Nintendo fans are likely very much aware of the many cameos in Link’s Awakening. The Yoshi doll, Goomba enemies and Chain Chomp pets are just a handful of the many Mario references in the game, so it’s not too surprising that the antagonist of Super Mario Bros. 2, Wart, also makes an appearance. However, the link between both games runs deeper than a simple passing nod.

In Link’s Awakening, the character is known as Mamu. Mamu is also Wart’s Japanese name in SMB2. Both games take place in dream worlds; with the island in LA being a dream of the Wind Fish and Mario dreaming the land of Subcon (short for “subconscious”). Though I recognised the character before, I never made this connection. How about you, readers? Has Mamu ever haunted your dreams, too?

Source: Did You Know Gaming?