Halloween may now be over, but who knows how many ReDeads, Stalfos, or Gibdos remain outside? As the elderly man once said in the original Legend of Zelda, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this”.  While we don’t recommend swinging around a sword like Link at the innocent trick-or-treaters next year, you may need to remember your keys.

And what better way to be reminded than from the wise gentleman himself? This awesome three-hook key hanger holds the timeless Zelda quote and the memorable scene from the game, allowing you to hang your keys or other possessions as though they’re being given to you by the old man.

A simple yet effective and comical idea, I would love to start every day with some Zelda-style inspiration. The quote is etched into every fan’s mind, and its incredibly amusing to see it used in such a practical way. Plus, it looks great for decoration purposes, too!

They are available for purchase right now on Etsy from user GeekyandChic. As well as the above three-hook version, there are also one-hook and two-hook options:

What do you think, readers?

Source: Etsy