get the hero tunic. If we weren’t he would have given us a straight “no” as an answer

  • I have to agree, just based on what I’ve seen/read about the game so far… It might very well dethrone Ocarina of Time, as the best Zelda game in the series, (I’m already sold on that, and I can’t deny that I like OoT more than any other Zelda game)

    But only time will tell 🙂

    • Dan0709

      something that worries me tho, is the fact that there isn’t much music in the demo. I just hope the final version of the game has an amazing ost, because OoT had a really awesome one 😀

      • Ryan

        They still have nine months of development time, so, there is plenty of time. Also, do you think Koji Kondo would like a Zelda game go out without something amazing?

  • Ian Duffy

    Hehe, TP dethroned Oot long ago, my friend

    • HyruleSmasher

      I can Agree to that because People were still hanging on onto the nostalgic feelings that OOT have on them.

  • my booths

    Dethroning OoT? Hmph I shall see 😛 And I’m prolly one of few who is not fond of the title..I get it but I just don’t like it lol.