Super Mario 3D World

Mario fans may recall the nice little nod to the Zelda series in Super Mario 3D Land, which was a neat addition–but ultimately a little disappointing for something people were calling “the Zelda level”. Newly released Wii U title Super Mario 3D World, however, also has a fun tribute which is far more impressive. If you’re playing (or planning on playing) the game and don’t want the surprise spoiled for you, go no further. Otherwise read on for the video, which was kindly uploaded by YouTube user ProJared.

As with 3D Land, there is a “puzzle” where you must use Mario’s Fire Flower to light torches. Unlike the 3DS predecessor though, it doesn’t end there: the player is then transported to a large mass of blocky pixels which, when run over by Mario, will colourise to resemble a giant Link sprite from the original Legend of Zelda! The item fanfare sound plays, and there’s even a remix of the Zelda theme.

ProJared shares how to access this part of the game in his description:

“This is located just after the mid-point of the first stage of Rainbow World. You must beat the game first to access this world.”

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Source: YouTube
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