The news keeps coming for Tri Force Heroes, and now the director Hiromasa Shikata has shared details with IGN on the game’s player vs. player mode.

Within enclosed stages located in The Coliseum, two or three players go against each other to deal the most damage while avoiding it themselves. Along with their trusty sword, players can use various items found within each stage to increase their chances of getting that coveted first place spot. The player who takes the least amount of damage during the timed match will be declared the winner.

The Coliseum can be visited through local or online multiplayer, and winning gives the players exclusive materials available only in this mode of play. With these materials players can craft better, more beneficial clothes that will give them an edge in competing. Both the other players’ chosen items and the stages themselves, which occasionally transform, will need to be taken into account if a player wants to come out on top, and look the best while doing so.

Tri Force Heroes is set to release this fall for the Nintendo 3DS. Be sure to check out more of our coverage on art and screenshots, and other gameplay details.