Pumpkins have featured in the last couple of Zelda console games as a vital ingredient to a delicious, revitalising soup. In Twilight Princess, the Ordon Pumpkin was used to help Yeto make soup for his wife, Yeta. Pumpkin soup later returned in Skyward Sword‘s Lumpy Pumpkin pub, again serving to significantly restore Link’s health.

Feast of Fiction are a website dedicated to recreating popular fictional cuisine, whether it be from movies, cartoons, or of course,  video games. The latest video on their YouTube channel has chefs/presenters Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams creating the aforementioned pumpkin soup, while also providing a brief run-down of the history of pumpkins in Zelda games. There’s even celebrity appearances from Link and Epona, too!

Remaining faithful to the Twilight Princess version, it all looks and sounds pretty tasty… until they add goat’s cheese to the recipe. Gah! I’ll have mine without. At least they didn’t include the reekfish ingredient.

This is in fact the second time the duo have been influenced by the Zelda series, after creating their own Heart Potion earlier this year (see below!). Other interesting video game-based recipes on their YouTube channel include a Portal cake, Pokemon poffins and Skyrim’s Sunlight Souffle.

Will you be trying out this recipe? Or have you perhaps made your own Zelda-inspired food before? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube
Via: Destructoid