austinGreetings, fellow ZUers.  This is Austin (also known as Zien) here to make an introduction post.  Be afraid, be (slightly) afraid.

For my first mission, I will be updating the Staff pages, which have been gathering dust for a while now. With the ever changing staff of ZU, that page can get outdated extremely fast, and things can get quite confusing with such moderators as SuperDecimal and OldBeane appearing out of nowhere, then vanishing from the face of the universe just as fast as they appeared.

You have likely seen me lurking… er, posting around the Zelda Universe forums and leading the ZUHC project.  I joined ZU on November 12, 2007. I am a high school student at Patterson Mill Middle-High School.  I live in Maryland, (also known as Zienland), along with quite a few ZU members.

Please do not get me confused with Cody’s news slaves.  I am indeed Cody’s slave, but only for content. I am hoping to get ZU filled with more Zelda and ZU related content to make Zelda Universe more or less “perfect.”

I have been secretly helping ZU behind the scenes via the profiles of the admins and webmasters for some time now (I did not want to cloud the feedback and suggestions sections with all the bugs and outdated information I had found.)  I was quite satisfied helping ZU like this, but I wanted more.  So, after talking to Cody, he went to ask Jason.  Eight days later, here I am with my shiny banner.

Well then, I suppose that is all.  Oh, and one more thing… I am indeed a ninja.  See you around,


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