For awhile now the mysterious animated clock on a site owned by Marvelous Entertainment, well known for the popular Harvest Moon series, has been “harassing” the Zelda community for quite some time.  Most viewers have noticed the undeniable famous symbol of our beloved series, the Triforce. It is because of this, numerous speculations have arisen out of this confusion. Several posts have been made here on the main page about what this whole mess could really mean. As the clock counts down, more and more Zelda fans have become seduced by its call, even after this post has been made clear, the answer will STILL remain in many minds. “Could this very well establish a new era in the franchise?”

By daring to continue reading, you will learn the truth behind this rumor, the clock does indeed…

Famitsu Magazine reveals the truth behind Marvelouss secret.

Famitsu Magazine reveals the truth behind Marvelous's secret.

…not represent a Zelda title. Yes, an article in both today’s issue of Famitsu Magazine and on IGN revealed that it is a new game in the works for Sony’s PSP, titled Hero30. It appears to be an original game, unrelated to any other, especially not The Legend of Zelda. According to several translations, the object of the game is to complete a level in a certain amount of time, either 30 seconds or 30 minutes, hence the title. Do not fret dear readers however, this year has only just begun, the future looks bright, and we still have E3 to look foward to.

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