The Forgotten Pixels

To take a pause from Zelda news, we have an exciting announcement involving some familiar faces from the ZU staff crew. The Forgotten Pixels is a “cinematic animated series that follows an 80’s gaming hero”, which has just launched on Kickstarter after 7 months of pre-production. It is being co-written and produced by none other than your webmaster Hombre de Mundo, with graphic artist Eternal Legend as the lead art director and Timeless Haven artist Bitterlime as the designer/storyboard artist! Leading the project as creator/director is famed YouTuber ChrisCross.

The series is based on a fictional game cartridge from the 80’s called “The Hero of Razzaq”, which is heavily inspired by the Zelda and Pokemon series. This cartridge is home to our hero Valden, who has never wandered outside of the “First Level” because no one has ever played the game. Episodes will follow Valden on an adventure outside of these borders; exploring the kingdom, meeting new companions and finally becoming the game’s Hero. Read on to find out more, and check out the Kickstarter page right here.

So why Kickstarter? The current crew, while talented and laying the foundations of what looks to be an amazing series, want the project to grow in scale. In order to maximise its potential and produce it in the highest quality possible, they plan to hire a team of artists and animators, with donations also helping to pay the professional live musicians working on the soundtrack.

Perhaps more importantly, what will you get out of this if you donate? Depending on what you give, you can grab anything from exclusive desktop wallpapers and music tracks to an official soundtrack, DVD and even a producer credit. The group (which are fully listed on the Kickstarter page) are aiming for $60,000 over the next six weeks. You only need to see the video on the Kickstarter page to convince yourself that this has incredible potential–so please donate if you can!

Again, see the Kickstarter page for more information on the story, rewards, stretch goals and more. You can also follow the progress of  The Forgotten Pixels on the official Facebook and Twitter pages, with a previous interview also shedding some more light on the details of the project.

The Forgotten Pixels - Artwork

The Forgotten Pixels - Incentives

Source: Kickstarter
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