After almost three long years since blind gamer Terry Garrett’s last upload in his Ocarina of Time Let’s Play, I had begun to accept the seemingly sad reality that this incredible playthrough had come to an end. Today, however, I’m pleased to report that MegaTgarrett has made his triumphant return!

If you’re not familiar with this inspirational gentleman, Terry has been blind since the age of 10. Despite this, he has proved that his loss of sight is no obstacle when it comes to gaming, demonstrating his amazing ability to play Ocarina of Time using only the game’s audio. As well as a demonstration of his own stunning skills, it’s a true testament to the masterful sound design of the game.

For fellow followers of the playthrough, Terry is continuing from where he left off in his last video, and has now begun his conquering of the Spirit Temple. He currently has two new videos uploaded which you’ll find below, wherein he completes the child portion of the temple. His fight against the Iron Knuckle is awesome; seriously, he’s like the gamer equivalent of Daredevil.

Stay tuned and subscribe to Terry’s YouTube channel for future updates in his ongoing playthrough, and for newcomers, check out his first episode below, in which he provides a fascinating explanation of his setup and how he uses the sound and emulator save states to his advantage in order to aid him through.

It’s truly made my day to see Terry back on his quest, and it’ll be a glorious moment indeed when he finally defeats Ganon and saves Hyrule. We’re all rooting for you!