Over 50 gamers are coming together to play a solid 150 hours of Zelda for Zeldathon Hope, raising money for the charity Help Hope Live which helps cover medical expenses for individuals needing cell and organ transplants or are faced with terrible illnesses.

The Zeldathon team is livestreaming their nonstop gaming over Twitch. The ultimate goal is to raise $150,000. This is more than just “watch me play” — throughout the stream, the team will entertain us with musical performances, crazy costumes, and even hair dyeing as an incentive to donate. You can expect to see broadcasts of all your favorite Zelda titles, even those glorious CD-i games Link: Faces of Evil (Monday 3:30am ET) and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (Tuesday 7:15am ET).

Zeldathon Hope is the 15th biannual Zeldathon. Since 2009, Zeldathon has raised over $625,000 for various charities.

Watch live video from SuperMCGamer on www.twitch.tv