Some of you may be wondering where the ZUHC (Zelda Universe Holiday Cards) community project has been. The project has, truthfully, been idle for weeks now, and it’s because we’re missing one Margar. For those who do not know, Margar has retired from her staff duties to get a better grasp on her own life outside of Zelda Universe. Because of this, the ZUHC needs a substitute co-manager to take Margar’s place.

If you share any interest in the job, please note the following:

  • You must take over if I (Austin) am not around for a for a few days. This will help insure that the project keeps going.
  • You must be an active member.
  • You must have the traits of a good leader.

Anyone who wants the job can give me a private message via the Zelda Universe forums.

If accepted, you will have access to the hidden Community Coordinator Zone and have the power to manage the project with me and the card designer(s). And as long as you stay on the team, you get a shiny new banner next to your name indicating your status.

For anyone who wishes to see Margar’s goodbye post, you can view it here.

That’s all for now,

~Austin: ZUHC Manager

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