Hey, listen!

As we reported a few days ago, Ocarina of Time 3D has received a few new features with its upgrade onto the Nintendo 3DS. Along with the few mentioned in that post, it seems that another iconic part of Ocarina of Time has received an upgrade: Link’s companion, Navi.

According to Nintendo Power’s recent review of the game, Navi will now not only pester players about where to head next in Hyrule, but will offer suggestions for players to take a break from playing, much like certain games on the Wii (such as Wii Sports). She will also remind players about the new visions system, suggesting players to visit the new Sheikah Stones and watch the game’s optional hint movies.

Hit the jump to read the full quote from Nintendo Power’s review!

“…There are so many clear improvements in the 3DS release that it’s tough to quibble, but I could do without the extra comments from Link’s fairy companion Navi, whose distracting alerts were already borderline annoying in the original game. While she does sometimes give useful hints, more often then not she interrupts the game to repeatedly suggest that you take a break from playing or go watch a hint movie. Turning to her for advice when I’m hopelessly stuck only to get great tips like ‘Keep Moving!’ or ‘The barrier is blocking the door, there must be some way of opening it’ is like pouring salt into a wound.”

Do you think Navi’s assistance will bother you more in Ocarina of Time 3D, or are you not so bothered? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo Everything
  • Adam


    I can't believe they're making Navi MORE annoying…

  • Chad

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Of all the things they could have added giving Navi even more of an annoying voice should have been the last thing on their mind!!! WHY!?!……………………

    • zeldarules

      You took the words right out of my mouth…

  • AnRandomLink

    I just realized that 3D is a great emotocon!!!!!!!
    this game is beastly!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well I've played this game alot and freakin' Navi must say something to stupid every second. I used to play it on the gamecube and Navi would be like "You wanna talk to Saria" or "We need to go to Death Mountain"I would kill her if I could. She has never helped me!

    • Volcan

      You've never Z-Targeted?

    • KingdomHearts

      she actually helped me when i fought Ganondorf ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • SonicXXX

        but…all she said was " I have no Idea what his weak point is!"

  • Xosgni

    Navi- keepin' it real since 1998.

  • Well that just lost points from me. They took the annoying meter away from the Water Temple and transfered it to Navi! ARGGGHH!!!!

  • vick

    haha thats awesome as always nintendo making something shitty even shittyer. even though miyamoto is a three year old little faggit girl, i didnt think he had the balls to fuck with his fans so much.

    • keiferm

      Whoa dude, take a chill pill…Maybe a whole chill stick…

      Get off the site, btw. You're gonna get messed with in a moment or two.

    • David

      um dude! that "three year old faggit girl" made zelda and mario! show some respect asshole!

    • Devon

      You see that word at the bottom that says "report"? Yeah, I'm not afraid to push that button.

    • dark_link121

      you are an ***HOLE

  • Peter

    I thought Navi was fine, but it might get annoying now.

  • fedup

    Hey can you all shut the fuck up about Navi? For christs sake ive never seen people more ridiculously bent on reminding the world of something slightly annoying at every chance they get and making it out to be some kind of massive nightmare when really it was no different than any other small annoyance in any other video game. Jesus christ just shut the fuck up about it. Learn how to use the controller to override her before she gets too much in the way and quit whining. Ive played Ocarina since the day it came out and beaten it dozens of times and Navi never helped me figure something i didnt already know and yet i never had ANY problems tolerating her. Just shut. the. fuck. up.

    • Lyokokrill


    • Beka

      So true!

    • Ben

      Agreed. I never had any problem with Navi.

    • that guy

      Don't take God's name in vain! thanks

    • Paffe

      Ditto! Although I find all the complaining about Navi a little amusing…

  • Siaarn

    Navi isn't that annoying, I always liked her, she's an important part of the game. Hopefully this won't change my mind about her.

  • Skyler

    I dont get the big deal with Navi, I never in my 13 playthroughs of that game found her annoying.

  • lifesavers2

    Watch Skyward Sword implement something 80% more annoying.
    Just watch. I called it.

  • xRallinkx

    Honestly, I'm glad she's more annoying. If she's not annoying me to death, then it's not Ocarina of Time!

  • Keith

    Hey! Listen!

  • David

    Hmm, I think it's good that she's annoying so this can be a good remake that stays with the original story, but how annoying she is, only playing can tell.

  • Taha_Soysal

    Couldn't they have put in some way to turn her off completely?

    • GorCoronSumo

      Like with a sword.

      • Soulless Creature

        Or a bottle.

  • aalenfae

    Navi was never that annoying. What's so bad about a "Hey!" every few minutes? Seriously, it takes an awfully low tolerance level to get annoyed at that.

  • dragonchi26


    that is all I have to say.

  • PhantomVII

    Why would Navi EVER suggest you to take a break from playing OoT? I can understand that in a game like Wii Sports, but in OoT, it's much different. Isn't the gameplay experience of OoT (and all Zelda games, for that matter) supposed to make the player feel like they are Link and it's their quest? Navi telling you to take a break from playing really subtracts from this because it reminds you that you are simply playing a game, while the rest of the game tries to compel you into the world of Hyrule. I remember back when I was a little kid, amazed at OoT's 3D graphics and marveled by how realistic it looked and felt. When I played the game, I felt like I was Link and it was MY adventure, and if anyone or anything in the game were to suggest for me to "take a break" and go exercise or something, that would have been borderline killing the experience. NOTHING in that game ever seemed to separate the player from the world inside that cartridge; the more I played it, the more compelled to it I was.

    It seems Nintendo's biggest mistakes are made when trying to compromise great games or game concepts so that causual players might somewhat enjoy them. They really need to make up their mind on who exactly their audience is.

    • LinkMasterYoda

      except that with Wii Sports, its not in 3D so your eyes do not need as much rest, but OOT 3D is

      • EponaRider

        They don't do that with the other 3D games…..

      • DarkChu

        *Cough* Pilotwings resort *Cough*

        • T Dave

          As much as everyone, apparently Navi now too, complains about the 3D spoiling your eyes if you look at it for too long it doesn't bother me in the slightest, though that may be because their arent any good games for it yet so i havent been looking long enough. God bless OoT3D, God dam Navi3D.
          1998, she gave us useless advice, 2011 she tells us how to live our lives.

          • Guil.

            I really loved the fact that in WW the tenth poster on the wall of Sturgeon's hut told you not to stay up the whole night playing. I loved that but I'm pretty sure I will hate Navi even more now. And if your eyes start to hurt turn of the 3D for a while and play with 2D (I know people are going to hate that comment). Then again I never play more than a few temple at time on its most anyway so not going to ruin my eyes that much.

  • Pietro

    Wow, now Navi will interrupt the game even more by breaking the fourth wall and telling you to stop playing the game. Yeah that'll make you lose yourself in the gaming world

    • Monkeh

      Telling you to take a break is something enterily different from telling you to quit the game.. Whiners must whine.

      • Pietro

        Its still breaking the 4th wall, games should make sure to refer to the fact that you're playing a game as little as possible, unless done to tell the person how to play the game or to poke fun at itself in a satirical sense. Telling you to take a break does nothing more than take you out of the gaming world. If you want people to be able to keep track of the time they're spending on the game, put a little clock on the corner of the item screen, but nothing more.

  • A dro

    Oh well navi is not that annoying people need to learn how to ignore that kind of stuff. OoT is a great game and everyone complains about the smallest things

  • sprocket07

    No… NO…. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Becky

    To be honest it just wouldn't be OoT without Navi being annoying xD

  • Anima

    Was I the only one who liked Navi from the original OoT? Maybe I was sentimental because Link cared about her so much – enough to go all the way to Termina to find her… I just hope I like her enough to deal with her incarnation on this =P

  • GorCoronSumo

    And of course you will hear "HEY" whenever the message pops up. Arrrgh.

    • Devon

      And then greeted with a "listen!" everytime we answer her. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • DarkChu

    Honestly…. Navi didn't help me. But she didn't annoy me either. Its a simple click of the ^C button, jeez don't freak out guys.

    • Aura

      Navi is only annoying to most people because she yells out "HEY!" "LISTEN!" "WATCH OUT!", and in the beginning, she has alot of forced info with no method of skipping.

  • zelda4ever

    Not stopping me from buying the game.

  • Soulless Creature

    Navi wasn't that bad but now she's an annoying back seat driver that you just want to duck tape her mouth shut.

  • TriForceMelee

    I dont care how easy the game is, i am still gonna want to chuck my 3DS out the window because of her STUPID VOICE!!!

  • IcePhantom

    Oh wow, I can't believe everyone's making such a freaking big deal out of this. Sure, Navi's a bit annoying, but you guys are all acting like 2-year-olds who just got their little plastic toy taken away. Navi is actually helpful to younger players, which is why Nintendo put her in the game. Navi never helped me either, but it's really immature to spazz about it. Just shut up about Navi and don't let this tiny little thing get in the way of your experience with a great game.

  • David

    as long as theres an option to say "Hey! Listen! i dont care!!" then it'll probably be ok :')

    but in all seriousness, i do find navi really annoying but i think that kind of adds to nostalgic value of ocarina of time, because, to me, its just something gamers enjoy talking about and laughing at so that makes the game even more enjoyable =) but thats just what i think…

  • Talon705
  • Dear God…

  • Platina

    Navi didn't annoy me in the N64 version, and I'm certain she won't get to me in the remake. I don't really care as long as the game is still fun.

  • robotortoise

    It just sounds like she has more (text) dialog. Could be worse. I hope they re-recorded the in-game speaking lines. I want to hear "Hey! Listen!" without a muffled 1998-quality recording…

  • Rew

    At this point, I'm pretty sure Nintendo is just trolling the players who've incessantly complained about Navi for the past 12 years.

    • Darkstar

      lol I wouldn't be surprised!

  • John Smith

    Why couldn't they just make an off button for Navi?!?!?!?! ๐Ÿ™

  • Aura


  • Navi didn't really bother me in the original, except when I replayed the game one of the other 50 times, to be alerted how to climb a wall or open a door.

    They should have at least added an option to disable the comments she makes.

  • LunarMew

    Navi's more annoying now? Oh well. That's a price to pay but it's worth it. I am still getting this game.

  • Chuggaaconroy Fan

    So THIS is what Nintendo meant by OOT3D being "packed with new features"…..

  • Aeolus

    Oh come on people, Navi has become one of the most well known video game sidekicks due to her annoyingness alone- because thats all she is…a glowing ball of annoying… how many Zelda fans havent just yelled ” ‘listen!” For the hell of it around each other? Navi can be 1000x more annoying before I will ever wish she didnt exist, haha

  • Navi more annoying? Awesome! *gets hit with a ton of bricks*

  • Guil.

    This actually made me rethink if I want the game or not. Already preordered it so can't do anything to stop that but this is really bad news for the game. Already hated her.

  • Craig

    I just love how people are saying a game loses points or they want it less, just because of something that was annoying and widely known about anyway. Maybe it's more but every game says take a break and stuff.

  • Soulless Creature

    Navi isn't that bad.

    • dark_link121

      i agree, not that bad, i was sadden when she left at the end of the game

  • falconfetus8

    They're doing this on purpose. They like our reaction

  • Link

    The beginning of the end of Nintendo.

  • TriAuz64

    I like Midna better.

  • adlez

    Here's a bit of help: Pretend that Navi is Midna. Midna wasn't that bad, the only annoying part was accidentally pressing up on the +control pad. Or just turn off the sound. I dunno, just ignore Navi. I've never played OoT. (Well, this one time for just 2 minutes…)

  • Jeff

    I wish I could catch her in a bottle and use her as a revive. Nope, worthless fairy

  • DekuDude

    Option: Turn off navi, Setting: Passive Navi (just flys around with maybe one hint), Active Navi, gives hints occasionally more often then not but revamped so doesnt stop game flow, or repeat trivial thing unnecessarily. Hyperactive navi, Get every prompt possible hey listen, reminders to rest but revamped still doesn’t freeze game just constant. Navi to me was the best companion in the game, I’m talking in regards to size shape color and concept. In comparison to others such as minda from twilight princess who was to bulky and in your face visually which is how the skyward companion looks like it could be (from sword to companion like minda from shadow to companion unless the sword talks) If they just revamped navis ques prompts and obvious dialogue navi would be a great staple for the Legend of Zelda franchise.

  • Mystrios

    In all honesty I LOVED Navi in the Original and Quite Frankly if it means we are going to hear more from Her, Its a Positive in my eyes ๐Ÿ˜€