The Wind Waker HD Collector's Edition strategy guide GameStop listing

More Zelda-related pre-order listings are appearing, and this one is very interesting indeed. Interesting, and confusing. GameStop have listed ‘Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Collector’s Edition Official Strategy Guide‘ on their website.

With the way the listing title is phrased, it’s initially tempting to believe that the ‘Collector’s Edition’ applies to the actual game instead of the guide. I certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a Wind Waker HD Collector’s Edition, considering Nintendo may very well wish to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the original as much as they can with the new release.

Though it does seem pretty clear that the strategy guide itself is the Collector’s Edition here, especially when you see the $40 price tag slapped on this thing. Seems a little much for a regular strategy guide, right? There is also another listing for the regular version (priced at $25), but no additional listing for a special edition of the game just yet.

Source: GameStop (via GoNintendo)