Being a reader on Zelda Universe, chances are you already know that Ocarina of Time is commonly regarded among many gamers as the greatest video game of all time. Laying the foundations for all future 3D adventure games, it was (and still is) considered perfect in terms of gameplay, story-telling, and stunning visuals. It’s not only widely praised, but was in fact literally the best-rated game ever on video game review aggregator Game Rankings.

Until now, that is, as there is now a new king to claim this title.

Link’s throne has now been given to Mario, with the Wii platformer classic Super Mario Galaxy now overtaking Ocarina of Time as the highest rated game on Game Rankings. Mario sits at the top with a 97.63% average review rating, but here’s the funny thing: Galaxy just barely tops Ocarina of Time by an incredibly marginal 0.01%!

The two are truly neck and neck and just a single review could potentially flip them back round again. Right now though it seems that the mustachioed plumber has our hero cornered from both sides, with sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 at 3rd place with 97.35%.

Well, if Ocarina of Time has to be overtaken then I’m at least glad that it’s Mario that’s now fulfilling the role. Galaxy truly is a phenomenal game, and who knows how many years Ocarina of Time has maintained its proud place at number one?

The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess also sit on the first page of top rated games, with scores of 94.54% and 94.51% respectively.

What game do you think should be number one?

Source: Game Rankings
Via: MyNintendoNews