Dead Hand, Skulltullas, ReDead, Tingle… there are plenty of Zelda creatures I’d just assume stay confined to the games and not venture out into our world. Concept artist Nate Hallinan imagined how some of those creepy monsters would appear in real life.


As freaked out as I am at the thought of one of these guys crawling around, it’s a cool image. From the little hairs to the eye-sockets covered in webbing, the amount of detail that went into this is unbelievable.


Deku Scrubs are actually kind of cute, but can you imagine strolling through the woods and tripping over one of these? They would be perfectly camouflaged with their intricately designed roots and leaves.




Okay so the Gorons aren’t really bad, but it’s best to stay on their good side.  They do eat rocks, after all, and with their massive strength they would have no problem grinding you into the ground.

Are there any creatures or characters you would like to meet in real life? Which ones would scare you the most? Let us know in the comments.

Source: DeviantArt, XombieDirge
Via: Kotaku