Despite being a more movie-focused event than your typical Comic Con, I was blown away at just how much variety I found at this year’s Film & Comic Con in Brighton, UK. Video games, anime, cartoons and other forms of media certainly got more than their fair share of representation across the entire exhibit, as well as the expected films and comics.

With the gaming scene still in full force, then, it’s no surprise that I found tons of awesome Zelda merchandise, as well as custom art and crafts.

IMG_0213These Dark Horse figures of Link and Ganondorf were actually the first things I saw as I walked into Comic Con. It was in that moment that I knew I was in for a good time.

IMG_0221If you’re anything like me, you’ll find your wallet emptying at a dangerous speed when at Comic Con. Still, at least you could go poor in style with one of these.

IMG_0316Heck, why not get these as well. Really, you think just one wallet’s going to be enough to hold the amount of cash necessary for this event?

IMG_0323A fine selection of GameCube titles right here. I spotted many other Zelda classics among the cartridges, too.

IMG_0257This is the limited edition Japanese GameCube disc of Ocarina of Time and Master Quest. A fantastic collector’s item, for sure!

IMG_0233There were tons of neat amigurumis hanging at the top of one stall, but of course it was this guy who stood out to me.

IMG_0306There’s even more love for Skull Kid here at the shirt stall.

IMG_0308Shotaro Ishinomori’s A Link to the Past comic was a welcome sight amongst the many awesome graphic novels.

IMG_0331These brilliant custom painted consoles caught my eye, and it’s not hard to see why. If you like what you see, check out Retrospective22’s website!

IMG_0300Here’s a great gift to bring back to your loved one.

IMG_0245Of course, there were some other enticing options if the Triforce didn’t tempt you.

IMG_0283How do you go about making something like Majora’s Mask look even more evil? Well, looks like someone pulled it off by taking a tip from the Rolling Stones with this paint job.

IMG_0272I loved how it looked like Link was waving at me when I arrived at this stall. I gave this cheery fellow a new home, along with Kirby and Bowser Jr.!

IMG_0243I think I might use one of these to go back in time and relive Comic Con again; that way I’ll never have to leave.

IMG_0238You’re bound to fill your inventory quickly when surrounded by so much cool merchandise. These lanyards would come in handy, then, for holding onto your ocarina!

IMG_0242It was great to see some Minish Cap merchandise. That game is far too underrated!

IMG_0270If green hoods aren’t your thing, there were some stylish Triforce caps on display.

IMG_0241I got myself one of these Phantom Hourglass cushions, along with a Pikachu one for my sofa. My gaming sessions just got way comfier!

IMG_0231At least Link got 72 hours in Majora’s Mask. I’d probably accept the world ending if I got a third day at Comic Con. I mean, I’d probably be homeless by then anyway after how much I would have spent.

IMG_0239This notepad looks very much like Hyrule Historia. A fine design choice!

IMG_0232Definitely a practical way of displaying your Zelda fandom.

IMG_0227Finally, here is some beautiful original artwork of Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.

I even managed to find a fellow Zelda fan! After meeting all manner of excellent cosplayers of iconic movie characters — from the likes of Batman, Avengers, The Lego Movie, Pirates of the Carribean and tons more — I was most excited to finally find someone wearing that familiar green hood and tunic.

Here’s little Alex, who rocked an amazing costume of Link and stood fierce with an impressive Master Sword and Hylian Shield. She was more than happy to jump into action for some photos, and naturally pulled off some awesome heroic stances. Seeing her face light up after asking if she’d like to be on a Zelda fansite was definitely my top highlight over the whole weekend. Thanks again for participating and we hope you enjoyed your adventure through Comic Con!



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