Today is March 10, and if you crunch that date down into super-cool text-speak, you get “MAR10”. Mario! You see? Get it?

For this reason, Nintendo have dubbed this day Mario Day, to celebrate their plucky plumber mascot. To mark the occasion they have released a cute video, wherein Mario sneaks into the Nintendo offices, using magic to add some retro flare to everyone’s typical work day.

Link’s been stealing the spotlight lately with the recently released Twilight Princess HD and the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends, and the occasional scrap of Zelda Wii U details, so celebrating Nintendo’s main mascot is a nice change of pace. After all, it’s Mario that drove Nintendo to their first huge financial success, allowing the company to grow and develop our beloved Legend of Zelda series into what it is today. Thank you, Mario!

Let’s not forget that awesome cameo in Ocarina of Time‘s Hyrule Castle Garden, or when Goombas invaded the depths of Link’s Awakening‘s dungeons. Mario was kind enough to let Link race with him and his pals in his last Kart outing, too, and the Smash series has allowed Link and Mario to scrap multiple times — settling many arguments about who the best Nintendo character is, no doubt.

Shout outs to Chad Concelmo, former Destructoid features editor and now senior writer at Nintendo, who appears in the video at the 1:05 mark. He’s one my inspirations for getting into gaming journalism!

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