If you’ve been around YouTube since the video-sharing site’s early days, you’ll very likely recall the humourous and heartwarming clip of what the internet dubs the “N64 Kid”. The footage shows a young boy, Brandon Kuzma, and his even younger sister Rachel, unwrapping a Nintendo 64 console at Christmas — and showing more than a little surprise and enthusiasm for their gift. That video was recorded in the ’90s, of course, and now those excitable little tykes are all grown up. He’s now the N64 Man, and now he’s got something new to get excited about.

A new commercial from Taco Bell has Brandon and Rachel re-enact those intense screams of triumph, but this time while opening the new “Steak DoubleDilla”, a steak-and-cheese-stuffed quesadilla served with a side of chips and salsa.

I can’t help but have mad respect for Taco Bell for tracking down the duo for this commercial; it’s always nice when an internet sensation gets a spot on mainstream television. Not to mention the fact that it’s hilarious — they even re-created the slow motion scream.

Here’s the original video, still as funny as it was when uploaded nine years ago.

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