Sonic in Ocarina of Time

Vinesauce has been fiddling with Ocarina of Time again, but those still trembling over the demonic Link in the previous nightmarish video will be pleased to hear that this visit to Hyrule doesn’t include mouths for eyes. Instead, the blue blur Sonic takes over Link’s role. The problem is, as Vinny soon discovers, Sonic is just too fast for the game. He can’t just stick around for your dialogue boxes, or stand still just to play some silly ocarina.

Hey, Ocarina of TimeYou’re too slooow!

Source: YouTube
  • DTF

    All hail Dark Lord Eggondorf!!

    • zero1170

      go fuck yourself, deku scrub!

  • Doc

    Man he could probably beat the Running Man like that

  • zeldaluva

    Smarter name… Ocarina of speed

    • Kim

      You're missing the joke

  • MDH


  • Sanic

    The Legend of Sonic: Glitch of Time

  • Z-MAN7


  • ZinkLelda

    Omg Cool

  • craZ

    I went so fast I got an access violation

  • craZ

    Who's she gonna give it to…..NOPE! lolz

  • craz

    Link, you are NOT Sonic, what are you doing?

  • craZ

    Sonic is so fast he can get to a place before Sheik teleports there.

  • craZ

    WHOAH! Saria looks creepy. What is this guy doing to these poor kids?

  • hyper shadic fan

    this is why all the sonic games including 06 are better than any zelda/nintindo game and skyward sword is a bad game not sonic 06 skylanders is the same as sonic but sonic is way better because nothings better than sonic

  • hyper shadic fan

    theres too many nintendo fans who onlylike nintendo and any thing thats not nintendo should die out and they blame that on cod fans

  • hyper shdic fan

    thats just what they think because nothings better than sonic exept another sonic game same with skylanders/spyro but any sonic game cn beat those theres nothing better than sonic sonic generationsis is the best game ever and sonics the best series ever skylanders/spyro is the second but all their games even the awesomesonic 06 are better than any nintendo game

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