For awhile now the mysterious animated clock on a site owned by Marvelous Entertainment, well known for the popular Harvest Moon series, has been “harassing” the Zelda community for quite some time.  Most viewers have noticed the undeniable famous symbol of our beloved series, the Triforce. It is because of this, numerous speculations have arisen out of this confusion. Several posts have been made here on the main page about what this whole mess could really mean. As the clock counts down, more and more Zelda fans have become seduced by its call, even after this post has been made clear, the answer will STILL remain in many minds. “Could this very well establish a new era in the franchise?”

By daring to continue reading, you will learn the truth behind this rumor, the clock does indeed…

Famitsu Magazine reveals the truth behind Marvelouss secret.

Famitsu Magazine reveals the truth behind Marvelous's secret.

…not represent a Zelda title. Yes, an article in both today’s issue of Famitsu Magazine and on IGN revealed that it is a new game in the works for Sony’s PSP, titled Hero30. It appears to be an original game, unrelated to any other, especially not The Legend of Zelda. According to several translations, the object of the game is to complete a level in a certain amount of time, either 30 seconds or 30 minutes, hence the title. Do not fret dear readers however, this year has only just begun, the future looks bright, and we still have E3 to look foward to.

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  • Average Gamer

    This doesn’t surprise me.

  • The Maverickk

    Not surprised at all. A lot of countdowns have subtly hinted towards huge titles, only to end up being a brand new original title that shares little to no connection with the vague appearance that one may suggest.

    It’s not a horrible thing, I just hope no fan is angered to find this out, since the chance had always been slim.

    Still shame on companies who make references to games with already large fan bases (come on you can’t say they didn’t expect Zelda fans to be not be interested when they see a Triforce symbol)… anyways, ok enough out of me.

  • The Goron Moron

    As I’ve said in my article, “Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Jason is wrong. Maybe everyone is wrong.” I’m not disappointed at all, it’s just that I don’t want to be blamed for this mess. =P

  • Arjen

    Even if I would’ve guessed it wasn’t about Zelda, I am sort of disappointed at the fact that it’s a PSP game that has nothing to do with any cool franchise.

  • Naokohiro

    I don’t see why they even did a countdown for such a silly game…
    It’s obvious they were just trying to get attention from Zelda fans. >_>

    • Perhaps because it seems like countdowns (or at least timers) are an integral part of this game, and they wanted the launch to metaphorically represent the concept of the game.

  • Luisa

    A PSP title using the Triforce symbol…great. Too bad it wasn’t anything related to Zelda.

  • Fang

    Disappointing but not surprising.

  • Azumizai

    I’m not sad at all. I’m just happy that we had some fun speculation happening while we remained oblivious. Now I can still look forward to a future Zelda game. Because that’s always really fun too. Be sure, that we’ll all be jumpin’ all over whatever will be announced or revealed…

    … whenever that is.

  • AngryZeldaNerd62 (Ben)

    Arg…well, my own fault I guess for watching the clock like a nerd for the last few days.

    Still, the idea that anyone can use the Triforce symbol outside a Zelda game without going through SOME kind of legal proceedings just pisses me off. That means that any Joe-Schmo video game producer could say “Hey lets make a game where the main symbol looks like this thingy that Nintendo uses, only it’ll be called the Master Triangle and it grants wishes! And the main character has to save a princess and beat a giant hog to get it! Wait…”


  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    …. huh… dissapointing… wtf in fact… ah err gah! grrrtddfdddttggggraaaatdaahh!!! use an obvious triforce symbol and you don’t expect a bunch of zelda fans to construde rumors…. I mean… well they must have thought of that… ah oh well

  • KasutoStve

    I knew it all along.

    Oh yeah, I also figured this thing wasn’t Zelda related from the start.

  • This isn’t the first time Marvelous has done this either:

    They seem to be good at making countdowns with ambiguous imagery to generate buzz for new games.

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